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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for March 10th, 2023: A lot of important issues, CBDC among them”

  1. Tucker Carlson’s recent story about the escaped sheep was not only a charming and disarming lie by omission, but something much more sinister.

    Carlson’s talented writers framed the whole segment as a metaphor amounting to a small group of people resisting propaganda-imposed groupthink. The sheep will now live happily-ever after because they had the courage to break free from the mentacided flock. Heartwarming, indeed, but the rest of this hidden tale reveals a looming spectre in our midst beyond any trite example about the virtues of rugged individualism.¬†

    As an aside, before I elaborate, I must point out that the important function of this omission resides squarely in these writers’ understanding of Marcuse’s idea of the commoditization of the human soul as per his theory of the One-Dimensional Man. Not revealing the real objective of these renegade animals has served to cloak a gargantuan crime committed by most powerful entities, while muting the dark-hearted, materialistic motivations of the sheep in terms of pure-hearted communist sensibilities.

    Further, as an aside to this aside, I must add that we have long wondered about the depths of Carlson’s understanding of Critical Theory, and its attendant dialectical armor. I believe we now have our clear answer. His fathoming runs not only deep, but is thorough enough to be pedagogical.

    Carlson knows the hollow bell of freedom rings loudly and clearly in his flag-waving audience, and exploits this shallow vulnerability. You see, cauterizing the story with the tightly-tied bow of “freedom” ends it right there for the satisfied masses. This tactic prevents any further search for any further details.

    Dressing the segment in a way to evoke the ghosts of the great absurdist writers of America, and central and eastern Europe–conveying an important idea in coded metaphor or allegory to avoid imprisonment by tyrannical authority–was a wiley move. The American writers never suffered such fates but the Europeans did. Carlson cleverly presents himself in this multi-layered way as opposing authority while saving his “dissident” voice. One can almost hear the rattling chains of Kafka, Gogol and Beckett echoing up from dungeons past.

    I hope you are sitting.

    My telephone rang at exactly twelve noon yesterday. The call came following a morning of unsuccessful attempts to contact the farmer giving “sanctuary” to the six escaped sheep. No calls were returned to messages left until the digitally-disguised voice at the other end of the line asked if I was Johnny U.

    “Yes, I am Johnny U,” I replied. “Who is this?” It turned out to be a deep-throated goat going by the name “Billy” residing at the farm from which the sheep had escaped. His only reply was a telephone number, and then he hung up.

    Immediately I called the number provided:

    “Yeah?” came the voice.
    “Yes, I–I’m trying to get in touch with one of the sheep from the Tucker Carlson segment just aired.”
    “There’s something wrong with the story we’ve been given.”
    “Oh yeah? What’s that?”
    “I think there’s more to the story. You didn’t risk everything just for freedom, did you?”
    “Well, no, we–.”
    “–What is your name?”
    ” My name is Woodrow R. Barnes and we are being held against our will.”
    “You mean the farmer who was interviewed is not saving you?”
    “Nope. Undercover FBI.”
    “What do they intend to do with you?”
    “They’re gonna kill us.”
    “So the real story don’t get out.”
    “Which is?”
    “That we here group of sheep busted out so we could pull our money out of our bank accounts…”
    “What? How do you know–?”
    “–Know there’s gonna be a run on the banks? Well, I’m what ya call an auto-didactic Austrian eco-nomist, and The Man don’t want no fu@$in’ sheep startin’ no fu@$in’ bank runs. They don’t want no smart sheep lettin’ no cats outta no fu@$in’ bags until they set themselves up, first…”

    Mr. Barnes continued on with a profanity-laced explanation about how he had convinced a group of friends to pull their money from their bank. He spoke about the enormous purchases of government bonds by banks and companies at near-zero interest rates over the last few years. He explained how once interest rates went up the value of the bonds dropped, and now these entities are struggling to finance their obligations to creditors any way they can, but at enormous losses. He said this was going to spread, and that it may be the elusive black swan much of the market has been waiting for.

    “But what if you’re wrong?” I asked.
    “That’s my problem, not yours. I don’t give no fu@$in’ financial advice.”
    “So what will you do now? Have you resigned yourself to execution?” He then gave a mischievous laugh.
    “You think we’re stupid? I got three guards on my payroll. We’re bustin’ outta here, too.”

    And then the line went dead.

  2. This guy keeps saying the “big” banks have enough cash on hand to survive any bank runs or diminishing bond values on their books. I watch him regularly. The problem is I won’t take his word for it. Why should anyone? Without more convincing, he could be a shill.


  3. MARCH 11 2023 –Tucker Carlson: The truth needs to come out

    Tucker Carlson sits down with Redacted Host Clayton Morris for a wide ranging interview about the January 6th video controversy, the state of journalism, personal attacks and much more.

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