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  1. An untested, dangerous vaccine cooked in a laboratory by invisible maniacs was blithely accepted by at least 75% of the population, while the whiff of a money contagion sends hysterical people screaming to get their cash out of banks.

    This is not to say that the money virus isn’t real, because it is, but rather it says much about human nature. People seem more circumspect and reactive about the safety and security of their hard-earned savings than they were about their own health, and even about the health of their loved ones vis-a-vis the injections.

    Losing monetary liquidity is a more existential threat than accepting mRNA liquid poison through the barrel of a syringe.

    To be fair, most people’s objective minds were sufficiently disabled by fear so to accept the mRNA, while the dramatic power limitations of the line of effort are exposed by the money threat. People as squirrels are scared more by the thought of losing their nuts than anything else. But then we know we’re a few nuts short of a full load, don’t we. Janet Yellen, along with her army of MSM, say our money is safe, but we don’t listen. This is where Riefenstahl and Goebbels say “Oh, shit,” then roll over in their putrid graves. “We’ve got ’em until it comes to their money.”

    Further, given the absence of mass protests in my own town, we accept the risk of nuclear war over losing our nuts. We support a corrupt Uke asshole dictator, but don’t you dare touch my nuts. We sacrifice our freedom, our mobility, our fuel and our futures for the mother of all Saving Mother Earth lies, but leave my nuts alone, or else. People are funny this way.

    • redacted – Leaked documents show Pfizer CAUGHT doing the UNTHINKABLE with vaccine production

      Pfizer is trying to sell the EU Covid vaccines that it never makes or ships.

      That sounds like a crap deal.

      How did that come about?

      Oh right, Ursula von der Leyen’s texts message inside deal.

      The terms of that deal will get extended unless something is done about it and many EU states are pushing back so that something can be done about it.

    • redacted – Wait! Now they’re pushing Pfizer shots for who?

      The FDA has authorized Pfizer’s omicron booster to be given to children younger than five if they’ve had their previous three Covid vaccines.

      So babies can now get their fourth Covid boosters.

      The media is not asking relevant questions so we will.

      Is this necessary? Is it safe? Why is it still only approved for emergencies?

      We present you the data so that you can decide for yourself.

  2. Soros-Funded New York City DA Alvin Bragg Meets with NYC Law Enforcement to Discuss Logistics for Arresting President Trump on Junk Stormy Daniels Charges
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 18, 2023 8:00 am112 Comments

    Corrupt New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg received $1 million from Soros in his election for NYC DA.

    As a result, New York City saw a rise in crime from 2021 to 2022. The overall index crime in New York City increased in September 2022, by 15.2% compared with September 2021.

    But crime can wait, DA Alvin Bragg has bigger fish to fry. The corrupt Soros-funded DA is going after President Donald Trump. And he is using Stormy Daniels as his means to get the former president.

    Almost one year ago this month the 9th Circuit Court issued a final ruling in the case brought against Trump by disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti and Stormy. Daniels was ordered to pay President Trump $300,000 in legal fees.


    President Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests
    By Kristinn Taylor Mar. 18, 2023 7:45 am521 Comments

    President Trump posted on Truth Social early Saturday morning that he will be arrested on Tuesday. Trump called for protests. Numerous leaks have reported Trump will be charged next week in New York City in the Stormy Daniels case where he has been accused of paying Daniels as part of a confidential settlement before the 2016 election to buy her silence over her unfounded accusation of an affair.

    Kristinn Taylor
    Trump posted a two-part Truth:



    The AP reported alleged payments to two women are under investigation (excerpt)

    CNBC reported a Florida wrinkle that could come into play next week (excerpt):

    Trump, who has 24-hour protection by the U.S. Secret Service, currently resides at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, which he rarely leaves

    Under Florida law, the state’s governor is responsible for making sure a person in the state is arrested and delivered to another state if that person is indicted on a felony charge.

    However, Florida law also gives the governor the power to call for a further investigation before a defendant is extradited if that defendant refuses to comply with extradition.

    Fox News reported Friday that talks are in progress to handle Trump’s arrest, whether to handcuff him and fingerprinting.

    Jim Hanson called on conservatives to stay calm and not take J6 bait: “This is a dangerous moment Be smart Watch for provocateurs Look for false flags Don’t give them any help”

    • Elon Musk: “Trump Will Be Re-elected in a Landslide Victory” If Arrested
      By Anthony Scott Mar. 18, 2023 8:45 am28 Comments

      As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on Saturday, President Trump is expecting to be arrested on Tuesday of next week in relation to the Stormy Daniels case where he is being accused of paying Daniels as part of a “Hush Payment”.

      Trump has publicly declared on multiple occasions he has committed no crimes and that the Manhattan DA’s Office accusations against him are “debunked fairytales”.

      News of Trump’s possible arrest has flooded the Twitter-sphere and has caught the attention of the CEO of Twitter and Tesla Elon Musk.

      In response to a Fox News clip that claimed Trump will be arrested and handcuffed next week, Musk tweeted “If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory.”

      Musk wasn’t the only person saying if Trump is arrested it will only boost his popularity but several users on Twitter echoed the same opinion.

      Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong stated if the Manhattan DA’s office continues with their plan to arrest Trump then they will be turning him into a martyr.

      Musk and Cheong are right.

      When Mar-a-Lago was raided back in August of 2022, it didn’t cause Trump’s popularity to fizz out but rather it made him more popular.

      If you are still in the dark about the details about Trump’s case against the Manhattan’s DA’ Office make sure to read the following article:

      (Posted above)

      • Marjorie Taylor Greene: Biden DOJ Coordinating with Manhattan DA to Prosecute Trump; Calls for Congress to Investigate
        By Kristinn Taylor Mar. 18, 2023 10:30 am75 Comments

        Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted on Saturday that the Biden Department of Justice is coordinating with elected Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to prosecute President Trump. Greene called for a Congressional investigation after Trump announced on Truth Social he expects to be arrested Tuesday in the New York City grand jury investigation into the alleged Stormy Daniels payoff scandal. Bragg’s campaign for D.A. in 2021 was funded by George Soros.

        Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

        We must bring in the Biden DOJ officials who have been coordinating with the Manhattan DA to testify.
        And subpoena all of it.
        We must end the weaponization of government power for politics.
        Marjorie Taylor Greene ??
        If the Manhattan DA indicts President Trump, he will ultimately win even bigger than he is already going to win.

        And those Republicans that stand by and cheer for his persecution or do nothing to stop it will be exposed to the people and will be remembered, scorned, and…

    • Rumblings: Deputy AG Meg Reiss May Be Behind Trump Indictment – DA Alvin Bragg Isn’t Smart Enough
      By Jim Hoft Mar. 18, 2023 9:45 am234 Comments

      As reported earlier law enforcement agencies are preparing for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week.

      Earlier this year the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

      Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

      Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina blasted the prosecutors in the Stormy case earlier this week.

      “It’s not what we do. This is not what we do. We are distorting laws to try and bag President Trump. I don’t know if it’s because he’s leading in the polls,” Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina said on Good Morning America. “I don’t know what it is, but this prosecutor and this prosecutor’s office has made an agenda. They have scoured his personal life and business life for seven years to try to find something.”

      On Saturday morning President Trump posted on TRUTH Social that he will be arrested on Tuesday. He called for protests against this travesty of justice – something you’d see in a third world country.

      This morning former NYPD officer and political pundit John Cardillo posted a string of tweets on the recent announcements. Through his sources in New York City John was told this indictment was not orchestrated by corrupt DA Alvin Bragg. He’s not smart enough. This latest assault on Trump and the nation was orchestrated by hardcore Soros-connected leftist and Deputy DA Meg Reiss.

      Meg Reiss is a true believer who
      with previous DA Cyrus Vance who also dedicated majority of his energy on going after President Trump.

      John Cardillo
      FromNY law enforcement sources:

      Alvin Bragg isn’t smart enough to orchestrate the Trump prosecution. He’s an incompetent figurehead.

      He’s not the one to watch.

      His deputy Meg Reiss is behind this.

      She’s a close Soros operative and committed radical with significant global…
      7:57 AM · Mar 18, 2023

      John Cardillo
      Hunter Bidenwas caught on video smoking crack while holding a loaded gun that he illegally obtained by lying on the required forms.

      He was never arrested.

      There is no justice.
      8:14 AM · Mar 18, 2023

      John Cardillo
      Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 and no one cared.
      8:35 AM · Mar 18, 2023

      Will Chamberlain
      For a democracy to function, the major political parties have a minimum amount of respect for one another

      Indicting a former President and a current Presidential candidate on ticky-tacky crap is the opposite of that

      As TGP has been saying, the Trump indictment comes the SAME WEEK that Congress finds evidence of Biden family members being paid by China.

      John Cardillo
      THIS x1,000,000
      Clay Travis
      Replying to @ClayTravis
      This is literally happening the same week that we received direct evidence of multiple members of the Biden family receiving millions of dollars in payments from China, our chief political adversary, just because of their last name. If anyone should be arrested next week, it’s…

      The Gateway Pundit will update this thread as we learn more.

    • “The Police State Is Here” – Dan Bongino Rips the Upcoming Trump Arrest (VIDEO)
      By ProTrumpNews Staff Mar. 18, 2023 12:30 pm18 Comments

      Dan Bongino didn’t hold back when discussing the upcoming arrest of Donald Trump.

      He ripped into liberals celebrating it — and said “the Police State is here.”

      He also pointed out “this is the kind of story we are used to reading out of North Korea but it is here in the United States right now.”

      From the video above:

      “Dan Bongino: The Police State is here guys. That’s inarguable, to the libs listening, you know you can plant a big wet one on my rump because I really have no desire to hear you right now as you’re celebrating again the collapse of the constitutional republic. The police state’s here. You know it is not as though Donald Trump’s sons were caught on tape talking to their dad about elicit business deals or anything with foreign communist parties and nuclear power and enemies of the United States. Shuttling millions of dollars to the Trump family oh that’s right, that’s right, that’s the Biden family. Sorry guys I forgot as a commentator I should really be up on the news. But the police state and this abomination is here right now, this is 3rd world BS. That’s exactly what this is. This is the kind of story we are used to reading out of North Korea but it is here in the United States right now.”

      Fox News reported Friday night that final preparations were being made for Trump’s arrest.

      It is expected to happen next week.

      Gateway Pundit reported:

      Fox News reported Friday evening that final preparations are being made to arrest Trump next week.

      The Manhattan DA’s office asked for a meeting with law enforcement ahead of the possible Trump indictment.

      Trump will “be fingerprinted and processed like every other defendant” – Fox News reported.

      The Secret Service will make the decision to handcuff Trump or not.

      Trump spoke out on the reports appearing to confirm his arrest is coming.

      Trump said the charges against him have been debunked by “NUMEROUS OTHER PROSECUTORS!”

      Truth Social:



      Bongino is right!

    • New York Young Republican Club Planning Protest if Trump is Arrested
      By Cassandra MacDonald Mar. 18, 2023 1:30 pm42 Comments

      The New York Young Republican Club plans to hold a protest downtown if former President Donald Trump is arrested on Tuesday.
      Trump posted on Truth Social on Saturday that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday and called for people to protest and “take our nation back.”

      In his Truth Social post, Trump wrote in all capital letters:


    • Senator Hawley Goes There, Labels Democrat Party “The Banana Republic Party” – Defends Trump as Soros DA Alvin Bragg Prepares to Bring Charges
      By Cristina Laila Mar. 18, 2023 2:45 pm27 Comments

      Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is the latest Republican lawmaker to speak out and defend Trump as the far left Manhattan DA prepares to indict the former president.

      In January the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

      Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

      Trump has denied the affair.

      Former Manhattan DA Cy Vance previously dropped the Stormy hush payment probe because he didn’t have a case.

      Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg revived the case in January after Trump announced his presidential bid in November.

      Hawley labeled the Democrat party “the Banana Republic Party” on Saturday.

      “The Democrats used the FBI against parents, they used the FBI against Catholics, they used Big Tech against vaccine critics & anyone who questioned them. Now they want to arrest Trump, their leading political opponent. They are the banana republic party,” Hawley said.

    • Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) denounced the prosecution of President Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over the alleged 2016 Stormy Daniels hush money payment arrangement as “Third World Banana Republic lunacy”. Schmitt made the comment in a Twitter thread on Saturday. Schmitt previously served as Missouri attorney general before being elected to the U.S. Senate last November.

      Schmitt endorsed Trump for president in 2024 last month.

      Schmitt’s statement (click tweet to see entire thread on Twitter

      The reported upcoming arrest of President Trump by hyper partisan Soros prosecutor Alvin Bragg is some Third World Banana Republic lunacy and a very, very dangerous road to go down.

      Leftists in the United States are increasingly weaponizing investigations to persecute and prosecute political opponents. It must end.

      The left’s conduct is similar to the conduct you find in a banana republic where the authoritarian state punishes its political enemies with criminal prosecutions in search of crimes.

      It’s antithetical to America’s founding which rejected the idea and practice of those in power punishing political opponents for vague and ambiguous “crimes against the state.” Instead, the Founders chose to create a country of laws, not of men.

    • Bill Clinton Paid Paula Jones $850,000 in Hush Money — Was Never Charged
      By Cassandra MacDonald Mar. 18, 2023 3:30 pm16 Comments

      Former President Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones a whopping $850,000 to keep her quiet over sexual harassment claims — but was never arrested for it.
      The case stands in stark contrast to reports that former President Donald Trump will be arrested on Tuesday for an alleged $130,000 hush money payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 over an alleged sexual encounter that the two had in 2006.

      Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to charges over the payment in 2018 and was sentenced to three years in prison.

      In 1998, the Washington Post reported, “President Clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones yesterday, agreeing to pay her $850,000 to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit that led to the worst political crisis of his career and only the third presidential impeachment inquiry in American history.”

      “Just hours before the settlement was inked yesterday, Starr sent new evidence to the House Judiciary Committee stemming from a witness in the Jones case, Kathleen E. Willey, who also accused Clinton of an unwelcome sexual advance,” the report continued. “The extraordinary case came to an extraordinary finale, with the defendant agreeing to pay $850,000 even though the plaintiff originally only asked for $700,000 when she filed suit — and even though the case was dismissed without a trial.”

      The report continued, “the case opened a Pandora’s box of allegations about his past sex life and made him the first president ever interrogated under oath as a defendant in a civil lawsuit or before a grand jury as a possible criminal target. Jones v. Clinton also yielded a historic decision by the Supreme Court, which ruled 9 to 0 last year that even the chief executive can be sued. And it was the resulting search for evidence that led Jones’s lawyers to Monica S. Lewinsky and the chain of events that prompted Starr’s report to Congress alleging that Clinton committed 11 impeachable offenses.”

      The New York Times reported in 1999:

      Clinton Administration officials said a check for $850,000, the amount agreed to in November to settle the case, was being sent by overnight mail to Ms. Jones and her lawyers. The officials, who asked that their names not be used, said that a little more than half of the money, $475,000, came from an insurance policy against civil liability the President held with Chubb Group Insurance.

      Most, if not all, of the remainder, was withdrawn from a blind trust in the name of Mrs. Clinton, which officials said last year had assets of slightly more than $1 million.

      Clinton never faced criminal charges for his behavior.

      If Trump is charged, he will be the first former president in US history to ever be arrested after leaving office. He is also the current leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

      Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has called for a congressional investigation into a “politically motivated prosecution.”

      “Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump,” McCarthy tweeted.

    • 5 Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Preparing for Trump Indictment: Report
      By Richard Moorhead, The Western Journal Mar. 18, 2023 4:45 pm67 Comments

      Law enforcement agencies are preparing for the possibility of former President Donald Trump’s indictment.

      State, local and federal agencies are eyeing security measures in the event of Trump’s indictment, according to five senior officials cited by NBC News on Friday.

      The indictment could come as soon as next week.

      Trump would be charged with an offense related to alleged improper payments to pornographic performer Stormy Daniels, according to NBC.

      The agencies preparing are the NYPD, New York State Court Officers, the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, according to NBC.

      Sources familiar with the deliberation are describing preparations for Trump’s first appearance at the Manhattan Criminal Court, according to Fox News.

      The Secret Service and New York law enforcement are working out a process in which Trump will appear at the courthouse, according to Fox.

      George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has previously indicated he’s investigating Trump’s personal finances.

    • This Is What Awaits President Donald Trump in a Jury of His Peers in Alvin Bragg’s New York City
      By Jim Hoft Mar. 18, 2023 4:30 pm81 Comments

      President Trump is expected to be arrested for a misdemeanor on Tuesday at his home in Mar-a-Lago by Soros-funded DC Alvin Bragg for an alleged criminal act involving Stormy Daniels that took place back in 2016. The case was tossed from several courts and Stormy was ordered by a previous court to pay Donald Trump’s $300,000 court fees. But here we are.

      This is the first time Democrats have attempted to arrest a Republican president. A noted Democrat killed Republican Abraham Lincoln. But the party of Jim Crow has never attempted to arrest a Republican president.

      This is what President Trump will face if Democrats have their way and they are able to prosecute President Trump in his beloved New York City – a city he loved and made great.

      Here is the lunatic who led the Georgia grand jury investigation into President Trump and the perfectly normal phone call he made to Georgia officials after the controversial 2020 election in Georgia.

      What a clown show. She acts like she’s 14.

      She went on MSNBC after the trial. Her name is Emily Kohrs. And she’s interested in witchcraft.

      How was she picked as lead juror? What were the rest like?

    • Washed-Up Actor Billy Baldwin: Any Uprising Over Trump’s Arrest ‘Will Be Over in Two Ashli Babbitts’
      By Cassandra MacDonald Mar. 18, 2023 4:10 pm292 Comments

      Washed-up actor Billy Baldwin has taken to Twitter to antagonize supporters of former President Donald Trump, saying that any uprising over his arrest will be “over in two Ashli Babbitts.”
      Babbitt was unarmed and killed by a Capitol police officer on January 6.

      In a tweet after Trump called for protests, Baldwin wrote, “Trump inciting violence again.”

      “Any uprising by the Gravy Seals will be over in 2 Ashli Babbitt’s or better known as… a half a Scaramucci,” Baldwin continued. “F-ck around…”

      Trump posted on Truth Social on Saturday that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday and called for people to protest and “take our nation back.”

      In his Truth Social post, Trump wrote in all capital letters:



      Trump’s possible indictment stems from an alleged $130,000 hush money payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 over an alleged sexual encounter that the two had in 2006. His former attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to charges over the payment in 2018 and was sentenced to three years in prison.

      If Trump is charged, he will be the first former president in US history to ever be arrested after leaving office. He is also the current leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

    • Prominent Attorney Alan Dershowitz Blasts The Two-Tiered Justice System In New York Ahead Of Trump Indictment
      Mar 18, 2023

      Ahead of an indictment against President Trump that is expected to come down next week, prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz slammed the two-tier justice system in the United States and in New York, saying that the Justice system is in ‘deep trouble’ if Trump is convicted.

      The looming charges against Trump stem from payments made to Stormy Daniels after allegations surfaced that Trump and Daniels had sexual relations.

      Trump attorney Michael Cohen was already convicted on campaign finance charges and sentenced to three years in prison in relation to the payments.

      Dershowitz believes that Trump will be convicted on the charges brought against him, saying that it will be hard for Trump to get a fair hearing in an overwhelmingly liberal jurisdiction.

      He sees the indictment against Trump as inevitable due to campaign promises made by both Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and New York Attorney General Letita James to criminally prosecute Trump

    • Trump Puts Out a Post That Says Everything About His Legal Situation
      By Bonchie | 6:30 PM on March 18, 2023
      Trump Puts Out a Post That Says Everything About His Legal Situation

      As RedState reported, Donald Trump put a statement on Saturday morning confirming that his indictment and arrest are imminent. According to the former president, he’ll be taken into custody on Tuesday after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office charges him over a hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election.

      The contention is that Trump broke the law by ordering Michael Cohen to make the payment, which was ultimately classified as a legal expense. New York prosecutors assert that election laws were broken because it was actually a campaign expense meant to affect the election. As a legal matter, it’s incredibly weak, and it relies on a never-before-tried legal theory to upgrade the charge to a felony. That would bypass the statute of limitations and put jail time in play for the former president.

      Now, Trump is speaking out further, and I believe his latest Truth Social post says everything about his legal situation.

      In the aftermath of the initial announcement, I interacted with several people who brushed the coming indictment off as another silly “the walls are closing in” moment. I think that’s naive. Trump’s all-caps post is not being made from a position of confidence about what is transpiring, and that should be obvious to anyone reading it. He’s clearly scared, and he’s wanting people to take to the streets and take action to stop what’s coming.

      To be clear, I don’t blame him a bit for being fearful. I know I would be if I were in his shoes. He’s facing a deep-blue District Attorney’s office that has spent two years ginning up a legal theory to go after him with on a charge that almost no one else would be hit with. It’s unlikely they’d be following through with an arrest at this point if they didn’t at least believe they had the goods.

      What does that mean in practice? The “goods” in this case don’t have to mean a sound prosecution. It just has to be a prosecution that can convince a far-left jury in Manhattan to vote guilty. That is the biggest threat to Trump right now. He can have the best defense in the world, but it probably won’t matter given how hated he is in the jurisdiction that is targeting him.

      A lot of smart people (far smarter than me) can make a lot of very smart arguments against this prosecution. But if the deck is stacked before the game even starts, it will all be for naught.

      Wherever this ends up taking the country, one lesson should be clear: If you are high-profile enough to be a threat to the Democratic Party, do not stay in left-wing jurisdictions. This kind of lawfare isn’t going to stop. The left will do anything for power, up to and including bastardizing the legal system for political gain. Republicans need to balkanize, protect themselves, and be willing to use the same tactics being used against them going forward. Things are about to get real.

    • Jonathan Turley Destroys the DA’s Case Against Trump, It’s All About Theatrics
      By Nick Arama | 5:00 PM on March 18, 2023
      Jonathan Turley Destroys the DA’s Case Against Trump, It’s All About Theatrics
      Bonnie Cash/Pool via AP
      The timing of the reported indictment about to drop against President Donald Trump can only be called suspicious, given the Stormy Daniels issue has been lying fallow for years, with President Donald Trump now a declared candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination.

      It’s about the perp walk and the theatrics. Just like they tried the Jan. 6 Committee prior to the midterms, this is going to be the continuing thing that they will throw out there to attack Trump and the Republicans in the presidential race. It’s about the optics to move the middle/the independents away from Republicans.

      But what about the legal case against Trump? George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley called it what it is: “legally pathetic.”

      Although it may be politically popular, the case is legally pathetic. Bragg is struggling to twist state laws to effectively prosecute a federal case long ago rejected by the Justice Department against Trump over his payment of “hush money” to former stripper Stormy Daniels. In 2018 (yes, that is how long this theory has been around), I wrote how difficult such a federal case would be under existing election laws. Now, six years later, the same theory may be shoehorned into a state claim.

      It is extremely difficult to show that paying money to cover up an embarrassing affair was done for election purposes as opposed to an array of obvious other reasons, from protecting a celebrity’s reputation to preserving a marriage. That was demonstrated by the failed federal prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards on a much stronger charge of using campaign funds to cover up an affair.

      In this case, Trump reportedly paid Daniels $130,000 in the fall of 2016 to cut off or at least reduce any public scandal. The Southern District of New York’s U.S. Attorney’s office had no love lost for Trump, pursuing him and his associates in myriad investigations, but it ultimately rejected a prosecution based on the election law violations. It was not alone: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) chair also expressed doubts about the theory.

      Prosecutors working under Bragg’s predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr., also reportedly rejected the viability of using a New York law to effectively charge a federal offense.

      Why didn’t they bring it earlier? Because they knew that it was a tenuous case at best. They’re only pulling it out of the hat, now that 2024 is about to be upon us.

