Massive French riots to Trudeau appointing childhood friend to oversee China meddling: Links 1, March 16th, 2023

1. This video claims it is French riot police against hundreds of thousands of protestors against Globalism and NATO. If that is the case, its an easy extrapolation to wherever we are, and the amount of choice we have over our own cultures and lifestyles

Violent suppression of democratic protests, in France hundreds of thousands have been demonstrating all week against Macron policies, the main french cities look like a war zone.

2. Austria: Police Warn of Islamic Attacks by Syrian Muslim Terrorist Cell, Churches on High Alert

There is a lot of additional information at the RAIR link above

3. NATO scrambles after Russian jet

(A quick note on the curious reverse polarization of left V right, pro Vs Anti war. Both positions seem equally wrong to this author. Like medication, its always about cost benefit for a given course of action. So being generally pro or anti war means nearly nothing. As a rule, historically when the left has been anti-war its because they wanted the US to lose the one in question. Korea, Vietnam, ones against a communist polity. When the left is pro war, its because it advances the cause of globalism or communism. Much like vaccines or medications. Its possible that under a specific threat, using a certain vaccine might be preferable to say, Ebola. Granted this example may be flawed, but in the gross context the point is made. No perfect solutions. It is always about cost benefit for any serious decision. The problems lie in the motives and the information given to the public to sell a course of action. As Assange said, “Every war in the last 50 years was started by media lies”. As absolutes go, its hard not to accept that one. The first Iraq war was started when Saddam asked permission to go into Kuwait and take an area that was being used to diagonally drill into Iraq’s oil fields. The permission was given by the President through the US embassy in Baghdad. The documents on that were released at Wikileaks. But I remember personally seeing the US ambassador to Iraq explaining all this on TV at the time. It was a woman as I recall. Then suddenly there were babies being thrown out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, cause everyone knows, what evil dictators need most is baby incubators. So the trick isn’t being pro or anti-war. These are not clever positions. It’s making the right call on a given circumstance. And at the moment it appears that NATO (USA) is creating a Gordian Knot, and on purpose. The classical solution for a Gordian knot is a force majeure. The victims of that force majeure will be us. So we should choose wisely.)

4. Mark Carney’s climate programs at the Bank of England to be defunded

The Bank of England announced that it will cut funding for climate change initiatives first championed by Canadian economist and central banker Mark Carney.

While serving as the Bank’s governor from 2013 to 2020, Carney led several sustainability efforts including climate change insurance risks, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores and more. 

According to Bloomberg, inflation and current fiscal challenges means that those projects will no longer get the same priority as the Bank of England dedicates more resources to traditional economic concerns. 

The group Net Zero Watch welcomed the shift, saying that it’s long overdue. 

“Its obsession with climate change, promoted and pushed through by its former governor, Mark Carney, in tandem with government ministers, has for years distracted it from its main responsibilities. Instead, it has been enforcing ESG disclosure guidelines, carbon-testing balance sheets and promoting Net Zero policies,” said a press release. 

For anyone not familiar with Mark Carney, this article is strongly recommended.

5. NY Gov. Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camps


Last Friday, March 10, we had the honor to participate in a medical and constitutional freedom convention in Rochester, New York with attorney and Brownstone Institute Fellow, Bobbie Anne Cox, who was the lead plaintiff attorney in challenging New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s Third Reich style “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures

The case (Borrello v Hochul) went to the NY State Supreme Court, and on July 8, 2022, Judge Ronald Ploetz ruled that the “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” regulation is unconstitutional and “violative of New York State law as promulgated and enacted, and therefore null, void and unenforceable as a matter of law.”

At the event last Friday in Rochester, we applauded Ms. Cox for her victory against Governor Hochul and New York Attorney General, Letitia James. She graciously thanked us, but also reminded us that her adversaries had a few days left to appeal. As Ms. Cox just reported, appeal they did.

After forcing the readmission of COVID-19 positive patients into New York State nursing homes in the spring of 2020—thereby causing the largest COVID-19 mass casualty event in the country—New York State administrators decided they need greater emergency powers for responding to infectious disease outbreaks.

Thank you all for reading this far.

Meanwhile, in a fiefdom not far away…

Trudeau names ex-governor general to examine China meddling

TORONTO (AP) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named a former governor general Wednesday as a special investigator to look into allegations of Chinese interference in Canada’s last two elections.

Trudeau announced Wednesday that David Johnston will take the role of special rapporteur. Johnston will decide if a public inquiry is needed and Trudeau said he will abide by recommendations.

The Globe and Mail, citing unidentified intelligence sources, reported last month that China preferred to see Trudeau’s Liberals re-elected in the 2021 election and worked to defeat Conservative politicians considered unfriendly to Beijing

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    • europravda -Dutch Farmers protest party in shock victory in provincial elections

      The election for the Netherlands’ 12 provincial legislatures revealed a shocking victory for the farmer’s protest party, BBB.

      The win for the Farmers-Citizen movement is seen as a powerful protest vote against the ruling four-party centre-right coalition led by PM Mark Rutte.

  1. curious reverse polarization…

    I try to come to grips with agreeing with commentators I hate.

    The best coverage of Ukraine comes from sources spewing Soviet-flavored lies about Israel and Jews. Zero credibility on that front, yet reports about Ukraine are consistent with information we get from family and friends in the region.

    Those posing as conservatives blame the Global Jew for ALL the trouble in Ukraine and elsewhere: Blinken, Nuland, ISW, Prez Z, the Oligarchs. Exclusive

    Veterans like Larry Johnson, Scott Ritter, and Brian Berletic hate the USA as much as the German communist who runs Moon of Alabama. They’re more guarded on sites like the Gateway Pundit, more revealing in interviews and blogs. I don’t like them, but they’re invaluable for tactical explanations.

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