Breaking: German Parliament Vice President Calls For Investigation into Covid ‘Vaccine’ Deaths and Damages

This is powerful stuff. At this point anyone in denial of the dangers of the vaxx and the deaths and serious disease it causes, may as well become a junkie as their avoidance of reality is on that order of magnitude.

We also have a 5 part one hour total, AfD press conference coming up with official stats from the top health agencies and insurance companies in Germany on this. Watch out for that. It’s truly stunning.

Please read the extracted main points of this BILD video we translated and subtitled at RAIR Foundation

I think a peak moment is when one of the panelists says: “Everyone who got vaccinated did so at their own risk.” I am glad I was not on the panel with them. I would be in jail right now on legitimate charges. But what a sterling example of what is to come. An attempt to shift reposnability for the killing of a great deal of people, not just from forcing the vaccine in any rational definition of force, but from the various components of that force. Things like banning any other potential treatment for Covid, and even censoring and destroying people who advocated effective treatments that might have brought about “vaccine hesitancy”.

Anyway, please watch and spread this video. Something is changing. And one wonders if what we are seeing here is what Stephen Coughlin referred to as how we, the people, will never be ahead of the narrative. That even when it appears that broadcast media is beginning to reflect our reality, it is just getting ahead of us in order to lead us down another imposed pseudo-reality.

That statement sure looks like more than just mere damage control to us.

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2 Replies to “Breaking: German Parliament Vice President Calls For Investigation into Covid ‘Vaccine’ Deaths and Damages”

  1. Exactly so, Vlad (or should I say Eeyore?).
    How can it possibly be TRUE to say that “Everyone who got vaccinated did so at their own risk” when IN FACT the government mandated the jab — in many if not all quarters — and egregiously denied to people the most basic knowledge of what the risks were?

    So we have “take the mystery kill shot” or risk getting the “killer” virus, which is exactly how the talking heads sensationalized a virus which has more than a 99% survival rate for most people. Rather like ‘pick your poison.’

    More and more people are waking up to the money-grubbing charade our medico-pharma-political complex has morphed into: a complex that is a very real danger to our health and well-being. It is no surprise to me that parents are becoming legitimately wary of the “vaccine schedule” in the U.S.

    This catastrophe, born of malign intent by its myriad perpetrators, may have a silver lining, perhaps even a cascade of silver linings — we shall see. And we can hope. We have learned that WEF and its tentacles (many of whom are principle members [the names of which are known to all, eg CocaCola], many are in government) is a death cult, not much different from Marxism: different means but same goal, following the same Liar.

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