Whitney Webb to CDC and removing guns from citizens: Links 1, February 1, 2023

1. Whitney Webb hammers out a lot of truth in 9 minutes. Some of it we can all remember is true, and some is easily checked. Worth the time.

2. One has to really come to love CBC for its consistency. I don’t think its staff even have awareness anymore about the idea that it’s efforts should even appear objective. At this point they are likely a leftist-activist organization at all levels. They likely would not even understand our complaints, since it never occurred to most of them that they should seek to inform its audience for its own edification and decision making.

From Honest Reporting Canada:

In the Spring of 2021, an anti-Israel letter was signed by more than two thousand individuals, including a number of members of Canada’s news media, CBC included. Following the letter’s publication, a CBC spokesperson had said there would be “editorial distance between those who signed the letter and our daily coverage for the near future.”

But only a few months later, one of the CBC’s signatories wrote an article on the subject of Israel that we felt stood in violation of our public broadcaster’s Journalistic Standards and Practices. In response, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with the broadcaster who denied that any conflict existed, which led HRC to ask the CBC’s Ombudsman to arbitrate our concerns.

In a review released on January 26, CBC Ombudsman Jack Nagler denied that any problem existed, stating that due to the 11-month gap between the signing of the anti-Israel activist letter and the article’s publication, the qualifier “the near future,” was thus satisfied and journalists who have gone on the record with partisan anti-Israel views, are permitted to report on Israel.

Although Honest Reporting Canada is mostly about media misrepresentation of Israel and Jewish interests, its a worthy subscription. It shows how media operates on a dialectical level for all subjects. Widen the beam, get more understanding.

3. Trans Criminals Who Raped Women Are Women, Says Scottish Leader

(So, a trans-criminal is an honest citizen who self identifies as a bank robber? or…)

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon says transgender criminals convicted for raping women are women, despite a car crash interview in which she appeared to flip flop all over the place.

The controversy began after 31-year-old Adam Graham, who was was found guilty of raping the two women during frenzied sex attacks, was sent to Scotland’s only all female prison.

Only when on trial for the attacks did Graham announce that he was “transitioning” into a woman, a process which seemingly culminated in him wearing a bad wig and cheap make-up.

The rapist was clearly trying to exploit Scotland’s ludicrously woke legal system in which biological males who identify as women can be sent to female prisons.

She offers clarity here apparently:

4. Those who watched Tucker Carlson last week may remember his discussion of Joe Biden explaining in his senile and thusly guileless way, that they needed to spread and increase food shortages. So what is Canada doing?

5. CDC hides data showing gun use in self defence

Thank you again for even attempting to absorb some of the malfeasance, corruption and ideological perversion of the powerful in the West today.

It occurred to me, that Freedom of speech has probably not been a thing since the average person could at best, stand on an empty crate of soap and speak one’s mind. Once someone invented the lithograph, they started finding ways to make sure the narratives were obeyed. Now of course, at Speaker’s Corner you cannot even stand on a soapbox if you dare question the most destructive policies of the day.

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  1. IIRC the cee dee cee has been ‘hiding’ DGU stats since the early ’90s. It is ‘almost’ as if they were carrying water for the anti gun crowd.

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