More heroic doctors charged for protecting patients from Mengele like mRNA experiments: Links 1, January 23, 2023

1. Africa Is Starkly Unvaccinated, and Starkly Unvanquished by COVID.

Let’s study that victory with utmost diligence

Africa as a Whole Is Very Strikingly Unvaccinated, According to Johns Hopkins University, Our World in Data.

(best to click through to Epoch Times. A lot of clear graphical data there)

2. At Davos they joke about ending humanity

This appears to be the full 46 minute presentation

3. BBC ignores vaccine rally on its doorstep; Matt Le Tissier’s powerful address

(Who watches the watchers. Especially when they are retasked as enemy propaganda)

YET another Central London mass demonstration on behalf of the vaccine-injured and another non-report of it by the mass media, even though this one took place at the very portals of the BBC on Saturday. Despite the ever mounting evidence, the still near-universal silence on the subject of vaccine injury and vaccine-related excess deaths is mind-blowing. How far are these so called journalists’ heads stuck in the sand? How can the BBC still call itself a news-gathering organisation and keep a straight face? How it could remain so studiously blind to something that was taking place on its very doorstep, beggars belief, as remarked here by Jules Serkin.

[…] presentation by Matt Le Tissier

4. So the protest group, FEMEN, which I guess is no longer getting much attention for just having women run around half naked with political stuff written on them in grease paint, now has upped the anti. Which of course is how shock tactics have to go. Now they have added a man slightly altered to have female components, and they added something red in white underpants, and they are shouting slogans of some kind. If anyone wants to leave a comment explaining or speculating what their issue is, please feel free to do so. As far as we can tell, they are protesting anyone not being disgusting.

5. Utah plastic surgeon charged for tossing 2,000 COVID vaccines, giving kids SALINE shots instead of the real thing if their anti-vaxx parents requested it, and selling fake vaccine cards for $50 a pop

(Someday there will be a statue of this man, his nurse, Dr. Mary O’Connor, and the german doctor who wrote mask exemptions near the justice buildings of their respective countries. I hope to get the chance to be part of the installation team myself.)

Utah plastic surgeon and some of his staff members have been charged with running an elaborate COVID vaccine scam, where they’re accused of ordering thousands of doses of the shots then throwing them out and giving patients fake vaccine cards. 

In some cases, prosecutors say they even gave saline shots to children at the request of their parents, who wanted them to think they’d been vaccinated when they hadn’t. 

Dr. Michael J. Kirk Moore, 58, has been charged along with nurse Kari Dee Burgoyne, 52, and neighbor Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59. Sandra Flores, 31, another of his staff members, was also charged. 

It’s unclear from the indictment why they ran the alleged scheme; prosecutors do not indicate if any of the defendants are anti-vaxxers themselves, or if they were simply trying to make money. 

The indictment however claims both Andersen and Moore are members of an unknown organization ‘seeking to “liberate” the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.’

Most interesting about this story is the specific charges they applied. None of them are about medicine so they don’t have to put the vaccines on trial, in which case the doctors wouldn’t just win but the corrupt and obsequious doctors who administered the mRNA etc. would be guilty of serious crimes. The charges in this case are reported as:

The indictment however claims both Andersen and Moore are members of an unknown organization ‘seeking to “liberate” the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.’

In total, they sold nearly 2,000 fake vaccine cards for a profit of $96,850.

According to the indictment, the group pretended to administer 391 kids shots, 524 adult Pfizer shots, 64 Moderna shots and 958 J&J shots between October 2021 and September 2022. 

In reality, they poured them down the drain using syringes, prosecutors say. 

Now, they are all charged with destroying government property. They were indicted earlier this month but the indictment was unsealed this week in a court in Utah.

All of these are interesting. But the first one is fun. Charged with attempting to return medicine to its pre-revolutionary state. Meaning doctors use experience, judgement and science to determine what is right for a patient and not a government diktat. They have made that into a formal charge now it seems, using the established rebranding of terrorism as anyone who opposes illegal government policies.

Thank you one and all for following the issues this site manages to address.

Who knew all those years that Children’s entertainer, Mr. Rogers was a dangerous enemy of the revolution and a subversive!

The list of charges against him now, and for sure in a year or two from now, would be quite Soviet.

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  1. 3- I wonder what would happen if there were a similar massive protest in front of the CBC building in Ottawa? Would they bring out the horsies again? Just wondering.

  2. As far as I understand it the guys (?) from Femen was disturbing a demonstration against the legalization of euthanasia in France, that anyone would spend their time on this is beyond me.

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