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11 Replies to “Defense Department Records Reveal U.S. Funding of Anthrax BioLabs in Ukraine”

  1. Oh, so Russia right when they brought the evidence to the UN during the 1st emergency meeting following the invasion, and all of the countries fell in line behind the US and pointed their fingers at Russia. And then curiously, the UN wouldn’t allow Russia to have a 2nd emergency session because they were not “worthy” of having more meetings because they were the aggressor.

    Uh huh. The US (and possibly other countries) didn’t want more truth being exposed to the world.

    In my own social circle I called that out, and everyone was saying, “No. Ukraine and US good, Russia bad.” While Russia was showing (literally) the receipts, and manifests, shipping and destruction dates, etc.

    This crap bugs me. Evidence is shown right there, and it’s deny, deny, deny.

    How much better this world would be if people just told the truth and didn’t try to hide stuff they’re going to be embarrassed about later when it’s exposed.

    We’re (as a country) dirty as all heck in this Ukraine war. And all this money going over there is just to cover it up.

    WE’VE been provoking Russia through NATO since 2014 (separate from the leaked Victoria Nuland (and Obama administration) call to overthrow the Ukrainian government) by constantly pushing the NATO border, putting weaponry close to Russia’s border in violation of the treaty with Russia.

    I wish someone with a megaphone would publish all this and put the pieces together so everyone could see it for what it is. More than just laundering money, but war profiteering and pushing a global agenda.

    Is it any wonder everyone hated Trump from both sides? He cut off the gravy train. And took away the boogy man that gave cover for all this dirty/blood money to be transferred around.

  2. MARCH 2022 – BBC REALITY CHECK – Ukraine war: Fact-checking Russia’s biological weapons claims

    Russia has claimed without any evidence that biological weapons are being developed in laboratories in Ukraine with support from the United States.

    […]the US says this is “total nonsense” and that Russia is inventing false narratives

    […]The US provides technical support and, according to the US Embassy in Ukraine, “works with partner countries to counter the threat of outbreaks (intentional, accidental or natural) of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases”.

    There is no evidence that they work to produce biological weapons. In January, the US said its programme does the opposite and in fact aims to “reduce the threat of biological weapons proliferation”.

    […]”There are no indications that Ukrainian labs have been involved in any nefarious activity, or any research or development in contravention of the Biological Weapons Convention,” says Filippa Lentzos, a biosecurity expert at King’s College London.

    She adds that pathogens stored at biological labs are simply bacteria and viruses, and “not blueprints or components of biological weapons”.

    […]”Everything listed in the published documents are only notional pathogens, with the exception of Clostridium diphtheriae, but even that is not considered highly hazardous”.
    “Devoting considerable sums of money and significant resources to conducting bioweapons research makes no strategic sense for Ukraine given the difficulty in using them in a conflict,” argues Dan Kaszeta, a former US serviceman and expert on defence against biological weapons.

    […]Although the allegations have been echoed elsewhere, “most of the Russian messaging is meant to target their own population”, according to Milton Leitenberg, a senior research associate at the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland (CISSM).

    He said the claims were meant to “muddy up the minds of Russian citizens” who did not know they were false and had no access to alternative information.


    global news – “Laughable:” US dismisses Russian claims of bio-warfare labs in Ukraine
    Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby denied on Wednesday renewed Russian accusations that the U.S. was supporting the operation of bio-warfare labs in Ukraine, calling the claims “laughable”

    […]”The objective was to make clear the inaccuracy of the information, the misinformation they are trying to put out

  3. And this is after Victoria Nuland ADMITTED in congressional testimony that there were biolabs there (she didn’t say they were bioweapons labs, but one can read between the lines). I think the 1st video above explained it pretty well.. and one could certainly understand wanting to employ experts in their fields before they went looking for work from the highest bidder, or at the end of a gun barrel.

  4. I was cleaning out old tabs and came across this investigative piece a few days after the UN Security Council meeting. https://dilyana.bg/pentagon-contractors-worked-in-ukrainian-biolabs-under-80-million-program/ which also had a video to go with it. https://youtu.be/_8hQi2Zv1L0

    So it’s not like it’s a “new” revelation. But Judicial Watch got theirs from DOD itself.

    I haven’t looked at what I found above, but it’s probably closer to a man-on-the-ground investigation.

    • Pentagon Biolaboratories – Investigative Documentary

      ( 27 min )

      The US Embassy to Tbilisi is involved in the trafficking of frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret military program.

      Internal documents, leaked to Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva by Georgian insiders, implicate US scientists in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover.

      According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

      The military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world.

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