Money to Islamic propaganda in Oz, MAiD in Canada: Links post 1 for December 10th, 2022

1. He is half right. We all do need to know about the deeds of Islam’s founder, Mohammad. From robbing caravans, to taking slaves, to killing unbelievers and raping captive women and putting them in hareems for himself and his captains. But then the grant would have to be to someone honest about it. Robert Spencer, Bill Warner etc.

2. One good example of the works of Mohammad, and his instructions to his followers as detailed in the cannon of Islamic scripture:

3. What do you call a man, who never had any kind of cosmetic surgery to look like a woman, claims he is a lesbian because he still likes sex with women, and gets released from Russia in a prisoner exchange?

Was Griner in the Navy?

(One great comment at Twitter, “If it has an apple, it has a banana.”)

4. So about all the Western media reports on food shortages in Russia due to sanctions…

Figuring out what this means in the big picture can be a little tricky. But for sure, we know the NYT lies. We already knew that of course, but additional data points on the nature and direction of the lies is helpful. It’s almost like watching Michael Moore movies in a sense. You can always make money betting on the opposite of what he says. I’m sure many reading this have a clear picture of the reasons for these lies. But one thing is for sure. A Moscow grocery bill is a lot less than what an Ottawa one is. So comparing capitol to capitol is fair. Maybe do the same report in Washington DC to get a proper sense? Comment thread is good also at Twitter. And people are asking for reports from small towns and other cities where the effects are more likely to be felt. Reasonable objections for sure. Hopefully the Rebel reporter will go check out more hidden and less politically important cities. Here is a report on the cost of food in the USA which may help to sort it all out.

5. Corbett Report: Canada’s MAiD program.

(Question: If an illegal migrant is “an undocumented worker”, or even “a dreamer”, and someone burning down a police station is a “mostly peaceful protestor”, when will the state just freaking killing someone be, “unrequested state-assisted suicide”?)

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  1. RE: Islamic propaganda in Oz
    (If your ‘religion’ requires you to hate and kill someone, you need a new religion…)
    The koran is certainly unworthy of its alleged “Divine” Authorship!
    Islam was dreamt-up by an insane con man to inflate his ego and fill his treasure chest.
    There are just three basic truths that people must learn about Islam
    (1.) Everything that Muslims claim concerning Islam is a LIE!
    (A.) There is no “Revealed Truth”!
    (B.) The Moon-god “Allah” was originally the Head ‘god’ of the pagan Meccan, Quraysh Arab tribal pantheon of about 360 idols. Each Arab Tribe had its own assorted pagan deities that they worshiped.
    (C.) Islam has no legitimate proof of any pre-history that they claim.
    (a.) However, there is plenty of proof refuting those lies.
    (D.) There are no predictions in the Old or New Testament concerning Islam.
    (E.) Why would an all-knowing “god” not get everything RIGHT the first time?
    (F.) Nearly everything written in the Koran for the first 13 years during Mohammad’s peaceful Meccan period was abrogated (overturned) after he started his Medinan period as a Barbarian Warlord.
    (G.) Islam has been practicing Jihad, fighting against the entire world for 1400 years.

    (2.) Much of the Koran was plagiarized from other sources and then rewritten.
    (A.) Mohammad was an illiterate and originally, he was a Moon-god ‘worshiping’ heathen, who then used a mashup of his pagan tribal beliefs, plagiarized oral accounts from some of the Apocryphal books, including some of the false teachings of heretical ‘christian’ and ‘jewish’ sects, as well as oral accounts of actual Jewish, Christian, Gnostic, and Zoroastrian beliefs and writings to flesh out his koran. He also plagiarized some of the faulty ‘science’ from other cultures, such as Ancient Greek “medicine” plagiarizing Doctor Galen’s (circa 150 AD) absurd description of how babies are formed in the womb. (The bones are formed first, then the bones are then ‘clothed’ with flesh…) among many other absurdities!

    (3.) They all despise, murder, and make war on other Mozlems too!
    Anyone of any other Muslim Sect are considered to be hypocrites and apostates or ‘murtadeen’ (not really ‘Muslim’) Islam has around 73 different sects remaining in existence, and all of the different sects despise and murder each other and they all make war upon one another because: “They do not believe as we do”. They each have their own versions of Shariah Law. There were many more Mozlem Sects in the past, but Islam brought the “Peace of Islam” to all those ‘missing’ Sects! Islamic sects are not simply “denominations” if that word is understood to mean various valid approaches to the same religion.
    Members of one Islamic group do not usually recognize members of other groups as valid or true fellow Moslems, and open conflict between sects has been a normal course of practice throughout Islam’s history. Islam has been AT WAR WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD ever since Mohammad invaded Medina. Moslems have been at war with themselves, ever since they broke up into different sects, shortly after its founder Mohammad died.
    It has been: Barelvi Sunni vs. Deobandi Sunni vs. Wahabi Sunni vs. Sufi Sunni vs. Shia vs. Twelver Shia vs. Zaydi Shia vs. Ismaili Shia vs. Alawi vs. Ibadi vs. Druze… and on ad nauseam!

    The Definition of Islamophobia:
    (A.) When a non-Muslim knows more about Islam than we are “supposed” to know.
    (B.) When a Muslim finally learns the awful Truth about Islam.
    There are 109 verses straight from the koran, demanding ALL muslims to steal from, hate, murder, and commit terror against all people who will not submit to a Dhimmi status, or convert to Islam.
    Isn’t it natural to fear something that threatens to kill you, or enslave you, and turn your wife and daughters into sex slaves… and destroy and subvert your country?
    I am sick of Islam being shoved down the throats of the American people. Those of us who openly oppose Islam are labeled as Islamophobic.

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