Death: It’s not just for the sick or old anymore: Links 2, December 6, 2022

1. In Brazil, the natives are more than restless. They are taking over Congress and the hotel where Lula is staying. For the moment, there is this. More to come.


2. As the US races to become a third world toilet, the tactics being deployed in response to Democrat policies are varied and predictable. Here is one of them.

3. Did EBOLA leak from a lab? Scientists claim accident at US-funded biofacility may have caused 2014 West Africa outbreak

(I guess someone at the facility wasn’t wearing their cloth mask)

The 2014 Ebola outbreak may have been borne out of an accidental lab leak at a US Government-funded facility, according to a bombshell analysis.

Virologist Dr Jonathan Latham — a former researcher at the University of Wisconsin — and journalist Sam Husseini say there are a number of inconsistencies in the official timeline of the West African epidemic.

The lab specialized in hemorrhagic viruses similar to Ebola — though it’s unclear whether it actually handled the epidemic-causing pathogen. 

Most experts still believe Ebola emerged naturally during a spillover event from animals in Guinea, around 175miles from the lab. 

Bats known to harbor Ebola were identified in a village where the first official patient was diagnosed — but researchers never found the original animal host.

They claim the virus likely emerged during ‘routine research activities’ from a laboratory in Kenema, Sierra Leone, which at the time was receiving funding from the US government for its work on Lassa fever.

(Everyone who suspects that Ebola is a product of gain of function of some other hemorrhagic fever, say Frank Plummer!)

4. Elon Musk says PayPal is moving in the “direction of social credit”

The PayPal founder criticizes his former company.

 seems to be moving in the direction of social credit and restricting transactions – that’s concerning,” PayPal co-founder, and now Tesla and  CEO, 

said in a recent Spaces.     

Last month, Twitter filed registration paperwork to pave the way for it to process payments, according to a filing with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, which was obtained by The New York Times.

Following that, Musk said that he envisioned users connecting their online bank accounts to the social media service, with the company moving later into “debit cards, checks, and whatnot.”

[Please continue at site. And if anyone knows of good alternatives to PayPal, please leave the links in comments]

5. Alex Berenson: The link between excess deaths and the mRNA vaxx has more and better data. Some of it hopeful. As people stop taking the shots, they also stop dying.

One paragraph from the article:

Of course, the trend is only in its earliest stages, and may yet reverse. But if it continues, the trend will be the strongest evidence yet that the mRNA shots themselves – not “long Covid” or other potential factors – have driven deaths higher this year in the countries that used them.

6. Can’t leave this post without adding this item.

Assisted suicide plans for children unveiled at Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital

(Remember when Ontario made special laws so that children under 18 could take the Covid vaxx without telling their parents? Or get sterilizing surgery or drugs that would turn them into monsters before they could legally get a tattoo, have a beer or vote? Well now they can die.)

TORONTO – In a prestigious medical journal, doctors from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children have laid out policies and procedures for administering medically assisted death to children, including scenarios where the parents would not be informed until after the child dies.
The articleappears just three months before the Canadian Council of Academies is due to report to Parliament on the medical consensus about extending voluntary euthanasia in circumstances currently forbidden by law. The Canadian Council of Academies is specifically looking at extending so-called assisted dying to patients under 18, psychiatric patients and patients who have expressed a preference for euthanasia before they were rendered incapable by Alzheimer’s or some other disease.

The Sept. 21 paper written by Sick Kids doctors, administrators and ethicists was published in the British Medical Journal’s J Med Ethics and backed by the University of Toronto’s Joint Centre for Bioethics.

In a flowchart that outlines how a medically induced death would occur at Sick Kids, authors Carey DeMichelis, Randi Zlotnik Shaul and Adam Rapoport do not mention conversation with family or parents about how the child dies until after the death occurs in the “reflection period.”

Thank you all for your kind attention. Don’t get used to this stuff. get mad.


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