The degradation of the West, Epstein Island list? More: Links 1 for February 2, 2023

1. Is this Russian Propaganda? Or is it true? Maybe we should ask the guy who was arrested for singing Kung Fu Fighting at a 70s music bandstand, or the guy arrested for telling a cop his horse was gay. Here is the BBC article for the first case the video sites.

Below the 53 minute version of this interview, we get this info:

Please note that this conversation was recorded in 2019 before the COVID-19 crisis. Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, podcaster, writer and social commentator. He made international headlines in 2018 by refusing to sign a university “behavioural agreement form” which banned jokes about religion, atheism and insisted that all humour must be “respectful and kind.” He is also the creator and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry YouTube show. He and John have much to discuss, including the attacks on free speech we see throughout the Western democracies today.

2. LEVY: Ontario school bans Valentine’s Day for inclusion reasons

[…] Tamara Schmelzle, the school’s vice-principal, has made it pretty clear she’s a fan of radical Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) education director Jeewan Chanicka.

Chanicka and the board’s woke trustees have repeatedly come under fire for asking students as young as nine years old their sexual orientation and gender in surveys and for their defence of the highly sexualized books contained in elementary school libraries.

For those that have not seen it, the various communist organizations that have been pushing to get communist teachers into the system have been very successful and explain themselves in this not-intended for public release video, recorded at the EU Parliament. This was a meeting of American and European communist groups talking about successes and plans and efforts.

3. ‘Boosted’ 6-Year-Old Girl Dies Suddenly

In a now-private Facebook post, Weaver revealed that Anastasia and her twin had received “booster” shots.

Post from Nov. 11, 2021:

“After an hour and a half of screaming both girls have their first dose of the vaccine. Anna got it without any problems. Caitlin screamed and cried for an hour and a half. Then didn’t she’d a tear when the pharmacist was able to do the shot. I’m beat…”

4. Enes Kanter Freedom: Why I Sacrificed My Future in the NBA to Stand Up to the Chinese Regime

“How can the biggest dictatorship in the world control a 100 percent American-made organization and put pressure on them to fire an American citizen?”

I sit down with NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom. After playing 11 seasons, his career abruptly ended when he made headlines, speaking out about human rights abuses in China.

“NBA is not the only one,” says Freedom. “You see Hollywood, you see Big Tech, you see academia, you see Wall Street, you see Congress … They’re pretty much trying to invade America from the inside because they know they’re not strong enough to invade America from the outside.”

Freedom tells me about what made him the man he is today, and what gave him the courage to stand up to major multinational corporations and the Chinese Communist Party.

(Very honourable man. Right up there with Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Mary O’Connor and too few but still many more who chose principle over profit. Transcript at link)

5. One wonders how all these names can be mentioned in this context and no law suits are launched. I have zero idea if this is true. Maybe its just click bait. But it’s also shark bait. How can the video makers name people and show photos for clarity and not find a crowd of lawyers on their lawns sufficient to fill a college basketball stadium? If this list was actually released, can someone post a link to it please?

Thank you all for everyone’s efforts at attempting to form a coherent view of the gestalt of our times. It is a lot of work. That is because the people who are indeed imposing a pseudo-reality on us all, while making actual reality illegal, have been working on this plot for 100 years or more, and are in charge of the money printing machines, and therefore, in charge of the men who carry the guns. Another argument in favour of scrapping Fiat currency.

May as well add this gem from Zero Hedge. Masks of course, were a big part of the imposed pseudo-reality and fear mongering to get the public to abandon their personal sense of individual identity and submit to a collective, arbitrarily defined and irrationally governed. It worked for the most part. Getting people to wear masks was a brilliant piece of theatre. At Costco and many other places, you could wear a plastic visor and no face covering. So long as you had a costume on, they would let you onto the stage.

Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows ‘Little To No Difference’ In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection

A massive international research collaboration that analyzed several dozen rigorous studies focusing on “physical interventions” against COVID-19 and influenza found that they provide little to no protection against infection or illness rates.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviewsis the strongest science to date refuting the basis for mask mandates worldwide.




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  1. Vlad, thank you for your continued and ongoing effort to educate us! It surely has contributed to the recent Igor Chudov story regarding plummeting demand for the “vaccines” worldwide.

    Thank you!

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