Dr. Ryan Cole faces charges from licensing board, the solution to human existence is the ant farm: Links 2, January 21, 2023

1. Andrew Bridgen UK MP gives speech at BBC demo

(Just to add Emphasis. When he says, “They lied”, it’s because they lied. When they said it was safe and effective, they could not have known if it was, as it had never been tested. Not even the way a new vaccine is tested, let alone a brand new technology such as gene therapy. It may have been safe and effective. But they said it was without knowing if it was. THIS makes it a lie. As it happens, it is neither safe or effective. )

2. How exactly does Russel brand stay on YouTube? Here he speaks with Aseem Malhotra on vaxx damage to the heart. Dr. Peter McCullough was permanently banned from YouTube for showing peer reviewed data that the vaxx caused heart issues. Hell I was permanently banned from Twitter for suggesting someone read Alex Berenson’s Substack. And that was after he was reinstated to Twitter after he sued them. Brand has been getting away with stuff no one else can except maybe Paul Joseph Watson.

3. Dr. Ryan Cole now the target of captured licensing boards

I am so sick and tired of seeing medical licensing bodies going on what appear to me to be witch hunts to round up and punish anyone and everyone who has dared to challenge their singular COVID-19 ‘narrative’.

The most recent victim is Dr. Ryan Cole, a physician in the United States of America. I have followed Dr. Cole’s public messaging and he knows what he is talking about. He is right to have voiced concerns regarding mask and ‘vaccine’ mandates, and to promote the use of effective early treatment strategies based on rationalized combinations of repurposed drugs. He has done the right thing by demanding transparent evidence from organizations that pushed rushed COVID-19 policies on people. As an expert vaccinologist who has been following COVID-19 science very closely, I can confirm that he has a solid rationale for dissenting with many of the decisions that his licensing college has made.

In my expert opinion, most medical licensing bodies, including those for physicians and surgeons, and other health professionals like naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, etc. should be thoroughly investigated. Specifically, they should be investigated for potential failure to follow and/or understand COVID-19 science and change their policies accordingly.

(Dr. Bridle, one of the dozen or so doctors for whom I have the utmost respect since all this began, is either being too kind, or gently missing the point. These agencies are captured. Their intention is to force doctors to obey a state narrative. It is to end personal ethics and medical science. It isn’t that they don’t understand Covid science. It is that they hold science in contempt, other than when they use the word science, as a mechanism to coerce the public to do something it simply would never, ever do if told the truth.)

4. Here’s another guy that I don’t get how he manages to stay on YouTube

5.  In a conversation last night about the planned 15 minute cities, my response to someone about some aspect of it was that what they clearly want for us is not a 15 minute city, but to put us all in ant farms.

Then today I saw this:

Ok then.

Let’s hope there are no aliens with a giant magnifying glass planning to end us all that way.

Thank you all for considering the idea that we may indeed need a counter-revolution to stop and reverse the revolution that has taken place and that none of us would have wanted had we been told a small fraction of the truth of it all.


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  1. Nice way to finish off all the birds they haven’t killed in other ways.
    These people are truly demonically insane.

    They too are captured. By the Death Star.

  2. What the globalists want was tried by Romanian dictator Ceaucescu (I think that was the name). He wanted all the rural population herded into cheap tower blocks where they could be monitored 24-7. I hope the globalists have his end!

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