      As Turley notes, even Bragg himself wasn’t hot for this case when he came in, and two prosecutors quit because Bragg was refusing to go along with this. But desperation can go a long way. Turley points out that one of the prosecutors even wrote a book trying to lay out the case against Trump, which Turley said was “shocking” because it was “unprofessional and improper.” But now, Bragg ultimately appears to have caved into Democratic pressure and is going ahead with this charade.

      However, Turley also makes another important point when it comes to the question of disparity of treatment here.

      While we still do not know the specific state charges in the anticipated indictment, the most-discussed would fall under Section 175 for falsifying business records, based on the claim that Trump used legal expenses to conceal the alleged hush-payments that were supposedly used to violate federal election laws. While some legal experts have insisted such concealment is clearly a criminal matter that must be charged, they were conspicuously silent when Hillary Clinton faced a not-dissimilar campaign-finance allegation.

      That was the funding of the Steele dossier, which the Clinton campaign falsely declared as a “legal expense.” The FEC fined the Clinton campaign over that false filing. Not only did her team publicly lie about it, but they also promoted the false Russia collusion claims to the FBI and the media. Yet, where is the action against Clinton or the campaign for prosecution? Strangely missing. Talk about the disparity.

      Turley pointed out other issues with the prosecution.

      A Section 175 charge would normally be a misdemeanor. The only way to convert it into a Class E felony requires a showing that the “intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.” That other crime would appear to be the federal election violations which the Justice Department previously declined to charge.

      The linkage to a federal offense is critical for another reason: Bragg’s office ran out of time to prosecute this as a misdemeanor years ago; the statute of limitations is two years. Even if he shows this is a viable felony charge, the longer five-year limitation could be hard to establish.

      Of course, none of these legalistic problems will be relevant in the coming frenzy. It will be a case that is nothing if not entertaining, one to which you can bring your popcorn — so long as you leave your principles behind.

      “The season opener of ‘America’s Got Trump’ might be a guaranteed hit with its New York audience — but it should be a flop as a prosecution,” Turley declared.

      He also pointed out the banana republic look of the action, “The criminal justice system can be a terrible weapon when used for political purposes, an all-too-familiar spectacle in countries where political foes can be targeted by the party in power.”

      Of course, we also have to account for the bias of the likely very liberal jury in New York. But, if it’s truly about the law, this case is ridiculous at its base and should go down to defeat.

      That’s the thing here. The continuing effort against Trump isn’t about the law, principles, or even convicting Trump. It’s always about power and how the Democrats can win, and they’ve already shown they’re willing to do anything. They may know that they will ultimately lose, and that they might even have to drop the case. But the Democrats want to utilize it to attack Trump.

      This may end up galvanizing more Americans around Trump. Twitter head Elon Musk is saying if they go ahead with this, he thinks Trump wins in a landslide. We’re already seeing some of those who were on the fence, now saying they would support Trump because of this action. We’ll have to see, but he just may be right.

    • He Cannot Hide From His Violations of the Law” – Nancy Pelosi Trashes Trump as Soros-Backed DA Alvin Bragg Prepares to Bring Charges
      By Cristina Laila Mar. 18, 2023 7:30 pm206 Comments

      Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday trashed Trump as radical Soros DA Alvin Bragg prepares to indict the former president.

      In January the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

      Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

      This is a probe that former Manhattan DA Cy Vance decided not to pursue because he knew he didn’t have a case.

      Earlier Saturday Trump said he was going to be arrested on Tuesday and called for protests.

    • Advice to Trump Supporters Considering Protesting His Expected Arrest Next Week, from an Experienced Conservative Street Activist
      By Kristinn Taylor Mar. 18, 2023 9:45 pm16 Comments

      President Trump has called on supporters to protest his expected arrest next week by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on bogus charges arising out of the alleged 2016 Stormy Daniels hush money arrangement. Several so-called influencers are warning supporters to stay home to avoid being entrapped by the feds into another January 6 riot.

      Supporters greet President Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, January 20, 2021, file image.

      As one of the most experienced conservative street activists who was active in our Nation’s Capital for over a decade, I want to offer my advice on whether to go out and protest (yes) and how to do it.

      WASHINGTON – JULY 03: Kristinn Taylor (C), spokesman for, answers questions from the media during a protest outside the Washington bureau of the New York Times July 3, 2006 in Washington, DC. Protesters accused the Times of publishing information that harmed the nation’s security and called for the prosecution of publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Executive Editor Bill Keller and reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

      First, some background. I was active in the D.C. Chapter of from 1998 into the early 2010s, but mostly through the end of 2007 when I left the area and returned a few times a year. I organized hundreds of street protests and counter-protests against President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and other corrupt Democrat politicians. I organized an annual protest of liberal media bias outside the White House Correspondents Dinner for about fifteen years. Through Free Republic, Move America Forward and the Gathering of Eagles, we organized several rallies and counter-rallies supporting our troops in the war on terror in the years after 9/11. On a few occasions, we acted as human shields against the violent left and radical Islamists, protecting The White House, the Danish Embassy, Armed Forces Recruiting stations and even the Washington Post. I also helped organize the FReeper inaugural ball in 2005 attended by nearly 1,000 guests or so.

      We dealt with D.C. Police, Capitol Police, Park Police, Secret Service, various other federal law enforcement agencies and the military in demonstrations at the White House, Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the old Walter Reed Army Hospital, the Vice President’s Residence, aka “Cheney’s House”, and many locales in and around D.C.

      We faced off against communists, anarchists, Black Bloc (pre-Antifa), Code Pink, ANSWER, radical Islamists, Democrats, RINOs, dishonest media and the Westboro Baptist Church extremists.

      We did all that by being peaceful and behaving in a civilized manner at all times. We hade a code of conduct that served us well.

      Briefly, it read, “No violence, no racism, no profanity, no provocations, obey the law and treat all law enforcement officers with respect.”

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      We also had other rules:

      No physical contact with opponents and try to stay out of arm’s length from them. No retaliations if they attack you–step back, walk away, find a cop. Only defend yourself if you are in danger. We wanted our demonstrations to stay peaceful and we remembered the old basketball rule the referee only sees the second punch thrown, not the first.

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      Just about all weapons of self-defense were banned in D.C., so we didn’t have to worry about people coming armed to our protests. My preference is for no open carry and discreet concealed carry if you must.

      And no masks. We never hid ourselves behind a mask. The KKK and Antifa wear masks. Not conservatives–unless we were in costume mocking Hillary, Saddam or crybaby reporters for example.

      The flags we allowed were the American flag, state flags, military service branch flags, the Gadsden and Culpeper flags, and flags of our allies in the war on terror (these days we would add in the non-profane Trump flags.) Our people knew better than to show up with a Confederate battle flag so we never had to tell them to leave if someone had shown up with one. We did not burn flags or damage property.

      Our signs were clever, funny, pointed and quite serious, depending on the occasion. We did not use profanity (with the exception of a rare vulgarity). We policed our signs and disallowed those that were off-message or violated our rules. We were told many times we had the best protest signs in D.C.

      Around the Web
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      We policed our membership. No one who was a racist, violent or encouraged violence and criminality or broke our rules was allowed in our group or at our protests. We warned hotheads to stay away from protests that were likely to be contentious just as we warned not to bring children to some of the more edgy protests.

      Our experience in D.C. was similar to that of the pro-life demonstrators who marched every year for decades, the Tea Party activists who came after us and the Trump rallies from 2015 through 2020. No arrests, no unprovoked violence on our part (extremely rare at that) and we left the place cleaner than how we found it.

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      All that changed of course on January 6, 2021.

      I had been in D.C. for the December 12, 2020 pro-Trump rallies at Freedom Plaza and on the National Mall. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people who peacefully rallied and then marched on the Capitol and Supreme Court.

      Trending: President Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests

      Later that evening the Proud Boys and Antifa fought it out in the street. I stayed away, but drove around for a while that night to see for myself at a distance.

      Around the Web
      Removing Moles and Skin Tags Has Never Been Easier (Just Do This!)
      My Spidey-sense told me to stay home on January 6, so I did.

      But with Trump supporters now recognizing that provocateurs and federal agents will attempt to infiltrate protests, my recommendation would be to go ahead and protest–but to tightly police your gatherings. Best to avoid the whole lot of ’em.

      I would also tell people who show up in camo or khaki like these guys to get lost.

      Tell the hotheads and people who don’t want to follow the rules and those you just don’t want around they are free to protest elsewhere–just not with your group. Be firm. It’s your protest.

      You can still have fun and make your voice heard doing it like this. I know. I did it successfully in the belly of the beast for over a decade without being arrested or beaten.

      Rights must be exercised or they will be taken away. The Democrats are using the powers of government to suppress conservatives. Peaceful, passionate protest is a must if we are to reclaim our Constitutional form of government from those who have abused their powers and subverted the government from within.

      There are other means of protest and activism besides street protests. Use them too, but don’t give up “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    • Calls Grow on the Left for Trump to Be Held Without Bail – For a Misdemeanor
      By Kristinn Taylor Mar. 18, 2023 9:30 pm154 Comments

      The left is salivating at the idea that finally Orange Man Bad will be arrested and perp walked in front of the media next week. But that is not enough for them. Calls have gone out on Saturday for President Trump to be held without bail because they say he is a danger to the country over his call for supporters to protest should he be arrested. The liberals are saying this is an incitement to another January 6 and therefore Trump should be kept behind bars where he could not post calls for protests on social media.

      New York has extremely lax bail laws, making bail non-existent for most of those charged. However, the liberals think an exception should be made for Trump.

      Leading the parade is former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, who appeared on MSNBC on Saturday to raise the specter of a judge denying Trump bail.

    • Two-Tiered Justice System: FEC Fined Hillary Clinton For Lying About Funding of Fake Russia Dossier…Was Never Threatened with Cuffs
      By Cristina Laila Mar. 18, 2023 9:15 pm46 Comments

      Remember this?

      The FEC in 2022 fined Hillary Clinton and the DNC for lying about funding the fake Russia dossier.

      The FEC fined Clinton and said her campaign violated the rules because they failed to disclose payments funneled to Fusion GPS through DNC law firm Perkins Coie.

      Hillary Clinton got a light slap on the wrist for her crimes.

      Hillary Clinton skated after she paid more than $1 million for a fake dossier and gave it to the FBI/CIA to spy on her political opponent, Donald Trump.

      “The FEC, in a memo to the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, which filed its complaint over three years ago, said it fined Clinton’s treasurer $8,000 and the DNC’s treasurer $105,000.” the Washington Examiner reported last year.

      Trump was also accused of violating campaign finance law when he allegedly paid Stormy Daniels a ‘hush payment’ in 2016, but instead of fining him, a Soros-backed District Attorney is threatening to arrest him on a felony indictment.

      In January the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

      Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

    • % of Attorneys in DOJ Manhattan Office Reportedly “Want No Part” of Soros Connected DA Braggs Made-up Case Against President Trump
      By Joe Hoft Mar. 18, 2023 9:00 pm89 Comments

      Earlier today President Trump announced that he was going to be indicted on Tuesday on made-up charges by the Soros-backed New York DA Alvin Bragg. Not everyone in the corrupt Manhattan office of the DOJ was reportedly behind the indictment.

      President Trump announced today that the corrupt Soros-backed DA in New York is going to arrest him on bogus charges on Tuesday.

      According to John Cardillo the attorneys in New York are not in agreement with the Soros-backed DA’s bogus case against President Trump.

  3. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “We’re Not Going to Tolerate Any More of This Crap” – GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Slams Mayorkas and Ortiz’s

    Councilman Ray Malnar
    Councilman Bart Turner

    City of Glendale
    Mark Lewis VP Engineering, Water Resource Institute
    Mayor Cal Sheehy Lake Havasu City
    Amanda Monize Central Arizona Project Board Member
    Kerri Hatz GM. Mohave Valley Irrigation District
    Michael Pearce Mohave Valley Irrigation District Counsel
    AZ State Rep. Tim Dunn
    Clint Chandler Deputy Director, AZ Dept. of Water Resources
    Councilwoman Wally Campbell City of Goodyear
    Barbara Chappell City of Goodyear Water Services Director
    Jim Marchant
    Councilman Craig Heustis
    Brain Scan Uncovers Real Cause of Tinnitus (It’s Genius)
    Cardiologist: Too Much Belly Fat? Do This Before Bed
    Vice Mayor Michelle Hess

    GOP Representative Paul Gosar was in Goodyear, Arizona, on Thursday with conservative leaders and water experts to host a discussion and propose solutions to Arizona’s water supply issues.

