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7 Replies to “Trump Won and You Know it”

  1. Yeah, he did.
    Then he lost.
    Anyone still remember the antics of Sidney Powell and all the nonsense that unfolded in the fall of 2020?

    What has Trump done to help all the poor devoted souls that have been rotting in DC jails since J6. What did Trump do to find Ashli’s killer?

    I know. Endless excuses. Endless excuses about how he picked “the wrong people.”

    I am done with Trump. Moving on.

    • Well said, revealing the deep state is his legacy

      In the days after, Sidney & Rudy, wtf was I watching?

      Pardons for nasties, there’s so much…

      He’s got No future, I was all in, no more.

      Would rather DeSantis in control in Florida and a Vivek Ramaswami win

      Watch the left implode with a candidate like him

  2. Amusingly, the very end of the video is a chant of “Liberté, Liberté!” in French. That was the rallying cry for anti-lockdown protests in Quebec.

    And I remember seeing something at those that I never thought I’d see: people waving not just Quebec flags, but also Patriotes flags, Trump flags and some American flags.

  3. the gateway pundit – President Trump the Peacemaker Calls for World Peace: “NOTHING is More Important Than Avoiding WW III”

    Donald Trump is emerging not only as clear leader of the Republican Presidential candidates, but also as the most prescient and powerful voice of the international peace movement.

    In his latest speech, he called for “dismantling the entire globalist Neo-Con establishment that is perpetually dragging us into endless wars”.




    twitter @TrumpWarRoom

    President Trump on the difference between the globalist establishment class, and those who are truly committed to stopping the Ukraine war and dismantling the entire neo-con nation-building industrial complex in Washington.

    “We need PEACE without delay!”

    + 3 min 35 video


    Trump Warns ‘We Have Never Been Closer To World War III’ And ‘Nuclear Armageddon’

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