Davos video on monitoring brain data

I got an email saying this video had basically been scrubbed from the net. As it happened, I had a copy of it so here it is.


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9 Replies to “Davos video on monitoring brain data”

  1. Ya i posted this awhile back now. I wonder if they show these things to make people think this is what is coming, so the people will be happy with something not as bad as this when they arent allowed to have the old way of life anymore. Thesis antithesis then synthesis.

    • The next step might be implementing this technology on people released from jail, on parole, or whatever, if they want a bit of freedom.

      And slowly it will work its way into our daily lives. Grocery shopping, yes you will happily buy bugs as inaudible signals stimulate your brain as you pass by the bug food in the meat department of the big retail food outlets.

    • Neil Oliver is saying the same thing, without yelling and annoying you. I am not a fan of this guy and wonder if at some point he will flip to the other side. He has not been taken down, why?

  2. This may sound quaint but it was extra horrific that a young educated Western woman was saying this stuff, acknowledging that it was alarming but “necessary” or “inevitable” … not if I have anything to do with it.

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