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3 Replies to “Republican House attempts to restore schools as parent led instead of communist-government directed”

  1. Want to put parents back in charge? Abolish the Department of Education and work to abolish ALL government involvement in education including having government STEAL from the rest of society on behalf of parents who know it’s illegal for them to steal directly and who don’t want to take full responsibility for the costs of the children they chose to have. The GOP will NEVER support such bold and necessary changes because free education is too important to their voter base. They would rather suffer the horrors that vouchers and continued government involvement will bring.

    • Yes, MrLiberty:

      Wasn’t it an act of supreme virtue and benevolence that Pres. Jimmy Carter gifted to us a federal dept. the powers of which continue to amaze us with its relentless efforts to seize our children and to make of them pawns of the state, wards of the state . . . .

      ABOLISH it, just as you say.
      Isn’t this a 10th Amendment issue?

  2. Let us remember that “Communist-government directed” does not merely mean that the Marxists in Virginia, for example, are just local/regional lefties seeking to undo America, stick it to white people or capitalists, or thirsty for unlimited hedonism; no — whether each individual lefty knows it or not, they are controlled by the Comintern, i.e., INTERNATIONAL Communism.

    They are not free people; they are tools of the true oppressors.

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