Great news in Netherlands, how they lie with stats, France is on the brink: Links 1, March 21, 2023

1. Neil Oliver on financial system and a stunning story about a man trying to get his own money out of his own bank account

2. Dutch Farmer’s amazing victory: True North News

3. Interesting video showing the statistical method that can be used to cheat real numbers and make it look like vaccinated people have a much higher survival rate when in reality it was identical (in this example)

4. A 39 year old Alberta pilot for WestJet Airlines died suddenly on March 17, 2023

I have recently been reporting on sudden cardiac incidents and sudden deaths of pilots around the world. There have been 4 such incidents in the last 3 weeks:

As well as other incidents in the past 2 years:

  • Pilots & Flight Attendants having cardiac arrests in-flight (click here)
  • Unusual plane crashes & pilot incapacitations (click here)

39 year old Alberta WestJet Pilot has died suddenly

Benjamin Paul Vigé passed away suddenly in Calgary, Alberta on March 17, 2023, at the age of 39. (click here)

“In 2015, he decided to move to Gander, Newfoundland to pursue a career as a pilot. These were some of Ben’s happiest years, spending time with his friends, iceberg hunting on “the Rock”, marrying Bonnie and having their first child, Brooklyn in 2017. In 2018 the family moved to Edmonton, Alberta at which time Ben began working for West Jet Encore, something that he was very proud of. In 2020 the family welcomed John (JD) into the mix. In 2022 they relocated to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Ben returned to Calgary, Alberta in January 2023 to attend flight training.”

5. Hard to keep up with what’s happening in France. It seems there was a vote of no confidence in Parliament which Macron narrowly survived? And over this issue. Forgive me, but it seems like of all the issues in France over the last 20 years, this is the most trivial by far, and they are rioting to this level over a 2 year difference in the retirement age? And not the total destruction of their culture by mass immigration and total removal of freedom in a nation who’s official motto is brotherhood, equality and liberty?

Please correct me if I have it wrong in my analysis of the situation in France.

Thank you all for reading.


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5 Replies to “Great news in Netherlands, how they lie with stats, France is on the brink: Links 1, March 21, 2023”

  1. Six months ago I went into a bank in Northern Ontario and asked to take 5 thousand dollars out of one of my accounts. I was asked what I was going to do with it. Shocked I said, spend it – – it is my money. Finally I was told they did not have that amount of money in large bills and they could not give it to me. I went to another branch 35 miles away and got my money with no questions asked.

    • I heard about another fellow who went to take ten thousand out of his bank after Trudeau froze the accounts of people who donated to GoFundMe. The teller asked why he wanted it. He said, “Hookers and crack”. They gave it to him.

  2. 1.)

    Poem about the South Sea Bubble (1720), by Daniel Defoe

    Some in clandestine companies combine;
    Erect new stocks to trade beyond the line;
    With air and empty names beguile the town,
    And raise new credits first, then cry them down;
    Divide the empty nothing into shares,
    And set the crowd together by the ears.

  3. 1.)

    “Just Imagine”: This letter to the editor about migration goes viral

    A letter to the editor recently appeared in the Schwarzwälder Bote, which has since gone massively viral on social media. It has been shared thousands of times because it obviously strikes a chord with many people. Note from AUF1 Editor-in-Chief Stefan Magnet: “The author has really managed to get to the heart of the essentials in concise and short sentences. Total thrust reverse.”

    We don’t want to withhold the appropriate reader’s letter from you:

    Just imagine this please: On demographic change

    We need migration because Germans don’t have enough children and the population is aging?

    That can be changed: Let’s just imagine kindergartens springing up from the ground at the same breathtaking pace as asylum homes. Newborns receive €2,500 in welcome money. The state pays €33 a day for each child for their accommodation. The child benefit is increased to the Hartz IV level — including housing costs. Hundreds of do-gooders stand in front of the maternity hospital with bouquets of flowers. Public transport is free for children. Just like day care centers, sports clubs and universities. Hostility toward children is punished as hate speech. Lunch will be provided.

    Kind-hearted citizens donate the first bicycle and the unemployed repair it. Free tutoring is provided for those with learning difficulties. When children come to school without breakfast, the Left and Greens are already in the schoolyard with food parcels. Poor, hyper-intelligent children no longer have to slave away as factory workers because the state recognizes their potential and pays the full cost of their education! Less intelligent people would no longer have to go into politics because a decent existence is secured for them, too, without causing any major damage. And the prisons would be emptier because we would no longer have to focus on the integration of foreign criminals, but on the natural integration of our children into a society based on solidarity!

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