Top five items for February 17, 2023: Links post 1

1. Katie Hopkins on the resignation of the Scottish PM

Katie may have wanted to stop and speak about the astonishing claim that the now ex PM wants reasoned debate, when she stifled it and replaced it with pseudo-reality at every turn.

2. Has this story just dropped out of the news?

3. UFO shot down by $400K US missile may have been a $12 hobby balloon: report

One of the UFOs shot down last weekend by the US Air Force with a $400,000 missile may have simply been a $12 balloon belonging to an Illinois enthusiast club, a report said.

The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade told Aviation Week on Thursday that it fears one of its diligently tracked gasbags that recently went missing was the mystery object taken out by the military over Canada on Saturday.

The Pico Balloon — a silver-coated, cylindrically shaped object — reported its last position at 38,910 feet off the west coast of Alaska on Friday.

By Saturday, based on the balloon’s projected path, it would have been over the central part of the Yukon Territory around the same time a military Lockheed Martin F-22 shot down an unidentified object of a similar description and altitude in the same area of Canada, the outlet reported.

(So. Not a giant egg roll then.)

4. As per last night’s Tucker Carlson show which is in the previous post, there are an awful lot of dangerous accidents and explosions focused on transportation in the past weeks in the US. Probably in Canada as well, but we have an even more dialectic and Marxist press than the US even. So Canadians wouldn’t know. At this point it needs to be stressed that the head of transportation in the US, Pete Buttigieg, is the progeny of Joseph Buttigieg. From the Wiki: “Buttigieg co-translated and co-edited the three-volume English edition of Antonio Gramsci‘s Prison Notebooks.”

More on Pete’s communist passion here.

Antonio Gramsci invented the concept of “the long march through the institutions.” He is the creator of the method that has turned the left from trying to destroy all Western institutions, to protecting them from people who want them to operate as intended.


POLICE: “Explosion of unknown origin” rocks NJ trucking company 

Police responded to an unexplained explosion at a trucking company on Thursday morning after receiving multiple calls reporting the incident. 

The explosion happened just before 8 a.m. near the Rts. 130/44 corridor in the Bridgeport section of Logan Township, New Jersey. 

According to Gloucester County Emergency Management, the 911 center received multiple calls reporting an explosion, so the Logan Twp Fire Department was dispatched to a trucking facility on Cedar Swamp Road, where the explosion was believed to have originated. 

Crews responded to the scene and fought multiple small fires at and around the trucking company and got the incident under control in about an hour. One trucking company employee reportedly suffered a minor burn injury but denied medical treatment. 

Aerial video of derailed trains in Van Buren Township

Rail Companies Blocked Safety Rules Before Ohio Derailment

Norfolk Southern helped convince government officials to repeal brake rules — and corporate lobbyists watered down hazmat safety regs.

Totally unrelated:

5. Swedish people speak on if burning the Koran should be allowed

Thank you all for being part of team WTF is actually going on here

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  1. From looking at the Epstein island visitor’s list, it’s clear that famous people were invited to attract yet more famous people. It really is a list of modern luminaries. The question I have is: why Justin Trudeau?

  2. 3 – Where is the flight plan? The craft was in controlled air space requiring a flight plan filed. Failure to file results in criminal charges.

  3. The Scots complained about Salmond. At least he was funny and smart and did not shun verbal challenges. Instead, they got wet noodle puppet Sturgeon. Let’s see what pathetic fish they pick next time.

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