What Lockdowns may have really been about and more: Links 1 for January 10th, 2023

1. Trudeau gov’t boasts COVID lockdowns helped Canada hit ‘climate change’ targets

(As the new wave of global tyrants expect to pass seamlessly from flu-oppression of freedoms to climate ones, and both with about the same degree of veracity.)

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian ministry responsible for the environment recently boasted that “real progress” was made in hitting its “climate” targets thanks to the COVID lockdowns harshly imposed on Canadians for well over a year by various levels of government. 

Per Blacklock’s Reporter, Canada’s Department of Environment earlier this week claimed that a recent report showed 2020 emissions went down nine percent because of COVID lockdowns.

“Canada’s resolve to fight climate change and move towards a clean energy future has only grown stronger,” the department celebrated. 

According to the report, lower emissions came from a downturn in activity in the oil and gas industry, road transportation, as well as air travel.

2. UK: Alleged Satanic Child Sex Ring Accused of Rape, Attempted Murder, Blood Sacrifices

( I wonder how this would compare to the Islamic rape gangs in the UK both in terms of cruelty and numbers?)

An alleged Satanic child sex ring has been accused of attempted murder and the rape of children in Scotland in a trial for offences stretching over a decade.

On Friday, 11 people appeared before the High Court in Glasgow, accused of operating a Satanic cult which abused two young girls and a boy, who were allegedly forced to engage in witchcraft rituals and subjected to sexual and violent abuse by members of the group.

(Satanists. Wannabes.)

3. USA Today Warns Heart Attacks ‘Can Happen to Children’

American corporate “news” outlet USA Today has issued a warning to parents that heart attacks can also “happen to children.”

USA Today is raising the alarm in response to 24-year-old Buffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin suffering a near-fatal cardiac arrest during last Monday night’s game.

Hamlin, who had no known health issues, narrowly avoided death when his heart suddenly stopped on the field.

After being resuscitated twice, the young athlete spent days in intensive care and is now pulling through.

In wake of the shocking tragedy, USA Today took the opportunity to warn “parents of kids in sports” that the same thing could happen to their child.

4. DNA from 2m years ago reveals lost Arctic world

(If only Global Warming was actually happening. What a wonderful world it would be!)

Breakthrough pushes back DNA record by 1m years to time when region was 11–19C warmer than today

Two-million-year-old DNA from northern Greenland has revealed that the region was once home to mastodons, lemmings and geese, offering unprecedented insights into how climate change can shape ecosystems.

The breakthrough in ancient DNA analysis pushes back the DNA record by 1m years to a time when the Arctic region was 11-19C warmer than the present day. The analysis reveals that the northern peninsula of Greenland, now a polar desert, once featured boreal forests of poplar and birch trees teeming with wildlife. The work offers clues to how species might adapt, or be genetically engineered, to survive the threat of rapid global heating.

Prof Eske Willerslev of the University of Cambridge and the University of Copenhagen, said: “A new chapter spanning 1m extra years of history has finally been opened and for the first time we can look directly at the DNA of a past ecosystem that far back in time.”

The fragments are 1m years older than the previous record for DNA sampled from a Siberian mammoth bone. “DNA can degrade quickly but we’ve shown that under the right circumstances, we can now go back further in time than anyone could have dared imagine,” said Willerslev.

5. Gates of Vienna has this important video on a doctor in Germany who was sentenced to years in jail for writing mask exemptions. We will have a lot to say about this in the coming week. For the moment, check out the post and video at Gates of Vienna.

Thank you all for your consideration of these posts, the information in them, and the interpretation that differs from the increasingly legally mandated ones.

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5 Replies to “What Lockdowns may have really been about and more: Links 1 for January 10th, 2023”

  1. Climate change hysteria (manufactured by the enemies of civilization) appears more and more to be the linchpin around which the global depopulation agenda operates. Make of humankind the grand despoiler and punish him or annihilate him accordingly.

    (How very antithetical to the work of God in Christ — the redeemer of fallen man, for those who believe).

    Depopulation first; despotic tyranny second — or both coincident..

    Not an ounce of compassion nor empathy for the entirety of humanity.

    Remind you of anyone?

    • Years ago, they discovered dinosaur fossils in the Arctic. I think they were 1 Million years old.

      Climate despots said dinosaurs ended up in that area because of tectonic plate movements thus creating a new continent from which they couldn’t escape, and they died shortly after.

      Now, they are finding older ones.

  2. The mRNA injections were always a eugenics program.
    “Climate change” was always a politicized glaciation cycle.
    The ugly behavior of dullards is reported as a distraction from the uglier behavior of our governors and their propagandists.

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