Premier Danielle Smith unveils Alberta sovereignty within United Canada act

Global News somehow managed to get very poor sound on this video. One hears the digital shutter sound from mirrorless cameras better than you hear the very important words she is saying. Also there is bumps and noise from the on camera mic which means we are not hearing the mic right in front of her. Interesting for a major propaganda outfit like Global News.

The video below has much better audio. It is from last week where she explains clearly what her Sovereignty Act is and what it is not.

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One Reply to “Premier Danielle Smith unveils Alberta sovereignty within United Canada act”


    Inconceivable, this inability to take effective
    and appropriate security measures! It really
    already has something clownish about it. But
    let’s ask ourselves honestly, soberly and ratio-
    nally: “Can a society/political system that sells
    out its own population be expected to treat its
    material goods with more care and concern?”

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