    Below is a full list of the panelists:

    City of Buckeye

    Paul Michael Wihbey
    Patrick Dent Deputy Gen Mgr CAP
    Bobby Anastasov City of Buckeye Water Resources Mgr
    Jack W Lunsford President, Lunsford Group/Buckeye Rep.
    Ken Strobeck City of Buckeye Intergovernmental Relations
    Javier Setovich Buckeye Deputy City Manager/Water Resources
    Mayor Skip Hall City of Surprise
    Mike Boule City of Surprise Water Resource Director

    Panelists discussed solutions and infrastructure such as desalination plants, pipelining flood water, rain, and runoff, and using modular nuclear reactors to power these projects.

    Watch the full event below:

    As millions flood across the southern border, Arizona is experiencing limited water resources with drying wells and diminishing rivers and groundwater.

    The Gateway Pundit recently reported that over 1,000 residents of Rio Verde Foothills, Arizona, have no source of water for their homes after the city of Scottsdale shut their water off. Remember, Scottsdale is one of the cities where Joe Biden housed illegal immigrants in a hotel with around-the-clock security, food, clothing, and water for drinking and bathing. Who knows how much of Arizona’s water these people used for free?

    Citizens have less rights than illegals. Something’s wrong with this Justice Department,” and “something’s wrong with this department of Homeland Security,” said Paul Gosar. Gosar also told us how the billions of dollars spent caring for illegal immigrants instead of deporting them would help us build “fabulous” water and transportation infrastructure.

    The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke with Rep. Gosar about the ongoing water issues and how illegal immigration contributes to the waste and abuse of Arizona’s natural resources.

    The Gateway Pundit reported that Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz admitted that the US has lost “operational control” of the border under Joe Biden. When confronted by RAV correspondent Ben Bergquam on whether or not DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached, Ortiz responded, “no, sir,” and cowered into a separate room to hide from Bergquam.

    Additionally, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Illegal immigration in Arizona is already increasing under the new fraudulently elected regime, with 30% more gotaways in the second month of Katie Hobbs’ illegitimate term. They are also bringing deadly fentanyl, which is now the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45, and half of the fentanyl seizures nationwide are taking place in the state of Arizona. According to Gosar, “2 million pills have just been interceded in just Arizona in one border crossing just

    We are witnessing the intentional and systemic destruction of America.

    Gosar told The Gateway Pundit that “anybody that goes along with this should be held accountable,” starting with Mayorkas “because he’s the one dictating the whole policy.”

    We’re not going to tolerate any more of this crap,” Gosar continued.

    Why aren’t the woke climate change radicals up in arms over illegal immigrants who don’t care about the environment, polluting our Country and using our natural resources?

    Watch below:

    Conradson: I want to talk real quick about illegal immigration and the border. We saw the Border Patrol chief, Raul Ortiz, he admits that we don’t have operational control of the border like we do under President Trump, and then he tells Ben Bergquam that Mayorkas shouldn’t be impeached. Is he complicit in the lack of security on our border, the crime against Americans?

    Gosar: Well, I gotta tell you, when you start looking at operational control, America has no clue. I mean, these people are beside themselves. Because America looks at the fentanyl coming across, the human smuggling coming across, the increased numbers that are coming across, there’s no operational control except for the cartels. And so, you know, when you have this top-down approach from Mayorkas, the bureaucracy is impugned, and anybody that goes along with this should be held accountable.

    Conradson: Would that include impeaching Ortiz? I mean, as we’ve seen, him in Mayorkas, they both been ripped by these border patrol agents for their failures on the border. Is that a possible option, impeaching Ortiz?

    Conradson: So, the reason I want to talk about illegal immigration here at this water round table that you just had, you know, these illegals are coming into our country, they’re tainting crops on farmland, they’re tainting water supplies, and you know what they’re using our water supplies when they’re here in our country, you know? Joe Biden had these hotels, illegals were given sinks, showers who knows how long they were taking, cell phones, everything, but, you know, can you speak to how securing our border would help us preserve our water supply?

    Gosar: It does, because what ends up happening is so much of our land is in irrigated farm fields. So for example, like it was pointed out today, between the end of October to the end of April, if you’re having a salad, it’s coming from Arizona, particularly my district over in Yuma and the adjacent area in California. So, when they have illegals run through those crops, they can’t use any of it, they have to till it under. So, that’s a hardship because insurance doesn’t cover that for those farmers. It’s also the wanton destruction of private property, which is a tenant of our Constitution. And last but not least is, you’re coming into this country and you’re running to the equal application and the rule of law, but yet your first action is to defy that rule of law? That’s troubling beyond reproach, and then how many young people and people between the age of 18 and 50 are dying from fentanyl? I mean, 2 million pills have just been interceded in just Arizona in one border crossing just in the last month. This is crazy.

    Gosar: It does, because what ends up happening is so much of our land is in irrigated farm fields. So for example, like it was pointed out today, between the end of October to the end of April, if you’re having a salad, it’s coming from Arizona, particularly my district over in Yuma and the adjacent area in California. So, when they have illegals run through those crops, they can’t use any of it, they have to till it under. So, that’s a hardship because insurance doesn’t cover that for those farmers. It’s also the wanton destruction of private property, which is a tenant of our Constitution. And last but not least is, you’re coming into this country and you’re running to the equal application and the rule of law, but yet your first action is to defy that rule of law? That’s troubling beyond reproach, and then how many young people and people between the age of 18 and 50 are dying from fentanyl? I mean, 2 million pills have just been interceded in just Arizona in one border crossing just in the last month. This is crazy.

    Conradson: And then the amount of money, the billions of dollars we’re spending on these people that are illegally in our country to take care of them, deal with them with law enforcement if needed. You know, where could that money be going instead to help us maintain a water supply bring in more water, desalinate water how would that help us with our water issues?

    Gosar: I’ll tell you what, the infrastructure would be fabulous. Not only just in water but in our surface highways. I mean, I just went over East 40 from Kingman. And it was harrowing. I actually had pulled off the road twice because of the potholes and the truck traffic. I felt for my life going through that. So why can we spend all that money there? Number two is you see a rancher that had so many calls to Border Patrol that he ends up killing one of the illegals in his area, and he’s now indicted? So my point is citizens have less rights than illegals. Something’s wrong with this Justice Department. Something’s wrong with this department of Homeland Security from the top down and this administration. Now they’re also talking about amnesty. You know, so this isn’t 10 or 11 million anymore. This is 40 to 50 million. I said the word that really gets people’s craw and that’s they’re changing our culture. We see this wanton aspect in Chicago to New York. You see it in our bureaucracy, in the folks in this administration, you see it in the Department of Justice, you see it in our courts. It’s wanton and it’s destroying this constitution. It’s destroying our way of life.

  4. Biden’s Spending, Leads to the Biden Inflation, That Leads to the Biden Bonds, that Leads to the Biden Banks” – Steve Bannon Puts Entire Blame for Massive Financial Crisis We Are In Today on Biden
    By Joe Hoft Mar. 18, 2023 9:00 am2 Comments

    Steve Bannan and Phillip Patrick discussed the failure of the banking system all caused by Biden. These people are destroying America and the American way of life.

    Patrick and Bannon began by noting that this week set a record for the largest amount of emergency loans given to banks in US history. This blew away the 2008 record from before as we reported earlier in the day.

    Patrick says “we’re getting all of the downsides with none of the upsides.” Basically, the American people are bailing out the banks.

    Patrick also says that if “every bank marked their treasury reserves to market prices there would be at least a $620 billion hole in the balance sheet.”

    This too was reported earlier in the week as well.

    • twitter @AbrahamStein8

      Putin claims Ukraine did not destroy Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline and blames U.S.

      + 1 min 10 video


      Google-translate from Greek :

      Terrifying impact 130 meters underground from a Russian super-sonic Kinzhal missile at the NATO command center in Ukraine!

      Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile with a target impact speed of Mach 12 (twelve times the speed of sound) managed to hit the Ukrainian-NATO joint command, control and communications center installed at a depth of 130 meters!

      The underground headquarters (built 400 feet underground) housed a number of NATO officials and reportedly housed over 300 people.

      The Russians say that 40 dead were pulled from the wreckage of the underground headquarters so far, but most will never be recovered as they were buried by the debris.

      It is unknown how many Westerners and how many Ukrainians were killed in the attack, but it is the first time that the West has counted so many dead, including officers and non-commissioned officers.

      Most are British and Polish, but among them were Americans and members of private companies supporting communications and data transmission.

      In the coming days and weeks, it will be seen from the development of operations, to what extent it will affect the conduct of Ukrainian and Western operations and the effort to stop the final Russian attack on Bakhmut.

      However, it is the first mass strike against NATO personnel and it is not known how the Western capitals will react, although in the event of a reaction, it will be like admitting active involvement with personnel in the war against Russia!


    • douglas macgregor – The Gathering Storm

      America’s self-inflicted trouble in Ukraine aggravates our dangerous trouble at home.

      The crisis of American national power has begun. America’s economy is tipping over, and Western financial markets are quietly panicking. Imperiled by rising interest rates, mortgage-backed securities and U.S. Treasuries are losing their value. The market’s proverbial “vibes”—feelings, emotions, beliefs, and psychological penchants—suggest a dark turn is underway inside the American economy.

      American national power is measured as much by American military capability as by economic potential and performance. The growing realization that American and European military-industrial capacity cannot keep up with Ukrainian demands for ammunition and equipment is an ominous signal to send during a proxy war that Washington insists its Ukrainian surrogate is winning.

      Russian economy-of-force operations in southern Ukraine appear to have successfully ground down attacking Ukrainian forces with the minimal expenditure of Russian lives and resources. While Russia’s implementation of attrition warfare worked brilliantly, Russia mobilized its reserves of men and equipment to field a force that is several magnitudes larger and significantly more lethal than it was a year ago.

      Russia’s massive arsenal of artillery systems including rockets, missiles, and drones linked to overhead surveillance platforms converted Ukrainian soldiers fighting to retain the northern edge of the Donbas into pop-up targets. How many Ukrainian soldiers have died is unknown, but one recent estimate wagers between 150,000-200,000 Ukrainians have been killed in action since the war began, while another estimates about 250,000.

      Given the glaring weakness of NATO members’ ground, air, and air defense forces, an unwanted war with Russia could easily bring hundreds of thousands of Russian Troops to the Polish border, NATO’s Eastern Frontier. This is not an outcome Washington promised its European allies, but it’s now a real possibility.

      In contrast to the Soviet Union’s hamfisted and ideologically driven foreign policymaking and execution, contemporary Russia has skillfully cultivated support for its cause in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. The fact that the West’s economic sanctions damaged the U.S. and European economies while turning the Russian ruble into one of the international system’s strongest currencies has hardly enhanced Washington’s global standing.

      Biden’s policy of forcibly pushing NATO to Russia’s borders forged a strong commonality of security and trade interests between Moscow and Beijing that is attracting strategic partners in South Asia like India, and partners like Brazil in Latin America. The global economic implications for the emerging Russo-Chinese axis and their planned industrial revolution for some 3.9 billion people in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are profound.

      In sum, Washington’s military strategy to weaken, isolate, or even destroy Russia is a colossal failure and the failure puts Washington’s proxy war with Russia on a truly dangerous path. To press on, undeterred in the face of Ukraine’s descent into oblivion, ignores three metastasizing threats: 1. Persistently high inflation and rising interest rates that signal economic weakness. (The first American bank failure since 2020 is a reminder of U.S. financial fragility.) 2. The threat to stability and prosperity inside European societies already reeling from several waves of unwanted refugees/migrants. 3. The threat of a wider European war.

