Enemy propaganda does hard vaxx push for year’s end: Links post 1, December 30, 2022

1. Bogus study on vaxx and driving “could further increase vaccine hesitancy and create more animosity towards public health officials, physicians, and government”.

(This video also unintentionally illustrates one of the best examples of the misapplication of an attempt to dispel untruths as logical fallacies, but actually using this mechanism to be a logical fallacy, and indeed dialectic tool all by itself. And that tool is, “Correlation is not causation”. This is of course true. But when dialectically applied, it becomes the logical fallacy it attempts to dissolve. Correlation is always causation when it comes to global warming, vaxx benefits, crimes associated with Islam and Islamic immigration etc. And it is never causation when the side of reality attempts to point out these correlations. In other words, “Correlation is not causation” only when it moves the culture and society to the left and is always causation when moving the culture to the left. One has to have one’s wits around us when discussing any issue with these verbal tacticians.

2. Propaganda video pretending to explain why demand in Africa is very low for the vaxx. It is clear that it is propaganda when they describe the vaxx rate in third world nations as compared to in the West as “inequity” when in the same video they also say there is enough vaxx for all, but the people don’t want it. When dealing with the why of it, they mumble half truths while neglecting to mention how Bill Gates tricked many people in Africa into taking a vaccine for another disease which sterilized a lot of people. Not mentioning that implies the people in Africa are stupid, as well as attempting to deceive their own audience.

3. Family doctor bombarded by death threats from anti-vaxxers during pandemic dies suddenly

(Last night I sent this article to some colleagues, and after describing it, we pretty much all had a deeply sardonic laugh. “I am sending you”, i explained “an article about a young, fit, healthy doctor who died suddenly and who’s career was based for the last few years, on injecting children with mRNA who were all under 12, and somehow, the article is about how bad people are that didn’t want him to do that. Not one word about the cause of death.” And that is when the laughter started. Maybe it’s time to read Through the looking Glass again.)

A family doctor who received death threats from anti-vaxxers during the pandemic has died suddenly.

Dr Wilson Chin, who was described as ‘gentle and kind’, had previously broken down in tears as he described the abuse he received while running a Covid vaccination clinic on Australia ‘s Gold Coast.

The British-trained Hong Kong-born doctor, who emigrated to Australia in 2018, passed away shortly before Christmas.

Dr Chin was popular with patients and colleagues at the Pacific Pines MedCentres, and known in his local community for walking his dog Splash.

He made headlines in January this year when he tried to warn people of a false rumour being spread on social media that claimed two girls had fainted and died after treatment at Pacific Pines MedCentres. It was claimed that both girls collapsed and began screaming – but Dr Chin confirmed to 9News at the time that it was simply ‘a fainting episode’ unrelated to the vaccine.

Dr who vaxxed children under 12 died suddenly for some reason

Tributes have poured in from patients – with one describing Mr Chin as “such a wonderful doctor” ( Image: Facebook/MedCentres Pacific Pines)

(And once again I am reminded of the ancient near-proverb that every nickel and dime drug dealer is expected to know. “Never use from your own stash”.)

4. Canadian Conservative MP, Leslyn Lewis, who ran for leadership of the Conservative Party against Pierre Poilievre, published this PDF of a contract between The Canadian Government, and the World Economic Forum, usually called the WEF. This particular contract, 2 pages in English and the same 2 in French, seems to be about an attempt to control travel of Canadians.

Signed by the Honourable Omar Alghabra (ibid)

If this fails to become available from Leslyn’s site, please check here.

Any comments or thoughts as to what this document means, most welcome in the comments.

5. When watching this propaganda, it’s good to remember that China has a billion people or more, and that means a lot of people die. Is that percentage higher or lower than other countries, is the question. But as usual, no real numbers are offered. Just terms like “pouring in” and “packed full” and so on. Does anyone think Global, who lied about our own hospital capacity during early days, would be more truthful about what is taking place in China, without even offering one meaningful and checkable statistic? All we know is, this means loss of freedom around the corner, and more difficulty not taking the shots unless you are municipal police, or an illegal immigrant.

Also the scene with “science based approach” is funny. Three men in masks pointing at a monitor. Reminds me of this.

Some hard numbers and reasonable explanations for what is being ‘reported’ out of China. Note: The speaker admits he is forced to accept what the WHO says as “true”, and despite that, Global is still way out there.


Thank you all for your kind attention to this site and contributions to this site and its efforts. It’s been a hell of a year. One can only hope that information provided by this site and its many contributors has helped people to understand the nature of reality as it is presented to us today, and make better decisions for themselves and those they love.

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  1. 5./ Back to COVID are we? I thought we were back to climate change. Oh well..When in doubt: RACISM!

    There! I feel all validated now.

  2. ITEM 4: Touchless technologies are the way Canada is heading unless nobody partakes in the studies. Anyone with a tiny shred of integrity would avoid such at all costs. Scary scenario. Soon they’ll be beaming invisible rays into our homes from a tower to carry out facial recognition.

  3. I listened to the first vaxx encouragement video for about 6 seconds before realising this is actually a threat they are sending out. So they are planning to do this probably on all fronts until you are broke or dead…

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