CTV tries new tack, response to Veritas’ reveal on Pfizer, Islamic terror all over the place: Links 1, January 26th, 2023

1. CTV attempts to get out front of the vaxx damage information by trying to preserve the “very rare” narrative to suppress anyone else’s concern that they may be damaged by the experimental gene-therapy shots.

It is important to understand that when CBC, CTV or Global and many many more big media seems to show some truth on the consequences of the shots, we have to remember that these agencies pushed the shots as the only way forward. They never allowed any debate and indeed ridiculed and suppressed, and encouraged quelling of any rational discussion of alternatives to lockdowns, vaccines and harsh government measures. They never allowed a discussion about HCQ or Ivermectin or any of the other truly safe and possibly effective treatments for Covid19. Instead they pretended to be tough with governments by brining in experts and ministers and lackeys for the Liberals demanding that they be harsher and more punitive. At no time did CTV etc. attempt to inform or offer other sides. So do not think that by airing this video anything has changed.

2. John Campbell PhD. does a great video on how the UK has decided to block the shots for healthy people under 50. Its a wonderful fusion of Samizdat and cynical truth. He walks across the Alphabet/Google/Youtube line a few times in this. Which shows you how really disgusted he is with the gene-therapy shots and the programs to coerce them and then lie about the results.

3. At least one dead, several injured in machete attack at southern Spain churches

(As Covid starts to get smaller in the rear-view mirror, Jihad is looming large again in the windscreen. It has probably been going on the whole time. It isn’t like religious muslims just stopped believing for 3 years. It’s more likely that media has decided to ramp up this fear again. Of course, its a crime to link mass-Islamic immigration to jihad murders. That is the perfect and ultimate example of repressive tolerance and dialectics as practiced in the West now.

MADRID, Jan 25 (Reuters) – Spanish authorities said they were investigating what they called a possible “terrorist” incident after a machete-wielding man attacked several people at two churches in the southern port city of Algeciras, killing at least one person.

The man attacked clergymen at two different churches – San Isidro and Nuestra Senora de La Palma, around 300 metres (1,000 feet) apart – just after 8pm on Wednesday evening in downtown Algeciras, a spokesperson for the city said. A source at Madrid’s High Court said the incident was being investigated as terrorism.

(I wonder if Reuters put quotes around “Terrorist” when they spoke of a white guy defending himself against ANTIFA/BLM in 2020)

4. 60 sidewalk bollards installed on sidewalk near school in Birmingham.

Religion in Birmingham

In 2021, 29.9% of Birmingham residents described themselves as Muslim, up from 21.8% in 2011. The rise of 8.0 percentage points was the largest increase of all broad religious groups in Birmingham. Because the census question about religious affiliation is voluntary and has varying response rates, caution is needed when comparing figures between different areas or between censuses.

terror attacks Birmingham

5. It may be that James O’Keefe got punked and the guy claiming to be a Pfizer exec was a setup or a boastful drunk trying to get a little.

Peter McCullough on the issue

This morning I woke up to conflicting messages about the true identity of Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker—a purported Pfizer executive who is the subject of Project Veritas’s latest sting. Some commentators have suggested that James O’Keefe failed to perform his due diligence—i.e., that instead of stinging a real Pfizer executive, a Project Veritas operative got a date with a drunk and boasting young man who grossly overstated his position and knowledge.

As I noted in my post of last night, it does seem incredible that a major corporation—one that has played a key role in perpetrating a global criminal fiasco—is staffed with an executive who seems to have been recruited at a frat party. On the other hand, the Pfizer internal documents tweeted by James O’Keefe appear to be authentic.

Additional documents were posted this morning by internet sleuth and fellow Substack author, Brian O’shea.

Sasha Latypova discusses the reveal.

[…] First, about this person. I don’t know who he is, some people are now trying to verify whether he works at Pfizer. Let’s assume that he does work at Pfizer for now. His title is Director of R&D Operations and Scientific Planning. Everyone should understand that this area is NOT a science area. He does not work in a lab. He pushes paper, makes powerpoints and other documents and talks to vendors. Pfizer OUTSOURCES all scientific and clinical trial work. Nobody inside Pfizer does anything related to product to avoid liability and to have contractors commit fraud on their behalf (so that the executives always have plausible deniability).

Thank you all as we try and follow events and understand them, and perhaps as a consequence, each try to assist the rest as we collectively get vertigo.

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  1. The bollards must have cost at least £100k, so no doubt the local council has a bollard- installer on the council ( usual corrupt U.K. practice) Councils are always happy to waste taxpayers money.
    This is perfect for skateboarders and the dreaded scooter riders to create havoc and maybe mow down a few school kids at the same time.

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