Yeadon, Eugyppius makes sense of Veritas: Links 1, January 28th, (Freedom day eve) 2023

1. The first 20 minutes of this video is Michael Yeadon on Infowars. Funny how conservative and obvious he sounds now, saying the same things he said years ago when it was radical, off the rails and extreme.

At around 20 minutes they cut away from Dr. Yeadon but he comes back in at 24:30

2. One of the best analytical substacks, and one Alex Berenson speaks highly of, is Eugyppius. In this post he details his analysis of the Project Veritas bust of a mid-level Pfizer consultant. It is very good. Sober. Worth the read. Here are a few paragraphs from the middle, but do click through. It isn’t long and its worth it.

[…] Although Walker is clearly drunk and a little incoherent in the video, none of these remarks are improbable or surprising. Directed evolution of viruses is a real thing that virologists doRhesus and macaque monkeys are standard animal models in SARS-2 research.

What this actually reveals, is that the Pfizer/BioNTech bivalent vaccine has been a total flop. Uptake is lower than ever, and within months of its rollout, BA.5 infections receded in the face of what will probably soon be the new dominant lineage, XBB.1.5. Because it takes so long to research and produce updated vaccines, you’re always vaccinating against yesterday’s variant. Vaccinator hysteria, however, has created an enormous global market for on-target Covid boosters, so you’d better believe that there are people out there right now trying to get ahead of the evolutionary curve. One way to do this, would be to infect bivalent-vaccinated animal models with current virus lineages, and observe which escape mutations emerge. Walker appears to say that Pfizer is considering a research programme along these lines, and that other scientists are already doing this work.

I’ll be honest: I don’t think what Walker describes is necessarily dangerous. The virus is already training itself against vaccine-elicited antibodies in billions of people. That’s a powerful force that I’m not sure Pfizer’s scientists have any hope of outpacing. Were such a tweaked virus to escape a laboratory, it would just have the antibody-evading properties of many other strains; we might not even recognise it as a lab product. Still, Walker’s revelations are significant, for they reveal how easily demand for vaccines becomes pressure to tinker with viral evolution. Similar research on potential pandemic pathogens that are poorly adapted to humans would indeed be truly dangerous.

3. Corruption in Northern Europe Vs Southern. A great video showing the difference is in level and locality. It was great to see someone mention the Volkswagen/Audi corruption about exhaust and emissions. I wish he had added more about Merkel’s conscious involvement with it.

4. I like What’s Her Face’s take on the Veritas Pfizer video. Why bother making variants of a virus when you can just have CNN lie about them.

5. Canada’s Bill C-26: Yet Another Government Power Grab

Another doozy from the Canadian government.

Following along several other bills winding their way along the Road to Serfdom…

  • Bill C-11 regulates the internet under the CRTC and paves the way toward institutionalized content moderation, the requirement for licenses to publish online, and regulation of user generated content (in Senate)
  • Bill C-36 the Online Harms Bill sought to designate political dissent as “hate speech” and invoked penalties for criticizing politicians (not sure where this one is at the moment).
  • Bill C-18 throws a funding lifeline to Canada’s flailing agitprop industry (a.k.a the mainsteam media), in that it will require tech platforms to pay licensing fees for content the media outlets post there (passed third reading in November). This bill will reward big media conglomerates like Bell, while freezing out small and independent organizations.

Here comes another one, Bill C-36: An Act respecting cyber security, amending the Telecommunications Act and making consequential amendments to other Acts, which passed first reading last June.

It’s been largely flying under everybody’s radar so far. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has been actively raising awareness and Michael Geist had Brenda McPhail, their Director of the Privacy, Technology and Surveillance Program on his podcast last October.

“It helps to know we are totally screwed”. – Anon

Thank you all for trying to make sense of the world today. Even if it is far away from our understanding, so long as it’s honest and hopefully kind.





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