In-depth Tucker Carlson interview with ex-Blackrock data analyst, Ed Dowd

There are a lot of hard hitting points in this. But the whole interview is really interesting and well worth listening to. The subject is the danger of the vaxx compared to Covid and what the numbers really mean.

There is nothing on screen that needs to be paid attention to, so this hour can fly by if you are doing housework. One thing worth mentioning, Tucker Carlson reveals his own vaccine status in this video. That is something I suspect a lot of us really wanted to know.

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2 Replies to “In-depth Tucker Carlson interview with ex-Blackrock data analyst, Ed Dowd”

  1. As per usual, you deliver the goods, Vlad.

    Ed Dowd has been on. my radar — consistently — ever since I was introduced to him/his work, I don’t know, a year ago?

    So I’m loving this latest “installment” of his investigation into the greatest crimes ever committed against a nation’s people BY ITS LEADERS. It truly boggles the mind. And on a global scale! (I wish I could come up with a different name that represents all the peoples of the world — “global” leaves such a nasty taste in my mouth).

    Thank you.

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