      Inside presidential administrations, there are always competing factions urging the president to adopt a particular course of action. Observers on the outside seldom know with certainty which faction exerts the most influence, but there are figures in the Biden administration seeking an off-ramp from involvement in Ukraine. Even Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a rabid supporter of the proxy war with Moscow, recognizes that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s demand that the West help him recapture Crimea is a red line for Putin that might lead to a dramatic escalation from Moscow.

      Backing down from the Biden administration’s malignant and asinine demands for a humiliating Russian withdrawal from eastern Ukraine before peace talks can convene is a step Washington refuses to take. Yet it must be taken. The higher interest rates rise, and the more Washington spends at home and abroad to prosecute the war in Ukraine, the closer American society moves toward internal political and social turmoil. These are dangerous conditions for any republic.

      From all the wreckage and confusion of the last two years, there emerges one undeniable truth. Most Americans are right to be distrustful of and dissatisfied with their government. President Biden comes across as a cardboard cut-out, a stand-in for ideological fanatics in his administration, people that see executive power as the means to silence political opposition and retain permanent control of the federal government.

      Americans are not fools. They know that members of Congress flagrantly trade stocks based on inside information, creating conflicts of interest that would land most citizens in jail. They also know that since 1965 Washington led them into a series of failed military interventions that severely weakened American political, economic, and military power.

      Far too many Americans believe they have had no real national leadership since January 21, 2021. It is high time the Biden administration found an off-ramp designed to extricate Washington, D.C., from its proxy Ukrainian war against Russia. It will not be easy. Liberal internationalism or, in its modern guise, “moralizing globalism,” makes prudent diplomacy arduous, but now is the time. In Eastern Europe, the spring rains present both Russian and Ukrainian ground forces with a sea of mud that severely impedes movement. But the Russian High Command is preparing to ensure that when the ground dries and Russian ground forces attack, the operations will achieve an unambiguous decision, making it clear that Washington and its supporters have no chance to rescue the dying regime in Kiev. From then on, negotiations will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

    • MAY 21 2022 – Has Russia Already Won?



      The fall of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of a highly dangerous new phase of American aggression against a severely weakened Russia. For the Rockefeller Empire, it represented a golden opportunity to destroy their former adversary, Russia, as a functioning agent. If they could succeed in destroying Russia, they believed they could eliminate the only remaining serious obstacle to what the Pentagon called Full Spectrum Domination – total control of land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace. One Sole Superpower could dictate to the entire world as it saw fit. This was the mad dream of David, his family and allies.

      The 1990s was a time of immense suffering for the Russian people. As the impending collapse of the USSR became discernable, insiders created a planning group to ensure the continued influence of Soviet-era officials by transferring Russian state assets to offshore shell companies and thus stripping the country’s wealth. One such offshore company, FIMACO, was used to pilfer an estimated $50 billion from the nation. It was through this looting that liquid capital was generated and used by future oligarchs to build their fortunes. An early beneficiary of this arrangement was Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who had started his career as a minor Soviet official and whose Yukos oil conglomerate was tied to FIMACO. And FIMACO was tied to Jacob Rothschild, in London.

      In 1991 the Soviet Union finally collapsed. That August, state treasurer Nikolai Kruchina, responsible for Russia’s gold reserves, died by falling from his window. He had been a member of the planning group which originated the plot to steal state assets. His successor Georgy Pavlov fell to his death from a window two months later: the oligarchs were cleaning house. In September, the Russian central bank announced the Kremlin’s gold reserves had inexplicably dropped from the estimated 1000–1500 tons to a mere 240 tons. Two months later, Victor Gerashchenko announced Russia’s gold reserves had actually entirely vanished. While the Russian public was horrified at the revelation, European bankers were less surprised. It was whispered frequently among those circles that Soviet transport planes had been flying to and from Switzerland for months and selling off large amounts of gold. Boris Yeltsin announced his plans to privatize the nation’s assets and the real looting began.

      During the privatization period, the networks of the 2 families wasted no time in opportunistically swooping in to take over Russian industries. The Clinton administration sought to redesign the economic policies of the nascent Russian Federation according to the Washington Consensus: privatization, deregulation, austerity, and the opening up of Russia’s companies to purchase by ultra-wealthy Americans. Foreign investors flocked in and the level of greed among this fifth column of new Muscovites was truly astonishing.

      Enter Putin
      Soon after taking office in 1999, Vladimir Putin, a nationalist with a long career in Russian intelligence, faced the daunting task of trying to undo, or at least limit, the damage that the criminal cronies of Yeltsin and their foreign partners had done to Russia.

      Putin Kicks out the Rothschilds
      The criminality was not limited to foreign speculators. During the early period of privatization in the 90s, the Rothschilds organized a secret society of seven Russian oligarchs entirely controlled Boris Yeltsin’s administration. This group called itself Semibankirschina, named after the Seven Boyars who controlled Russia during the 17th century. The secret society included the following oligarchs: Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, Vladimir Gusinsky, Vladimir Potanin, and Alexander Smolensky. They all worked for the Rothschilds – or London – and more specifically, for Jacob Rothschild.

      In late 1999, Vladimir Putin became president of Russia and the fortunes of these self-appointed rulers rapidly turned for the worse. A new group of Putin insiders formed – the Siloviki (made up of Russian nationalists from the security and business world) and began supplanting the previous access that the Semibankirschina had to the president. From a strong position, Putin negotiated a “grand bargain” with the remaining oligarchs: they retained most of their existing assets in return for alignment with Putin’s vertical rule of Russia. The era of financial gangsterism from the 1990s was over. In 2001, a state takeover of media seized the television networks previously owned by the Rothschild puppets. It was with these moves by Putin, from early March 2000, that led to a break up of Rothschild control over Russia. These oligarchs all belonged to Jacob Rothschild. And, they were robbing Russia blind.

      David Rockefeller couldn’t be bothered with such small takings. Here, the key was to bring Russia into the dollar world – this was more profitable for his empire. In addition, a series of geopolitical confrontations on Russia’s borders served his empire greatly. The first such was the Chechen wars of 1994, and 1999/2000. This, Putin ended quickly and ruthlessly.

      The military occupation of Iraq was the first major step in the American strategy to move oil into the oil companies of the 2 families. Then, Russian investments in Iraq were lost after the US invasion in March 2003. In addition, following the Afghanistan invasion in October 2001, the Pentagon began spreading its presence in Central Asia – to the discomfort of both Russia and China. For obvious military and political reasons, Washington could not admit openly that since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, its strategic goal had been to dis-member or de-construct Russia, thereby gaining effective control over its huge oil and gas reserves.

      These two wars were but the opening shots of a series of geopolitical oil and energy “pipeline wars” – undeclared wars, but wars in every sense of the word. They were wars, overt and covert, spanning Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa. The energy wars were fought with bombs, with terror tactics, and with drones. They were also fought with sophisticated new methods of political destabilization of uncooperative regimes through what were called Color Revolutions. The goal was simple: Rockefeller control through the Pentagon and the CIA of all significant oil and gas deposits PLUS pipelines to transport, this in order to be able to control the emerging Eurasian economic colossus, especially China and Russia (and later India). The goal would be achieved by any means necessary. The NATO encirclement of Russia, the Color Revolutions across Eurasia, and the war in Iraq were all aspects of one and the same American geopolitical strategy: a grand strategy to de-construct Russia once and for all as a potential rival to a sole US Superpower hegemony. The end of the Yeltsin era put a slight crimp in Washington’s grand plans. Following the Wall Street–City of London guided looting of Russia by networks of the 2 families, a shrewder and more sober Putin cautiously emerged as a dynamic nationalistic force, committed to rebuilding Russia.

      Putin Breaks with the Rockefellers
      A defining event in Russian energy geopolitics took place in 2003. Just as Washington had taken over Iraq, Putin ordered the spectacular arrest of Russia’s billionaire oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky – or MK, on charges of tax evasion. Putin then froze shares of Khodorkovsky’s giant Yukos Oil group, putting it under state control. What had triggered Putin’s dramatic action?

      MK was working for Jacob Rothschild. He was a Rothschild front. In March 2000, MK was present with all the other oligarchs called to a meeting by Putin. The oligarchs had made a pledge to Putin – that if they stayed out of Russian politics, and repatriated a share of their stolen money (in effect, stolen from the state in rigged bidding under Yeltsin) they would be allowed to keep their assets. All of these oligarchs were Rothschild fronts. Most accepted, with the exception of Rothschild’s Jewish oligarchs. Putin went after them, as they broke their pledge to him. And so did MK. He was busy buying up the Duma – Russia’s parliament – as a first step, in a plan to run against Putin in 2004.

      In the meantime Mikhail Khodorkovsky was negotiating with 2 Rockefeller oil companies, Exxon and Chevron, to sell 40% of Yukos Oil (for the sum of $25 billion). Had this deal gone through, Russia’s economic and financial independence would be over. This 40% stake would have given Washington, the US oil giants, and the Rockefeller family a de facto veto power over future Russian oil and gas deals and pipelines. At the time of his arrest, Yukos had just begun steps to acquire Sibneft, a very large Russian oil company. The combined Yukos–Sibneft enterprise, with 20 billion barrels of oil and gas, would then have owned the second-largest oil and gas reserves in the world – in private hands, and not state-owned. The Exxon buy-up of Yukos–Sibneft would have been a literal energy coup-d’état. David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild knew it. So did the White House. MK knew it. Above all, Vladimir Putin knew it and moved decisively to block it. Putin moved against him in October 2003, and arrested him.

      It was during the purge of oligarchs and vulture capitalists that the true power behind Mikhail Khodorkovsky emerged. When it became likely he would be arrested, he arranged to have all his shares from the Yukos Oil Company transferred to the ownership of Jacob Rothschild. The transfer took place in November of 2003, giving Jacob Rothschild a 40-45% control of Yukos, estimated to be worth $25 billion. Putin subsequently liquidated and nationalized Yukos by seizing and selling off its shares to state oil companies. Putin restored to Russia what was stolen by Jacob Rothschild. Once the richest man in the country, Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s fortunes turned for the worse. In 2003, Khodorkovsky was criminally prosecuted by Putin for tax evasion and fraud for which he ended up serving 10 years in jail, and was subsequently exiled. When the rigged auction sales of state assets took place in 1995/96, most of the companies got sold for as little as 5% of their value. And, Yukos got “purchased” for less than $400 million, when its true worth was far more than that.

      So Putin has declared war on the most powerful families on the planet. From this moment on, it would be a fight between Putin and the 2 families. Putin has survived many attempts on his life by these 2 networks of power. Ever since Putin arrested Khodorkovsky in 2003, the Kremlin had been putting the engines of economic control into state hands once again.

      One of Putin’s first agenda items was to pay off all debt to the IMF and holdover loans from the Soviet era, thus freeing the nation from Rothschild interference. This enabled Putin to reduce their influence over Russia’s destiny.

      The events in Russia were soon followed by CIA-financed covert destabilizations in Eurasia – the Color Revolutions against governments on Russia’s periphery.

      Putin began to make a series of defensive moves to restore some tenable form of equilibrium in the face of Washington’s increasingly obvious policy of encircling and weakening Russia. Subsequent US strategic blunders made the job a bit easier for Russia. Now, with the stakes rising on both sides – NATO and Russia – Putin’s Russia moved beyond simple defense to a new dynamic offensive aimed at securing a more viable geopolitical position by using its energy as the lever.

      By 2003, after Iraq was occupied by US and British forces, the most urgent priority for the US was the control of Russian oil, gas, and its associated pipelines. For that to happen, a coup in the tiny Republic of Georgia was deemed essential, as well as a similar coup in Ukraine. If pro-US regimes could be installed in both countries, not only would the military security of Russia itself be mortally threatened, but also Russia’s ability to control the export of its oil and gas to the EU would be severely hampered.

      In January 2004, the Rose Revolution put into power Washington’s candidate for President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili. With their man firmly installed in Tbilisi, BP and the Anglo American oil consortium moved swiftly to complete a 1,800 km pipeline from Baku via Tbilisi to Ceyhan on Turkey’s Mediterranean shore, at a cost of some $3.6 billion. With the construction of this (BTC) pipeline, a major part in the weakening of Russia’s oil and energy independence appeared in place.

