Some interesting reveals and some well hidden pushback, more debate in UK parliament about vaxx reality: Links 2, December 14th, 2022

1. Please read this Twitter thread to get a sense of the nature of Canadian and Ontario health care and hospitals. It appears that lie, hide, deny has replaced any precepts of saving lives. Tonight there is a live interview with the parents, who would, based on this Twitter thread, have a LOT of evidence to support their claims about how the Ontario Hospital killed their baby, then denied the baby was ever even admitted there.

2. Meanwhile, back at the “College of Surgeons and Physicians”, they are busy pulling the licences of any doctor that follows medical science and their own best clinical judgment, as opposed to big pharma and government edicts. Now they have pulled the licence of Dr. Mark Trozzi.

(Some readers may remember that Dr. Trozzi was one of a few doctors that took on the College in a Tribunal, represented by a Toronto Lawyer. We posted a few stories on that. One of them is here. For a while, the actual hearing itself was available on YouTube so I’m sure someone has it somewhere for anyone who wishes to see the arguments. But, like science, which has been replaced by Scientism, Law, has been replaced with Marxist dialectics.)

3. Father Mark speaks to MAiD in Canada.

4. In the last post, there was an item about Australia that was misrepresented. The post was updated to reflect the facts of it. This appears to be accurate, and in tandem with a similar policy in the UK. Clearly, this is about applying policy in recognition of the facts of vaxx consequences, while denying this is why it’s needed.


5. The following video is alleged to be from the prison where Sam Bankman-Fried is currently being held until at least February 8th for his next hearing.

The U.S. State Department in a 2021 report described conditions at the facility, also known as Fox Hill Prison, as “harsh,” citing overcrowding, rodent infestation and prisoners relying on buckets as toilets.

Thank you all for paying attention. And once again, the UK Parliament, vastly unlike the Canadian one, appears to be attempting an honest debate about the risk-benefit of the mRNA shots based on actual science. A reality push-back against the Scientism that has dictated politics and more for the past few years.

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  1. I’d like to hear Bibi’s story.
    It isn’t money, it isn’t power.
    When I let myself think about it, I’m afraid my burning guts will set the apt on fire.

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