Explaining leftism, explaining leftism’s efforts for paedophiles, firing those disobedient to leftism, Whatsherface: Links 2, Feb. 4, 2023

1. In the Stephen Coughlin paper called, Re-remembering the Misremembered Left: Understanding the left’s tactics and strategy for transforming America, Stephen explains that much of what we see today is the destruction of reality by the imposition of a forced Pseudo-reality. Anyone wishing to understand the current Marxist revolution in the West at the strategic level needs to read that paper. Below, James Lindsay does a 2 hour video on that concept.

2. The whole normalization of paedophelia isn’t because these groups think its harmless. It is precisely because they know how harmful it is to families, children and society/civilization and are using discourse theory to launch this attack against it all. Create a consensus by the council of experts which are imputed to represent the people, then use critical theory to destroy anyone who goes against the consensus established pseudo-reality. Accuse them of “transphobia” or otherwise find a name you can use to launch a very real attack on them, possibly costing them everything they have ever worked for and more.

3. Whats her face: Yeah! Who did open the door!

4. Bait and Switch: How they trick you into eating and doing things you hate, until you are a slave.

5. This is the fellow who Tucker had on his show last night. Fired for refusing the mask


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  1. On entry #1 at about the 37-minute mark, Dr. Lindsay is trying to make a point about the uses of reason and faith which when understood correctly enable one to combat gnosticism, keeping a person from following counterfeits.

    On that point I’d like to say that reason is subordinate to faith, that is, subordinate to my faith which clings to God’s Word. If my reason demands proofs of God’s truth, or if my reason tells me it can’t be true that Jesus rose from the dead or that God created man on the sixth day of creation, then my reason must bow to my faith in what God tells me in the Bible.

    After all, wasn’t it Satan who whispered to Eve, “Did God really say . . . “? Eve was tempted to not believe the loving and gracious God who had given her everything: IOW, God was holding out on her, depriving her of something good. She followed her reason that Satan so cleverly used against her, consequently elevating herself and her desire above God and His Words to her — becoming her own god.

    That elevating of herself (and Adam was equally involved here) above God is, as Dr. Lindsay implies, the human effort to arrogate to himself what belongs to God alone.

    The New Testament letters of Paul and other NT writers are replete with warnings against the gnostics who were deceiving the early Christians. Everything that is not of God, is of Satan.
    Either God is in the saddle or Satan is, and his masks are incalculable — as Dr. Lindsay seems to be implying.

    Ephesians 4:11-14. Do not be blown about by every wind of doctrine (14).

    Christian churches which have dismissed the Bible as a mere relic of the past or as a book of myths have cut themselves off from the very source of truth and wisdom; they are like reeds blowing in the wind, having no means of protecting themselves from the cunning of the evil one.

    They can’t recognize the cons of the cults.

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