CBC tips its hand, Switzerland may hold referendum on CBDC: Links 1, February 21, 2023

1. CBC president scores “own goal” by attacking the Federal Conservative Party while pretending they are an objective news agency

What is sad, is that Poilievre doesn’t understand or doesn’t say that CBC is not a propaganda arm for Trudeau. Both Trudeau and the CBC are agents of dialectical destruction of all things Canadian including Canada itself, and its population as it was prior to Trudeau. This isn’t partizan per se. The Conservative Party of Ontario is 100% on board with this agenda and has never said a word to oppose it. Perhaps most conspicuously when it comes to the mass immigration project called, The Century Initiative”. The Covid measures and Vaxx mandates of course are obvious indicators of Ford’s total compliance with the plan. In the speech below, given at a protest against CBC’s complicity with all things authoritarian, a better explanation is offered for CBC’s actual modus.

2. So it looks like they have settled on the next world ending crisis. From the CBC:

An outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus has been confirmed. Here’s what you need to know

The World Health Organization this week confirmed an outbreak of the Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea — the first time the tiny country in Central Africa has seen cases of the deadly illness.

Marburg, which is related to Ebola, is already being blamed for at least nine deaths in the country, and another 16 suspected cases are being investigated.

Without treatment, Marburg can be fatal in up to 88 per cent of people.

A 2004-05 outbreak in Angola killed 90 per cent of the 252 confirmed cases.

Here is what you need to know about this rare but dangerous virus. 

(Click through if you want to follow the arc of where this crisis will go. Initially of course, not much to worry about except bleeding to death through every hole in your body slowly over days. But its unlikely we get it because so far, it isn’t airborne yet. Yada yada. More on this when possible. For sure, as Gates promised, this is a much scarier disease and fewer people will refuse the mRNA shots, I’m sure they will launch, when the fear is at its peak.)

3. Ohio suffers from state wide coincidence

Mass Casualty Incident after a multiple massive explosion at a metal manufacturing plant

4. Father reads book to school board meant for children, and gets shut down as the book was “inappropriate” for the meeting.

5. Switzerland may outlaw CBDC and a cashless society. Switzerland has until recently, and may still, have laws mandating possession of a military rifle in every household. This is the recipe for a free people.

Thank you all for considering these perspectives.

Tucker on his show last night, made this point. But it bears repeating in terms of the credibility of the US position on a war that could easily escalate to the destruction of entire cities world wide. Can we trust what we are being told about it? Not to take a position, but like Covid and the Vaxx, knowing you are being lied to, is knowing a lot. To be clear: Russia is a master of Disinformation. In fact they may have invented it in a formal and technical sense, as a weapon of war. US Alphabet agencies and Canada has also used it against their own people to achieve behaviour controls. We are not pro-Russia on this. But we are anti BS. The position of this site in terms of the Ukraine war, is exactly what Julian Assange said, well before it started.

“Every war in the past 50 years has been started by media lies”. -Julian Assange.

We agree with that.


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  1. Father reads book to school board meant for children, and gets shut down as the book was “inappropriate” for the meeting.

    And yet, they want to re-write Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other books to make them more “modern”.

  2. Wow, thanks EB. If a group of people went to war against the American people, would it look any different than what we have seen in the last 3 years? Food plants burnt down x 200 I think , train tracks being sabotaged etc.

    Here’s a thought: I know we have seen footage of the axle on fire on the the east palestine train. What if that was a controlled fire to cover for the sabotaged track in the town. That might explain why they came out with the medical bracelets a week before the derailment.

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