      In November 2004, the CIA put their man into power in the Ukraine. This coup was dubbed the Orange Revolution. Ukraine was of greater strategic importance for Russia than Georgia. This was due to the several oil and gas pipelines transiting Ukraine to the EU. To cut these pipelines at the Ukraine border would have dealt a severe economic blow to Russia when she could ill afford such a loss. With Poland already in NATO, NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia would almost completely encircle Russia with hostile neighbors, creating an existential threat to the very survival of Russia itself. Putin knew this, but his options were limited. Washington knew what the stakes were, and it was doing everything short of open war against a nuclear opponent to push the agenda.

      By 2005, the key oil companies of the two families (London) BP, Shell, Total; and (New York) Exxon, Chevron, had gained control over most of the oil of the Caspian Sea. The control of energy – globally – by the Big Four oil companies of the 2 families, Chevron and Exxon (Rockefeller), and BP and Shell (Rothschild) – was the cornerstone of their global strategy.

      It was clear within the Rockefeller family discussions, and in Washington policy circles, that in order to control those global oil and gas flows, the US needed to project its military power far more aggressively, to achieve total military supremacy, which was what Full Spectrum Dominance was all about. The strategists of Full Spectrum dominance envisioned control of pretty much the entire universe, including outer and inner-space, from the galaxy, to the body, to the mind. Now, you know the sick, devious and cunning minds that brought about Covid, in order to lock down the global economy – Why? – in order to save the Rockefeller Empires financial and banking systems.


      -1999: Putin become President. He faces his first challenge from the two families in Chechnya. He crushes the jihadist insurrection in the Caucasus.
      -2001 June: The SCO is formed, which leads a panicked Rockefeller Empire to activate a military move into Central Asia , which then took place on September 2001 – 9/11.
      -2003 March: The US invades Iraq – Putin helps the Iraqi Resistance with military equipment, including the Kornet anti-tank missiles.
      -2005 May: The CIA attempts a Color Revolution and a coup in Uzbekistan. The leader, Karimov, then cuts US ties, and closes a US base next to the Afghan order. Uzbekistan moves closer to Russia, while the US is out.
      -2007 February: Putin’s speech at Munich shocks the 2 families- now the gloves are off
      -2008 August: Georgia invades Russia – and is defeated within 3 days
      -2008 September: Financial crash
      -2010 December: Arab Spring
      -2011 March: Destabilization of Syria begins
      -2012: Xi Jinping becomes President of China- and the US “pivots” East
      -2014: the Maidan coup in Ukraine
      -July 2014: As Putin was returning to Russia after the BRICS summit in Brazil, his plane overflew Ukraine. The CIA targeted his plane, but the wrong plane was shot down – Malaysian Airlines MH17.
      -2015 September: Russia goes to help Syria
      -2018: Putin unveils Russia’s advance military hardware – the Pentagon has a cardiac event
      -2021 September: Belarus color revolution fails against Putin ally Lukashenko
      -2021 December: Russian intelligence thwarted a coup attempt in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyztan. NATO missile systems in Romania and Poland about to become operational. This last point has been explained above.
      -2022 January: Russia puts down an attempted CIA/MI6 coup in Kazakhstan
      And here we are now: it’s all a matter of unfinished business. And, now we come to Ukraine.

    • Part 2

      Russia/Putin & the West

      Behind the News Network


      Ukraine and Russia were so intertwined economically, socially and culturally, especially in the east of the country, that they were almost indistinguishable from one another. Most of Russia’s natural gas pipelines from West Siberia flowed through Ukraine on their way to Germany, France and other European states. In military strategic terms, a non-neutral Ukraine in NATO would pose a fatal security blow to Russia. In the age of advanced US weapons and anti-missile defenses, this was just what Washington wanted.

      A look at the map of Eurasian geography revealed a distinct pattern to the CIA-sponsored Color Revolutions after 2000. They were clearly aimed at isolating Russia and ultimately cutting her economic lifeline – her pipeline networks that carried Russia’s huge reserves of oil and gas from the Urals and Siberia to Western Europe and Eurasia-straight through Ukraine.

      The unspoken agenda of Washington’s aggressive Central Asia policies after the collapse of the Soviet Union could be summed up in a single phase: control of energy. So long as Russia was able to use its strategic trump card — its vast oil and gas reserves – to win economic allies in Western Europe, China and elsewhere, it could not be politically isolated. The location of various Color Revolutions was aimed directly at encircling Russia and cutting off, at any time, her export pipelines. With more than half of Russia’s dollar export earnings coming from its oil and gas exports, such encirclement would amount to an economic chokehold on Russia by US-led NATO.

      Russia was the only power with enough strategic nuclear deterrence potential, as well as sufficient energy reserves, to make a credible counterweight to global US military and political nuclear primacy. Moreover, a Eurasian combination of China and Russia, plus allied Eurasian states (mainly Central Asian ), presented an even greater counterweight to unilateral US dominance. Following the 1998 Asian financial crises, Beijing and Moscow formed a mutual security agreement with surrounding states, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. In June 2001, Uzbekistan joined, and the group renamed itself the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or the SCO. This was the catalyst that forced the Rockefeller Empire to carry out the terror act of 9/11, in order to justify an invasion of Central Asia – with the aim to disrupt this alliance.

      One of the leading advocates of an American global supremacy – Rockefeller strategist and close friend – Zbigniew Brzezinski, described the significance of Ukraine’s pivot in his 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard. He wrote:

      “Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire…If Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia…”

      Brzezinski, a student of Halford Mackinder geopolitics, described the role of “pivot” states:

      “Geopolitical pivots are the states whose importance is derived not from their power and motivation but rather from their sensitive location… which in some cases gives them a special role in either defining access to important areas or in denying resources to a significant player…”

      “It cannot be stressed enough that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire”

      Ukraine, like few other Eurasian countries, is a product of its special geography, as it uniquely straddles east and west. It is what Halford Mackinder, the British father of geopolitics—the study of the relations of political power to geography—called a “pivot” state. Ukraine uniquely transforms the geopolitical position of Russia, for better or worse.

      With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Washington went all out to support a break between Russia and Ukraine. The goal was to use Ukraine as a buffer to block closer integration between Russia and Europe, especially Germany.

      The country Ukraine itself is an historical anomaly. Almost 1000 years ago, Kievan Rus under Vladimir the Great had been the empire of the East Slavic peoples of today’s Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. For more than 350 years, Kievan Rus east of the Dnieper River had been a part of the Russian Czarist Empire. After 1795 Ukraine was divided, as a result of wars of partitioning Poland, between the Orthodox Tsardom of Russia and Roman Catholic Habsburg Austria.

      As such a pivot state, Ukraine’s history has been tragic. In 1922 it was forced to become one of the founding republics of the Soviet Union after a bloody war with the Red Army. In the 1930’s, Stalin initiated a gruesome chapter in both Russian but especially Ukrainian history, which still burns in the memories of the descendants in the Catholic rural agricultural west of Ukraine. In 1932 and 1933, millions of people, mostly peasants, in Ukraine starved to death in a politically induced famine, the Holodomor, due to Stalin’s “liquidation of the Kulak class,” the more or less independent farmers to introduce forced collectivization of agriculture. Some 6 to 8 million people died from hunger in the Soviet Union during this period, of which at least 4 to 5 million were Ukrainians. Ironically, Nikita Khrushchev, the man who in the 1950’s initiated de-Stalinization, was the head of the Ukrainian Communist Party in 1935 overseeing Stalin’s Holodomor.

      After Stalin’s death, now as head of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, Khrushchev decided to administratively transfer the Crimea to the Ukraine within the USSR in 1954, though the Crimean population was overwhelmingly ethnic Russian.

      In the largely agricultural west of Ukraine, the famous “breadbasket of Europe,” the population is historically Roman Catholic, going back centuries. The Eastern parts of Ukraine—Donbass, Donetsk, Crimea—are historically Eastern Orthodox in religion and are Russian-speaking. The east is also the center of most Ukrainian industry from military manufacture to steel, to coal to oil and gas.

      The 2014 Maidan Coup d’état

      In 2013 there was intense debate inside the cabinet. The issue was the economic future of the floundering Ukraine—whether east with Russia into the new Eurasian Common Market together with Belarus and Kazakhstan, or to the west with a “special” association (not even a real full membership) with the European Union.

      After a period of vacillation, and a final economic offer from Russia, Janukovich told EU ministers in November, 2013 that Ukraine would postpone talks for EU association and would join Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union, given the situation, a far more attractive proposition for Ukraine.

      At that point, within minutes of Janukovich’s announcement, Ukraine’s “Second Color Revolution,” was initiated. The protests started in the night of 21 November 2013. Via Twitter, Yatsenyuk called for protests, which he dubbed as Euromaidan, on Maidan Square, outside the main Government buildings.

      What then ensued in Ukraine is to this day almost entirely unknown in the West. The reason is a total media blackout, led by CNN, BBC, the New York Times, and Washington Post. It has been a de facto NATO wartime press censorship, originating in Washington at the highest levels

      That Kiev coup regime proceeded after February 22, 2014 to wage a war of extermination and ethnic cleansing of Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine, led to a large degree by a private army of literal neo-Nazis from Pravy Sektor (Right Sector), the same ones who ran security in Maidan Square and launched a reign of terror against Russian-speaking Ukrainians. Battalions were formed of neo-Nazi mercenaries. They were given official state status as “Ukrainian National Guard” soldiers, the Azov Battalion, financed by Ukrainian mafia boss and billionaire oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky, the financial backer of Zelenskyy as president.

      By the late 2021, a huge military buildup had taken place within eastern Ukraine. The aim was to crush, kill, and destroy the Donbass region, and its citizens. There was a calculation by the CIA that Putin would be forced to enter Ukraine in order for this conflict not to enter into Russia itself.

      The Russian military was undergoing exercises on its borders with Ukraine during the last quarter of 2021. It moved equipment and troops to its western front. Putin was receiving reports from his intelligence services of an imminent attack by the Ukrainians towards the Donbass region.

      In late November, Putin sent a demand to Washington that peace requires guarantees from Washington. These were three: Ukraine to be a neutral state. No nuclear missiles to be stationed in Ukraine. Ukraine will not be a member of NATO. Weeks had passed, but Washington did not respond. Their intention was to force Putin to enter the Donbass in support of the Russian-speaking people there.

      Starting on February 17th, the Ukrainian military began shelling the Donbass, practically non-stop. A few days later, Putin received intelligence that Ukraine has prepared a “dirty nuclear “bomb, and were prepared to use it. The tipping point was when confirmation came that Washington was preparing to install nuclear-tipped missiles (which would take 5 minutes from launch to target – meaning not enough time for the Russian military to detect, confirm, and launch counter measures) were poised to strike Moscow from either Poland or Western Ukraine. On February 19, at the Munich Security Council (the very same place where Putin shocked the world in 2007), Ukrainian President Zelenskyy made his threat to deploy nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory. He expressed this as his unilateral revocation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, although Ukraine was not a signatory of the agreement. Two days later on the evening of February 21, Putin made his speech recognizing the sovereign independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, and the start of the military campaign in the Ukraine. He explicitly referenced Zelenskyy’s Munich nuclear weapons pledge: “This is not empty bravado,” Putin stressed in his speech. The next morning, Russia began its special operations, by moving into Eastern Ukraine, and removing the threat to Russia.

      The truth is that the Empire has been preparing a war against Russia since at least the mid-90s and that these preparations dramatically accelerated in the past eight years. It means that while western politicians spent the past 30 years or so slowly encircling Russia, Russian force planners successfully reformed the Soviet/Russian armed forces (which were in a terrible shape in the 90s and in a very uneven shape during most of the 80s) into a military capable of taking on all of NATO at once and quickly and very painfully defeat it.

      PS: Russian Defense Minister Shoigu just reported that in November the USAF used 10 strategic bombers coming in from both the east and the west to rehearse nuclear strikes on Russia and that they changed course only 20km from the Russian border. It’s a game called “nuclear chicken “. Let’s begin by looking at the AngloZionist policies towards Russia.

