Ireland has major spike in deaths, how communist is Canada: Links 1, February 7, 2023

1. Ireland sees 42% more deaths in past two months compared to pre-COVID levels

‘When we see death rates 3,000 higher in a small six-week period than they were in a six-week period pre-COVID, we can’t have the Government standing idly by,’ said Deputy Peadar Tóibín

DUBLIN, Ireland (LifeSiteNews) — The number of deaths occurring in Ireland is now significantly higher than the number the country experienced both before and during the spread of COVID-19, prompting opposition politicians to call for a full investigation into the cause.

Figures obtained on and analyzed by the mainstream Irish Examiner show deaths were 42% higher from 1 December 2022 to 25 January 2023 (9,718 deaths) compared to the 8 weeks to 25 January 2019 (6,802 deaths). 

Deaths have risen 20% compared to the same period a year ago, while they are 19% higher than figures from that period two years ago when Ireland was entering another lockdown before Christmas 2020 and rolling out its vaccination program in early 2021.

(I’m afraid I must disagree with the opening statement of the good Deputy. The best possible thing the government can do, is stand idly by. Had the government stood idly by when Covid hit, it would not even have been noticed. It would have been recorded by statistics nerds as a bad flu season, except more older people died and fewer younger ones. Doing nothing would have been orders of magnitude better than what the governments of the Western world actually did. So he is dead wrong there. If the government did less than nothing, meaning take the brakes off of actual science and allow people with real solutions and treatments to have an equal voice with the scumbags selling expensive snake oil, the problem will be less than if the government imposes its clearly anti-freedom will on us all again.)

2. Biden admin meddling in Hungarian internal affairs

The Hungarian foreign minister accused the United States ambassador to Budapest on Thursday of trying to interfere in Hungary’s internal affairs, amid a growing diplomatic rift between the U.S. and the Central European country.

At a news conference in Budapest, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto lashed out at comments in Politico this week in which Ambassador David Pressman referred to Hungary’s approach to the war in neighboring Ukraine as pushing “policies endorsed by (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.”

Szijjarto said it is “completely irrelevant what (Pressman) or any other ambassador thinks about the domestic political process in Hungary, because it has nothing to do with him.”

(As the US becomes the USSR, its understandable that they will try and destroy one of the few remaining nation states on Earth)

3. John Campbell Ph.D explains the valuable role of Vitamin D, even for Diabetes!

Interestingly, Trudeau’s minister of health during the Covid years was a graphic designer named Patty Hadju who has no medical training whatsoever. She explains how Vitamin D. is fake news. Yes, she was speaking about Covid, but we have covered how vitamin D levels in peer reviewed studies improved outcomes in Covid cases by a whopping percentage. This is why you don’t appoint a graphic designer as minister of health, and why you don’t elect a communist as Prime Minister. Assuming of course that elections are what we think they are.

4. Japanese scientists and doctors to file massive lawsuit against government for coverup on vaxx harms

5. Here is a great example of how communist news is today. The following is a total non-story. A man impregnates a woman, and she is pregnant. This is the sort of news that only matters to friends, relatives, and salespeople of children’s goods. But they made it into a big news story because the man is pretending to be a woman, and the woman is pretending to be a man. The woman of course, is the one who is pregnant. The man impregnated her presumably. They plan to have chemical and surgical mutilations done to themselves at some point to destroy their natural selves but for now they still have normal bio functions for their respective sexes. Again, a non-story made into a story by imputing a pseudo-reality onto it to make it a story.

From the BBC: Kerala: The transgender couple whose pregnancy photos went viral

A pregnancy photoshoot by an Indian transgender couple – who paused their hormone therapy to have a baby – is being widely shared on social media.

Ziya Paval, 21, and her partner Zahad, 23, who live in the southern state of Kerala, were in the process of gender transition when they decided to have a baby.

Ms Paval, who says she always wanted to be a parent, was recorded male at birth and now identifies as female.

Mr Zahad, who uses only one name, was observed as female at birth and now identifies as male. He is currently pregnant, and the couple expect to welcome their baby soon.

Congratulations have poured in for the couple on their social media pages.

“Trans people deserve family,” transgender actress S Negha commented on Ms Paval’s Instagram post, where she had shared the photos.

Ms Paval and Mr Zahad say their experience may be rare in India because “no one else has called themselves a biological parent in the transgender community as far as we know”.

The entire story is based on how they imagine themselves to be. As communism is a perpetual dialectic revolution, do not expect this to be as far as it goes. Reptile identity, alien etc. will be in the line up. And don’t scoff. It is absolutely no more preposterous or absurd than this story. We are just used to this set of fictions.

Speaking of Canada, communism and the dialectic revolution, if any of you know any civil servants, ask about the mandatory communist reeducation they all have to take to keep their jobs. We call it, “Mao-lite”, as they don’t do the public struggle sessions yet, but you are forced to pass a test which is entirely about your personal world views on important epistemological axioms. If you fail enough times, you lose your job. Try and get details from your civil service friends. Feel free to leave any info in the comments about it. The fact is, Canada is now a communist country. Not to use that word as any kind of euphemism or cautionary phrase. It actually is. State media must represent as Marxist dialectics demands, and all civil servants must pass a test showing they approach things from that point of view.

Schools are already at the point, even in Red states like South Carolina, where if you refuse to teach Critical Race Theory or even are known to disagree with it, you can lose your job. An interview on that with a teacher from the area will be coming sometime soon.

Thank you all for reading these pages. 

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7 Replies to “Ireland has major spike in deaths, how communist is Canada: Links 1, February 7, 2023”

  1. Svalbard, seeds of all plants.
    Frozen banks, seeds (eggs/sperm) from all living creatures.
    All countries do have national reserves of food.
    Great reset…
    Few millions as slaves.
    Few tens of thousands as controlling personnel of the slaves.

    From billions to millions is a process that has already started. Can’t be too fast.
    Armies must execute, not to be alarmed.
    If billions are dying slowly, they have time to clean and dispose the dead bodies.
    Monte Carlo will be clean, not only empty.
    Until the agriculture can be restarted (soil need time to clean all the chemicals and heavy
    metals sprayed from the sky) all national food reserves can be used to feed the slaves
    and the guardians.

    Just few ideas…
    No, I am not Bill Gates.

  2. 3. “This is why you don’t appoint a graphic designer as minister of health, and why you don’t elect a communist as Prime Minister. ”

    It amazes me how so many people in Canada view Pierre Trudeau as some sort of national treasure , so much so they elected is highly indoctrinated son as PM. A person with absolutely zero qualifications or experience other than the bubble he grew up under Pierre’s tutelage , where he was heavily influenced by Pierre . I recall a brief interview after the Charter was agreed , and someone asked Pierre why the right to property ownership was omitted from the Charter. In his usual flippant manner Trudeau responded “It would be problematic”

    The result is evident in the decline of Canada where Justin Trudeau seems to have done virtually everything possible to destroy this country.

    Pierre Trudeau was a Communist

    • Justin was reelected with only 24.5% of the vote.
      Canada’s election rules need reforming. There should be a 50 + 1 rule to win the election.

  3. ITEM 2: Is Germany into subliminal Nazi messaging to Ukraine?

    This is no coincidence, just impossible.
    So, we all know Germany didn’t want to send weapons to Ukraine but the USA forced them.

    Does Germany know Ukrainian officials are Nazi-oriented? Think Azov, Bandera…

    What is 14/88? The video starts at 25:00 prompt.

    • Good luck with that, I am so tired of shit for brains politicians and the voting shit for brains public, I would be happy with any party that stands up for normal. Some days it is like I am in high school again, with a group of stupid little kids.

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