CTV in on the assist to cancel the cancelation of the Emergency measures in the US: Links 2, Jan. 31, 2023

1. CTV sets up dialectic to allow the US to cancel its ending of Covid emergency measures

Biden has announced that he is ending the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622) for Covid in May. That would be over 3 months from now. Which is unusual as one typically cannot predict a thing 3 months out unless you make it happen. CTV, one of Canada’s narrative amplification machines, does what it often does. Pretends to show opposition to government policies, in order to force all things to the left; meaning more government control and less individualism. In this case they set the stage that ending the Emergency measures is a bad idea as Covid, even when its really about Fentanyl, is still a huge problem and ending special powers is irresponsible. At no time did CTV publish significant opposition to increased government control or narratives concerning Covid, masks or vaccines since this began, as explained in this video. Instead, they got experts or politicians on their station, which forced the narrative eternally more to the left. This is no exception. But it is good to see it happen with the coins off of one’s eyes.

Even the headline on MSN.com is a dialectic:

Biden to end U.S. COVID emergencies on May 11, but more than 500 people are still dying every day

2. The following video is certainly among John Campbell’s most interesting and important ones. He goes a little out of his wheelhouse here, and we can all be glad he did. In this video, he discusses the UK military Whistleblower about use of military info-warfare methods and assets to monitor people of the UK who went against any narrative points on Covid. At this time we ask that you all remember that Canada did the exact same as was reported at Vlad, when a Canadian general refused to use his info-warfare assets to control Canadians, and was subsequently drummed out of the military for “sexual misconduct” because he had a multi-year monogamous relationship with a subordinate officer, with whom they had children together. So clearly this was an excuse.

3. Cleburne County Arkansas Rejects Voting Machines – Will Move to Paper Ballots

(This is the ONLY even potential method to reclaim democracy. If any leader does not do this, they are either not really in control, or on the side of the communist/totalitarians. Florida did it. Alberta must do it. It is the single most important thing Alberta must do if Danielle Smith wants to restore liberty to that province.)

A Cleburne County quorum court voted to remove voting machines from elections, making it a “paper ballot” county.

Officials with the Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative Inc. (AVII) said the vote was in response to AVII CEO Colonel Conrad Reynolds’ push for election computers to be removed from Arkansas elections. The decision will now require votes to be hand counted.

4. “We have always been at war with China. We have never been at war with China.”

Air Force General Tells His Officers ‘War With China’ Only 2 Years Away

In recent years there have been at least a handful of high-ranking US military commanders which in some form or fashion have sounded the alarm over a “coming war with China”… with the latest warning being the most unusual, issued in the form of a memo by an active four-star general and circulated with an official order.

This case is particularly significant given he took the rare step of passing it down through military command and to the chief officers he oversees, giving a greater urgency to the warning

A four-star Air Force general sent a memo on Friday to the officers he commands that predicts the U.S. will be at war with China in two years and tells them to get ready to prep by firing “a clip” at a target, and “aim for the head.”

In the memo sent Friday and obtained by NBC News, Gen. Mike Mini

(I guess getting egg rolls and General Tzao’s Chicken will not be possible using the new, CBDCs)

5. The word, “Filed” is being set up for a hate-speech dialectic. The word house will be next.

Thank you all for paying attention to these issues, wherever you may land on them, so long as the goal is liberty and individualism.


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    • Respectfully, yes.

      A really good guy who used to post here nailed it. We were commenting about the crazy, insane tardish groomers and terrorists as usual. Then he said something like:
      – – “That’s not fair to genuine nutters like me!”

      Then he briefly described coping with mental illness. I never thought about it the way he felt it.

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