      The West’s Actions
      Second is the now total colonization of Western Europe into the Empire. While NATO moved to the East, the US also took much deeper control of Western Europe which is now administered for the Empire. The Russians are most dismayed at the re-colonization of Western Europe. The ‘loss’ of Western Europe is far more concerning for the Russians than the fact that ex-Soviet colonies in Eastern Europe are now under US colonial administration. Why? Look at this from the Russian point of view.

      The Russians all see that the US power is on the decline and that the dollar will, sooner or later, gradually or suddenly, lose its role as the main reserve and exchange currency on the planet (this process has already begun). Simply put – unless the US finds a way to dramatically change the current international dynamic the AngloZionist Empire will collapse. The Russians believe that what the Americans are doing is, at best, to use tensions with Russia to revive a dormant Cold War v2 and, at worst, to actually start a real shooting war in Europe. So a declining Empire with a vital need for a major crisis, a spineless Western Europe unable to stand up for its own interest, a subservient Eastern Europe just begging to turn into a massive battlefield between East and West, and a messianic, rabidly russophobic rhetoric as the background for an increase in military deployments on the Russian border. Is anybody really surprised that the Russians are taking all this very serious?

      The Russian Reaction
      So let us now examine the Russian reaction to Empire’s stance.

      First, the Russians want to make sure that the Americans do not give in into the illusion that a full-scale war in Europe would be like WWII which saw the continental US only suffer a few, tiny, almost symbolic, attacks by the enemy. Since a full scale war in Europe would threaten the very existence of the Russian state and nation, the Russians are now taking measures to make sure that, should that happen, the US would pay an immense price for such an attack. The Russians are now evidently assuming that a conventional threat from the West might materialize in the foreseeable future. They are therefore taking the measures needed to counter that conventional threat.


      All exponents of Russian leadership, starting with President Putin, have already made it clear, over and over again, what happens if the Ukro-dementials start a blitzkrieg over Donbass: Ukraine will be mercilessly smashed – and that applies not only to the ethno-fascist gang in Kiev. Ukraine will cease to exist as a state.

      It’s all about Minsk
      It remains to be seen how this “de-confliction” will happen in practice when Defense Minister Shoigu revealed U.S. nuclear-capable bombers have been practicing, in their sorties across Eastern Europe, to enhance “their ability to use nuclear weapons against Russia”. Shoigu discussed that in detail with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe: after all the Americans will certainly pull the same stunt against China. The root cause of all this drama is stark: Kiev simply refuses to respect the February 2015 Minsk Agreement. In a nutshell, the deal stipulated that Kiev should grant autonomy to Donbass via a constitutional amendment, referred to as “special status”; issue a general amnesty; and start a dialogue with the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

      Over the years, Kiev fulfilled exactly zero commitments – while the proverbial NATO media machine incessantly pounded global opinion with fake news, spinning that Russia was violating Minsk. Russia is not even mentioned in the agreement. Moscow in fact always respected the Minsk Agreement – which translates as regarding Donbass as an integral, autonomous part of Ukraine. Moscow has zero interest in promoting regime change in Kiev. On the Minsk agreements, Putin’s to Zelinsky message was blunt: “The President of Ukraine has said that he does not like any of the clauses of the Minsk agreements. Like it, or not – be patient, my beauty. They must be fulfilled.”

      Looking at all of these moves against Russia since taking office, plus knowing full well the aim of the Rockefeller Empire was to “de-construct Russia, and break it up into three parts, Putin said “enough is enough” It was time to fight back. Since 2000, Putin bided his time, making Russia strong, getting rid of internal and external enemies, building up her military and financial strength, and producing such advanced weapons for which the West has no defense against. For the first time in a century, a military superpower Russia, having had enough of U.S./NATO bullying, is now dictating the terms of a new arrangement.

      Coming straight from President Putin, it did sound like a bolt from the sky:

      “We need long-term legally binding guarantees even if we know they cannot be trusted, as the U.S. frequently withdraws from treaties that become uninteresting to them. But it’s something, not just verbal assurances.” And that’s how Russia-U.S. relations come to the definitive crunch – after an interminable series of polite red alerts coming from Moscow.

      Putin once again had to specify that Russia is looking for “indivisible, equitable security” – a principle established since Helsinki in 1975 – even though he no longer sees the U.S. as a dependable “partner”, that diplomatically nicety so debased by the Empire since the end of the USSR. So in the end it comes down to Europeans facing “the prospect of turning the continent into a field of military confrontation.” That will be the inevitable consequence of a NATO “decision” actually decided in Washington.

      Incidentally: any possible, future “counter threats” will be coordinated between Russia and China.

      Most people by now know the content of the Russian draft agreements on security guarantees presented to the Americans. Key provisions include no further NATO expansion; no Ukraine admission; no NATO shenanigans in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia and Central Asia; Russia and NATO agreeing not to deploy intermediate and short-range missiles in areas from where they can hit each other’s territory; establishment of hotlines; and the NATO-Russia Council actively involved in resolving disputes.

      Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs extensively reiterated that the Americans received “detailed explanations of the logic of the Russian approach”, so the ball is in Washington’s court.

      In fact, whether U.S. and NATO functionaries like it or not, what’s really happening in the realpolitk realm is Russia dictating new terms from a position of power. In a nutshell: you may learn the new game in town in a peaceful manner, civilized dialogue included, or you will learn the hard way via a dialogue with Russia’s missile stars – Iskandr, Kalibr, Khinzal , Zircon, and many more in the pipeline. The Pentagon has nothing close to any of these. These weapons are game-changing.

      Do note that the US military has been on a technological decline over the past two decades. In addition, the cost structures of new systems are such, that its peer competitors – Russia and China – do build better equipment at FAR LOWER COSTS. And, they work, unlike many new systems in the Pentagon and western militaries. Finally, the adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan have broken the back of the US military. It is not what it once was.

      President Putin declared that the Russian ultimatum was not an ultimatum, as have several other Russian officials. Putin said:

      “We already see that some of our ill-wishers, frankly speaking, interpret them as an ultimatum from Russia. Of course not. I remind you once again, I want to remind you: everything that our partners did, so we will call them, Yugoslavia was bombed under what pretext? What, with the sanction of the Security Council, or what? Where is Yugoslavia and where is the USA? Destroyed the country. Yes, there was an internal conflict, they had their own problems, but who gave the right to strike at the European capital? No one. They just decided that, and the vassals ran behind them and nodded. That’s all international law.

      And under what pretext did you enter Iraq? Development of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You entered, destroyed the country, created a hotbed of international terrorism, and then it turned out that “we” were mistaken, and then they said: “The intelligence let us down.” Wow! The country was destroyed! Intelligence failed – and the whole explanation. It turns out that there were no weapons of mass destruction there, no one was preparing them. On the contrary, once there was an attempt, [but] everything was destroyed as it should be.

      How did you go to Syria? With the approval of the Security Council? No. They do what they want. But what they are now doing on the territory of Ukraine, or trying to do and planning to do, is not thousands of kilometers from our national border – this is at the doorstep of our house. They must understand that we simply have nowhere to retreat further.

      Specialists sit here; I am in constant contact with them. There are no hypersonic weapons in the United States yet, but we know when they will appear, they cannot be hidden. Everything is recorded: the tests are successful – unsuccessful. Clearly, we roughly understand when it will be. They will supply Ukraine with hypersonic weapons, and then under its cover – this does not mean that they will use them tomorrow, because we already have Zircon, but they do not have it yet – they will arm and push extremists from a neighboring state into including to certain regions of the Russian Federation, say the Crimea, under favorable, as they believe, circumstances for themselves.

      Do they think we don’t see these threats? Or do they think that we will helplessly look at the threats posed to Russia?This is the whole problem, we simply have nowhere to move out – that is the question.”

      This then is Putin’s red line.

      In plain English, this means this: oh no, this is not at all an ultimatum. But we remind you that you attacked other countries and all we are saying is that if you continue or do not heed our warnings, then we will be free to do whatever we deem necessary. But no, of course not, this is not an ultimatum at all.

      First, Putin is both very predictable and, at the same time, very unpredictable. The predictable thing about Putin is that he only uses force when there is no other option left. The very unpredictable thing about Putin is how and where he is willing to use force. Russia has a huge advantage over US+NATO in electronic warfare (from the tactical to the strategic level) and it can easily use it to a devastating effect while NATO has nothing to retaliate in kind. This, by the way, also applies to the Middle-East where, apparently, Russia has the means to disrupt/spoof GPS signals over the entire region.

      The power of the Russian ultimatum is precisely in the fact that the Russians have promised to do “something” military and/or military-technical, but have not spelled out what that “something” might be. In reality, we are not dealing with one single “something”, but a succession of gradual steps which will bring more and more pressure to bear on the US and NATO/EU . Keep in mind that while the USA can make counter-proposals they are in no position to make any credible threats, hence the fundamental asymmetry between the two sides: Russian can make credible threats, while the US can produce only mere words, something the Russians have basically stopped paying attention to.

      From now on, the game is simple: Russia will gradually turn up the “pain dial” and see how the Empire will cope with this. China will be doing the exact same as Russian and Chinese actions are obviously carefully coordinated. At which point Russia and China would have won.

      How soon will Russia turn up the pain dial? Putin has just repeated today that no US delaying tactics will be acceptable to Russia. A not-so-diplomatic message was sent to the West. “If you don’t want to talk to Lavrov, then you will have to deal with Shoigu” – the best one-liner in years.

      Putin has declared today that he is “fed up” with the West: “And when international law and the UN Charter interfere with them, they declare all this obsolete and unnecessary. And when something corresponds to their interests, they immediately refer to the norms of international law, the UN Charter, and international humanitarian rules. I’m fed up of such manipulations”.

      Now, a very high-level Deep State intel source, retired, comes down to the nitty gritty, pointing out how “the secret negotiations between Russia and the US center around missiles going into Eastern Europe, as the US frantically drives for completing its development of hypersonic missiles.”

      The main point is that if the US places such hypersonic missiles in Romania and Poland, as planned, the time for them to reach Moscow would be 5 minutes. It’s even worse for Russia if they are placed in the Baltics. The source notes, “The US plan is to neutralize the more advanced defensive missile systems that seal Russia’s airspace. This is why the US has offered to allow Russia to inspect these missile sites in the future, to prove that there are no hypersonic nuclear missiles. Yet that’s not a solution, as the Raytheon missile launchers can handle both offensive and defensive missiles, so it’s possible to sneak in the offensive missiles at night. Thus everything requires continuous observation.”

      The bottom line is stark: “This is the real issue behind the present crisis. The only solution is no missile sites allowed in Eastern Europe.” That happens to be an essential part of Russia’s demands for security guarantees. The West slowly is discovering that that it has no pressure point versus Russia (its economy being relatively sanctions-proof), and its military is no match for that of Russia’s.” In parallel, how “the threat to US dominance is that China, Russia and Mackinder’s Eurasian World Island heartland are offering better trade and investment opportunities than are available from the United States with its increasingly desperate demand for sacrifices from its NATO and other allies.”

      The Rockefeller Empire and Washington are at the end of American geopolitical control over Eurasia. Occupied Germany and Japan enforcing the strategic submission of Eurasia from the west down to the east; the ever-expanding NATO; the ever de-multiplied Empire of Bases, all the lineaments of the 75-year-plus free lunch are collapsing.

      Way back in August 2020, “the goal of Russian and Chinese policy is to recruit Germany into a triple alliance locking together the Eurasian land mass a la Mackinder into the greatest geopolitical alliance in history, switching world power in favor of these three great powers against Anglo-Saxon sea power.”

      The new groove is set to the tune of the New Silk Roads, or BRI; Russia’s unmatched hypersonic power – and now the non-negotiable demands for security guarantees; the advent of RCEP – the largest free trade deal on the planet uniting East Asia; the Empire all but expelled from Central Asia after the Afghan humiliation; and sooner rather than later its expulsion from the first island chain in the Western Pacific, complete with a starring role for the Chinese DF-21D “carrier killer” missiles. So the rules have changed drastically. The Hegemon is naked. The new deal starts with turning the post-Cold War set-up in Eastern Europe completely upside down. The East Med will be next. The Bear is back, baby. Hear him roar.

