Anti-humans vs a glimmer of hope: Links 1, December 2, 2022

1. The human extinction movement

(This guy uses the classic communist retasking of the word, “rights”. Check it out.)

2. Viva Frie points out some Trudeau hypocrisy we all are aware of, but should keep front and centre till he no longer holds any power over us.

3. Chinese state TV cuts shots of mask-free World Cup fans

(While less subtle than CBC, in substance no difference. CBC often does not show leaders without masks during the height of lockdown when social media posts were chock-a-blok full of video of leaders putting them on for cameras then taking them off after the photo shoot. We have featured a ton on this site. So not sure why its a story that Chinese media does this other than to make those of us in the West think its any different here. It isn’t.)

That’s one way to tackle it.

Chinese TV has been cutting close-up shots of mask-free World Cup soccer fans to avoid angry comparisons with the strict “zero-COVID” clampdowns behind historic protests at home, according to reports.

Earlier footage of soccer fans from around the world packing Qatar stadiums without face coverings drew outrage in the nation that remains alone in enforcing draconian lockdowns and forced testing for millions.

“Is this the same world as ours?” one Weibo user asked alongside footage, as a viral open letter to Beijing’s National Health Commission asked if China was “on the same planet” as Qatar.

Now, as that anger has spilled out into the biggest wave of protests in the 33 years since Tiananmen Square, state TV has been blocking shots of the fun-loving fans, according to the South China Morning Post.

4. Canada’s #1 export for many years has been sanctimony, and never more than under a Trudeau. That is, #1 after guns, wood, oil, and weapons of war

5. This is a tricky one. It seems to reference two pieces of legislation, one federal and one provincial in British Columbia, which the article claims, will jail doctors if they stray from the top-down, dictated medical directives of the Politburo, provincially or federally.

I haven’t been able to sort out where it is right or wrong yet. But all of it is very, very bad.

Here is the claim about jailing doctors. And not the ones who pushed the vaxx knowing it was untested but got paid for it. The ones who told patients that they may want to think twice before taking it because it was untested and seemed to have serious side effects.

Here is a link to the Provincial legislation it references.

Here is a link to federal bill, C-36 which appears to make opening your mouth with any kind of audio from it illegal, depending on how the state decides it wants to interpret the noise.

I think all of us at this site would welcome anyone who wishes to look through this and see why the first article connects these two bits of legislation, if there is any truth to the claim, and general thoughts on these bills. I know I would.

Thank you all who noticed this website.

Here’s an interesting graph!

The Japanese fellow speaking in this video, is Prof. Emeritus Dr Masanori Fukushima, at Kyoto University. He actually has a lot more credentials in medicine than just that. But more on him and what he has to say a little later.

I would get one of these just because I don’t trust Google or Apple and they deserve to be cut down several notches. Both of them. A lot.

I doubt the solar panels  can recharge it on Mars though, since solar panels that small can’t recharge a phone on Earth, at the equator, at noon.


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4 Replies to “Anti-humans vs a glimmer of hope: Links 1, December 2, 2022”

    • After what I saw Apple do in China with the Airdrop app via OS update, thank God they still have to be manually done.

      The Canadian government sneakily slipped a tracking app into an Android, and presumably iOS update. So the only way NOT to get the tracking app, was not to do the update. Same in China. At that time I worked out how to delete the unwanted and unannounced Canadian government tracking app from one’s Android and published the method here. But it wasn’t easy for me to do, and I have a slightly, but only slightly higher comfort level with manipulating computers than average. So most people probably didn’t even bother to remove it.

      All this means the only real choice you have is NOT to update the OS. Always uncheck update automatically. We now know for a FACT that whatever documents come with system updates are lies. We have two solid examples. China and Airdrop, and Canada (and likely everywhere) with tracking apps during Covid. And its not likely it isn’t still in use.

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