When Trudeau said China was his favorite model of statehood, he meant Mao’s version: Links post 1, February 6, 2023

1. It seems that heterosexuality in mainstream art and TV is perfectly fine. So long as its demonic and perverse and contains not a shred of love.

2. Perfectly brilliant example of Canada’s communist methodology for enforcing narratives and right-think. The details are very important in this video. It couldn’t be more Mao if she was made to wear a dunce cap.

3. More examples of how the trans-scam line of operation against Western thought, taxonomy and reality is being defeated.

Surfer Bethany Hamilton Speaks Out Against World Surf League’s Decision to Allow ‘Male-Bodied’ Individuals to Compete Against Women

Hamilton took to Instagram to address an announcement from the World Surf League allowing ‘male-bodied’ individuals, transgender women, to compete against women in professional surfing.

In the video, Hamilton says, Today I want to address the news that the World Surf League has officially made the rule that male-bodied individuals known as transgender athletes can officially compete in the women’s division.

The World Surf League says they are following the Olympic guidelines.

(Video can be seen here on Instagram)

Once again, this could have ended years ago. If all female competitors simply refused to compete against men in their event, then you would have an all tranny-competition and it would look absurd, even though it would actually be a fairer competition. But they won’t stick together even in that one simple act that could save their sport. Frankly it is likely due to dialectic feminists, meaning women who want to destroy women as a construct and therefore work towards the same end goal as the communists by legitimizing men in dresses competing in women’s sports.

4. This is my favorite video of the day. ANTIFA can’t figure out how to twist their consistently pro-fascist actions into a dialectic that makes it appear anti-fascist somehow. So they don’t even bother trying. In this video, ANTIFA protests demanding more government control over people’s choices and medical freedom.

5. For anyone who thinks the mandates are over, and that people who still support the truckers are anachronistic, they may want to read Lawyer Lisa’s Substack. She looks at BC’s new law to force vaccines and punish the “under-vaccinated”. This is no joke. This can and will include jail-time and the destruction of your life’s savings.

In Canada there is one Province that is ‘LEADING THE REST’, in oppressions against the under-vaccinated. The prize goes to British Columbia.


Despite Hospitals closing for insufficient staffing, and mayors asking for vaccine mandate’s to be repealed the Ministry of Health continues to shove this Act down its citizens’ throats.

WHO is caught by the act?

(1) This section applies for the purposes of any provision of this Act, the regulations or the bylaws that applies to a health profession corporation, a health profession corporation permit or an application for a health profession corporation permit.

(2) A provision referred to in subsection (1) applies to a designated health profession, a regulatory college or a licensee only if a designation regulation as described in section 25 (3) (b) [designation regulation for designated health profession] is made with respect to

Please click through to read it at Lisa’s.

Thank you all for checking this material out.

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  1. #2. Just like the dark ages when the pope ruled the world openly. If you decided for yourself what to believe, if you decided your faith would be based on the bible, the word of God, that was a thought crime. Popery would force you to recant or to the stake. Trials would be setup , never would Rome say what the error was, if it was contrary to Rome, they would demand you recant. Heretic you were labeled (deciding for oneself what to believe). Same policies today, maybe we could say these polices are children of the papacy.

  2. (When Trudeau said China was his favorite model of statehood, he meant Mao’s version:)

    And by China I think he means Roman Catholic Church Social Doctrine.

    (‘China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine,’ says Vatican bishop

    “Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese,” a senior Vatican official has said.)


    Note the bishop doesn’t say Rome uses Chinas social doctrine. Its China following Rome’s doctrine. Its important to know what’s the dog and what’s the tail.

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