Canadian media launches assault on “misinformation” to combat “vaccine hesitancy” and more: Links 2, January 26th, 2023

1. Best ‘died suddenly excuse yet’. This time for a healthy 14 YO teenage girl

BBC: Dad’s warning after girl, 14, dies from inhaling deodorant

The parents of a girl who died after inhaling aerosol deodorant want clearer product labelling to warn people of the potential dangers.

Giorgia Green, who was 14 and from Derby, had a cardiac arrest after spraying the deodorant in her bedroom.

Her parents have since become aware of other young people who accidentally died after inhaling deodorant.

In response, the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) said deodorants have “very clear warnings”.

By law, aerosol deodorants must be printed with the warning “keep out of reach of children”.

However, Giorgia’s parents said the writing was small.

They believe many parents buy deodorant for their children without noticing the warning.

“People don’t know how dangerous the contents of those tins can be,” said her father Paul.

(OK maybe. But my money is on the experimental gene therapy that is causing a massive spike in surplus deaths, especially of young people. Not because of things young people used for decades or centuries before those gene therapy shots.)

2. Katie Hopkins speaks with a spoiled, entitled, murderous fantasy-minded student who blocks roads and destroys great art

3. CTV doing Fear Porn, pushing more authoritarianism in terms of people who disagree with narrative views, and of course, injections injections injections cause of some new variant of Covid. If ANYONE has a single clip of CTV showing a discussion with a rational person suggesting these are bad policies or the risk/benefit of the gene-therapy may not be worth it, please send it. I will post it. Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, hell hundreds of doctors who know this is BS and some doctors who even gave up their licence rather than continue under these conditions. I personally know of three. All I ever see from enemy propaganda sites like CTV, CBC and Global, is this kind of narrative pushing.

Here is a similar CBC article pushing the exact same Maoist mass line attack. ‘Misinformation is costing lives and treasure as it leads to vaccine hesitancy.’ Seriously compare the video above to the CBC propaganda in this link and this link and this link then tell someone it isn’t a coordinated effort to coral anyone opposing the vaxx narratives. Who knows what’s next. Only Maoists know for sure.

When watching and reading this coordinated narrative attack on “vaccine hesitancy created by misinformation” please consider the Project Veritas sting of last night, and the L4ATV press conference from Tuesday, all exposing the massive corruption and danger surrounding both the manufacture of diseases via gain of function and “directed evolution” and the vaxx dangers about which we have said a lot on this site already.

4. The US does have a state religion, and it’s political correctness. Gay marriage is one of its most holy sacraments along with abortion.

Young Georgia Police Officer Resigns After Department Puts Him On Leave For Opposing Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

This is a troubling story regarding an entire police department bullying a young policeman to the point of quitting for expressing his personal religious convictions. The Daily Signal on Wednesday shared the story of Jacob Kersey, a 19-year-old former police officer in Georgia who resigned earlier this month after posting a 20- word message on Facebook expressing his faith-based opposition to gay marriage.

Kersey told The Daily Signal his superiors at the Port Wentworth Police Department considered his social media post bigoted and offensive. They threatened to fire him immediately afterwards before settling on a one-week paid leave of absence.

5. WA Democrats releasing ‘worst of the worst’ inmates from sex offender prison island

Washington state is releasing Level-3 sex offenders from McNeil Island. Called “the worst of the worst” by the federal government, this group of offenders includes convicted pedophiles that are likely to re-offend. They will be resettled into residential neighborhoods in halfway homes operated by a private company.

Washington Democrats passed legislation in 2021 that amended state law to make it easier to equally distribute conditionally released sexually violent predators which they refer to as “residents” in counties across the state. The legislation established what lawmakers called “fair share principals,” requiring each county in the state to provide community-based housing for conditionally released sexually violent predators who are from their respective counties. The sponsor of the legislation, Democratic State Sen. Christine Rolfes said at the time that the purpose was so that “people who are potentially dangerous, but not necessarily dangerous, back into communities where they can live safely and with their constitutional liberties protected.”

(In the Gulag Archipelago there is a lot of emphasis on how in the Soviet Union, criminals were given much more freedom and much more privilege than normal working Russians. It must be a feature of Marxism. Certainly consistent with the rest of the whole moral inversion we see everywhere now.)

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  1. Releasing criminals to create chaos, disorder, spikes in crimes of all kinds, is indeed a marxist tactic. It fits their dialectic tactics beautifully. Nihilistic destruction of a functional society and the creation of chaos are both exceptionally useful tools for those working to grab power. In addition, they know a rational response to the criminal chaos they intentionally provoke, encourage, and unleash will result in people clamoring for a strong response from the STATE which means MORE concentration of government power at the expense of private citizens. That is why you see a one-two punch of the tightest gun control policies in the very locations that are getting rid of bail, letting violent criminals out of prison early, and refusing to adequately prosecute new violent crime. From every perspective this is all Win-Win for the radical revolutionary Left.

  2. I wish Katie had asked that private school educated little horror, Phoebe (…) what cars her parents drive and how do they get to demos?

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