      To achieve its Full Spectrum Dominance, Washington needed not only the resources of its Color Revolutions across Eurasia to encircle Russia. The Pentagon also needed to draw the rope tight around the emerging colossus of Asia, China. There, a different approach was required, given the extreme US financial dependence on China and its economic ties and investments there. To that end, our next article is on China.

  5. (Richard: Are the reports of plans to arrest Trump actions to distract people from the Bank Scandal? The Dems may be trying to get another January 6 event that they can then try to blame for the Bank Failures.)

    Economic Study: 186 US Banks Are in Trouble and at Risk of Insolvency – May Collapse Like Silicon Valley Bank
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 18, 2023 10:45 am0 Comments

    From the Wall Street Journal – Economists are now estimating that 186 US banks may be prone to the same risks as Silicon Valley Bank. This number is likely higher as the pressures that regional banks are facing are ramping up.

    This number comes from a recent economic study published on March 13.

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told the US Senato on Thursday that not all uninsured deposits would be protected in future bank failures, ONLY those banks that pose systemic risks. Regional banks will get screwed.

    The Biden regime is picking winners and users and it will be the Biden regime that forces a run on the banks.

    Steve Bannon read part of the report on Friday’s War Room show on Frank Speech.

    Watcher Guru has more:

    A recent study by economists identified 186 banks at risk. These banks face issues similar to that which caused the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. SIVB collapsed earlier this week due to the bank’s assets being diminished by increasing interest rates. This led to concerned customers withdrawing their uninsured deposits.

    During the Federal Reserve’s swift rate-hike campaign, the economists evaluated individual U.S. banks. They assessed asset books and market value losses. Assets such as Treasury notes and mortgage loans can decrease in value. This happens when new bonds offer higher rates. The economists also analyzed the banks’ funding percentages. They focused on funding derived from uninsured depositors, those with accounts holding over $250,000.

    (Richard: The Obiden administration is once again resorting to Third World actions. They are picking winners and losers in the economic crisis by helping the banks that bribed donated large amounts of money to the Democrats. )

  6. (Richard: The big takeaway on this article is CNN hiring armed security for their crews in San Francisco.

    1) CNN is very anti gun but wants armed security for their people. They need armed security but want to deny you the same protection.

    2) Thing about how dangerous the liberal run big cities are when the News Organizations have to have armed guards.

    If things are this bad now what will they be like after the economic crash?)

    CNN Reporter Gets Robbed in San Francisco After Thieves Break into Her Rental Car (VIDEO)
    By Cullen Linebarger Mar. 18, 2023 10:15 am89 Comments

    A liberal reporter for CNN got mugged by reality Friday in San Francisco while reporting on the city’s skyrocketing crime rate.

    Kyung Lah, the reporter, revealed that robbers broke into her rental car and vandalized it.

    The incident lasted less than four seconds. The thieves also succeeded despite CNN having armed security to protect the vehicle.

  7. (Richard: A few years ago there were a lot of cases like this. The incidents show how much the left has damaged our civilization. )

    Married California ‘Teacher of the Year’ had student’s pic in wallet as charges mount: DA
    Jacqueline Ma was arrested again in connection with a sex abuse case involving an underage student
    Chris Eberhart By Chris Eberhart | Fox News

    A married California “teacher of the year,” who has been accused of sexually abusing a former student, “was obsessive, possessive, controlling and dangerous,” prosecutors said in court.

    Jacqueline Ma, a 34-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Lincoln Acres Elementary School in National City, was arrested twice in a week after police found more evidence against her, which was presented Monday in the Superior Court South County Division in Chula Vista.

    Investigators found a picture of the 13-year-old victim’s picture in her wallet, jewelry with his initials, love letters in her classroom and text exchanges that showed Ma became frustrated that the victim didn’t message her back quick enough, prosecutors alleged.

    She also allegedly sent explicit images to the student and coerced him to send videos back to her, according to prosecutors, who said the inappropriate behavior began when the victim was 12.

    Pax Americana or Pox Multipolar?
    Only the “blame America first, last, and only” Left can think that rogue nations will behave better in a multipolar world.

    By Thaddeus G. McCotter
    March 17, 2023
    The announcement of a Communist Chinese orchestrated rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is another instance of the feckless, incompetent Biden Administration and the Democrats’ foreign policy that damages America’s national security. As the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy’s Mark Dubowitz assessed, it “is a lose, lose, lose for American interests.” As it is for the entire free world.

    Of course, many on the Left welcome the Chinese-engineered renewal of relations between the Saudi kingdom and the terrorist-exporting Islamic regime. The Left believes it can be portrayed as evidence the duplicitous Tehran regime would be a credible party in an international agreement, particularly, the suicidal Iran nuclear pact the Left still covets.

    But the Left’s coveting of the Iran nuke deal serves a far larger purpose, one that transcends even their intermediate goal of the United States abandoning our strategic interests and allies, notably in the Middle East. (It is a contention the Biden Administration contests, despite this and other evidence to the contrary.) The Left’s long-term goal? A “multipolar world.”

    There are two prime drivers of the Left’s quest for a “multipolar” world.

    In a multipolar world, the United States would no longer be the sole superpower; and power would be more evenly distributed among other nations. The Left’s pursuit of a multipolar world is a logical extension of its irrational loathing of America as a fascist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic nation of haters. Its delusional domestic aim to “fundamentally transform” America and “liberate” its “marginalized” citizens is mirrored in the Left’s foreign policy aim of transforming the current Pax Americana into a multipolar world. It is a goal the Western Left shares with Communist China, which also seeks to liberate the world from the evil American “hegemon.”

    The second prime driver is the Left’s embrace of “moral equivalency.” The Left does not employ its moral equivalency to improve the image of our free republic. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent intellectual integrity in the Left’s assessment of not only America’s adversaries but also of the enemies of democracy and human dignity, such as Communist China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Looking at that quartet of tyrannical regimes, one can see why only those who are blinded by their loathing of America could argue a moral equivalency between our free republic, which birthed a new freedom for the world, and these aspiring global and regional autocracies that systematically repress, impoverish, starve, and murder their own people. Yet, because these regimes are on the Left and, thus, in the eyes of the Western Left they seemingly can do no wrong—or at least nothing than cannot be excused because America is worse.

    Note, too, that Russia is no longer on the list of the Left’s preferred autocrats, though it had a good run during the Cold War as the Left’s proffered moral equivalent of the United States. The Left correctly views Putin’s Russia as nationalist, regressive, and fascist. Shelving its dovish peace wing, the Left supports the multinational opposition to Russia’s invasion, seeing it as an example of the multipolar world they seek.

    What the Left fails to clearly see (or is it, admit?) is how Putin’s support is coming from autocracies like communist China and Iran, nations the Left would bless as multipolar “partners” (once they are fundamentally transformed, of course). Ultimately, the Left will endeavor to explain away their purblind worldview by citing how the planetary scale of existential issues, such as climate change, will compel the multiple poles to coalesce and combine their puissance to solve them—and without the United States being singularly powerful enough able to frustrate these aims.

    Yet, notwithstanding the Left, the United States’ citizenry remains the biggest obstacle to a multipolar world. Americans generally see the world as it is; and, being rational, do not want other nations, especially tyrannical ones, having any say or sway over our country. Yet, the American people (if not our government) remain wary of foreign entanglements. Consequently, the Left has insidiously couched its support for a multipolar world by insinuating how Americans’ domestic bliss will commensurately increase in relation to our dependence upon other nations to protect ourselves. What is less articulated is this increased dependency comes at the expense of our unilateral power to defend ourselves against threats. On the whole, Americans do not want to be the “world’s policeman”; but Americans also do not want to leave their doors unlocked at night and hope whoever shows up isn’t a thief—or worse.

    Further, the Left’s siren song of multipolarity must not be confused with isolationism. The Left fully intends the United States to participate multilaterally within a multipolar world, for our global participation is critically necessary to attain it. But only a humbled America would have the foreign policy to consent to do so. Thus, only by shattering the U.S. hegemon’s Pax Americana and bringing our nation to heel can a multipolar world be birthed.

    Yes, the Left’s hunger for a multipolar world is insane and injurious. Dictators and their totalitarian regimes, which have repressed and killed their way to power, are not going to cede control and subordinate themselves to anyone. But if the Left understood human nature, they would not be leftists. Only the “blame America first, last, and only” Left can think that rogue nations will behave better in a multipolar world. These tyrannical regimes are far more likely to use their status in a multipolar world to consolidate and expand their newfound power in the pursuit of becoming the new, sole superpower. Who truly believes Communist China only aims to be a pillar of a multipolar world rather than become the new hegemon?

    The American Left.

    And, like their ahistorical revision of America as a systemically, intrinsically evil nation, the Left decries our free republic as the major impediment to global stability—despite all the historical evidence. Nonetheless, when one cuts through the Left’s calumnies and cant, the choice is crystalline: the Pax Americana or the pox multipolar?

    The choice remains yours. Pray, choose wisely. For once the Pax Americana is dead, all manner of things are possible.

  9. Deranged Drag Queens in “Demonic” Outfits Crash Arkansas Children’s Book Reading Event Hosted By Kirk Cameron (PHOTOS)
    By Cullen Linebarger Mar. 18, 2023 1:00 pm24 Comments

    Fayetteville, Arkansas- Drag queens dressed in bizarre black and white outfits disrupted actor-writer Kirk Cameron’s story time event for families and children at the Fayetteville Public Library on Friday.

    Cameron is renowned as a devout Christian adamantly opposed to the radical left’s LGBTQ agenda. This includes gender ideology, child sex changes, and drag queen story hours for children.

    Cameron was at his 6th stop on his cross-country tour promoting his books with book publisher Brave Books. According to the Post Millennial, there were approximately 500 people in attendance who came to hear Cameron’s biblical and compassionate message.

    But such a message is anathema to the anti-Christian left. They cannot win the debate so now they want to silence Cameron and other opponents of their nefarious tactics.

    The crazed protesters blocked children from seeing Cameron’s reading by holding up signs that obscured their view.

  10. reuters Protests resume in France amid anger at Macron’s pension age reform

    Refinery strikes persisted in France on Saturday and more demonstrations were taking place throughout the country amid anger at the government pushing through a rise in the state pension age without a parliamentary vote.

    The growing unrest, combined with rubbish piling up on the streets of Paris after refuse workers joined in the action, has left President Emmanuel Macron with the gravest challenge to his authority since the so-called “Gilets Jaunes” protests of December 2018.

    Some 37% of operational staff at TotalEnergies’ refineries and depots – at sites including Feyzin in southeast France and Normandy in the north – were on strike on Saturday, a company spokesperson said.

    Meanwhile rolling strikes continued on the railways.

    Riot police clashed with protesters on Friday evening in Paris as a demonstration took place at the capital’s Place de la Concorde, near the Assemblee Nationale parliament building, resulting in 61 arrests.

    This led the Paris Prefecture on Saturday to ban rallies on Place de la Concorde and the nearby Champs-Elysees.

    A further rally was however slated for later on Saturday on Place d’Italie in southern Paris.

    Elsewhere in the French capital, a group of students and activists from the “Revolution Permanente” collective briefly invaded the Forum des Halles shopping mall, waving banners calling for a general strike and shouting “Paris stand up, rise up”, videos on social media showed.

    BFM television also showed images of demonstrations underway in cities such as Compiegne in the north, Nantes in the west and Marseille in the south.

    “There is no place for violence. One must respect parliamentary democracy,” Digital Transition and Telecommunications Minister Jean-Noel Barrot told Sud radio.

    A broad alliance of France’s main unions has said it would continue to mobilise to try to force a U-turn on the changes. A day of nationwide industrial action is scheduled for Thursday.

    While eight days of nationwide protests since mid-January, and many local industrial actions, have so far been largely peaceful, the unrest over the last three days is reminiscent of the Yellow Vest protests which erupted in late 2018 over high fuel prices, and which forced Macron into a partial U-turn on a carbon tax.

    Macron’s overhaul raises the pension age by two years to 64, which the government says is essential to ensure the system does not go bust.

    PARIS – MARCH 18 2023

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