Brazilian Army to invoke Article 142, stands with Bolsonaro, five other items of note: Links 1, November 27, 2022

Breaking Report: The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro… is prepared to invoke Article 142…

Sometimes it seems like nothing ever happens, but this seems like it could be a big deal…

Background: The Brazilian people have flooded the streets in protest at an allegedly rigged and stolen election. Truckers are blocking all highways. Farmers have blocked all ports from exporting agriculture. Bolsonaro has exhausted his legal options, with his election appeal being rejected by a corrupt, opposition-appointed Chief Supreme Court justice.

Bolsonaro is now huddling with the military to plot his next moves.

1. ‘It’s heresy!’: Worshippers left ‘in tears’ as Cambridge dean claims Jesus was TRANSGENDER after row over Christ’s wound having a ‘vaginal appearance’

(Link to Dalyrimple quote)

Church worshippers cried ‘heresy’ at the Dean of Trinity College as they left a sermon claiming Jesus may have been transgender ‘in tears’.

But the view of a transgender Jesus is ‘legitimate’, according to Dr Michael Banner, the Dean who stepped in to defend the claim made at a Sermon last Sunday that Christ had a ‘trans body’.

Dr Michael Banner, the Dean of Trinity College, was backing up junior research fellow Joshua Heath, who displayed Renaissance and Medieval paintings of the crucifixion depicting a side wound that he likened to a vagina in front of the congregation.

The side wound ‘takes on a decidedly vaginal appearance’, said Heath, whose PhD was supervised by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

(Too many layers to this lie to bother dissecting it. The Dalyrimple quote linked above is all that is needed for the moment. Pretty sure readers of this site will know the D word which describes the methods behind the destruction of the most sacred of all Christian symbolism.)

2. Trudeau shows his authoritarian nature in this short clip about the Ottawa Police

(A wee observation on Trudeau’s mannerisms in this video. It is quite amazing how much less stupid and awkward he appears on the stand than he ever does when campaigning or out in public. His use of language and metaphor and more makes it clear that he is a lot more capable than any of his detractors imagine him to be. It makes one wonder if the plan by these fascist authoritarians has always been to disarm the public by appearing harmless. To make sure that we, the people, underestimate their capabilities, since these capabilities will be used to destroy everything we care about. Fetterman, Biden, Trudeau, Harris, Ardern and other seemingly feckless people in positions of tremendous power in the world, are likely playing us in this manner.

I would also ask the following question: Recently, a video emerged showing Trudeau interacting with China’s Politburo chairman, Xi. The pitch was from people who allegedly do not like Trudeau, that he was being dressed down by Xi. In fact if you watch it, Trudeau was defending freedom and freedom of speech while bieng admonished by Xi for letting Canadians know some trivial bit of nothing about China. Could it be that this very conveniently recorded video at a secret meeting which starts and ends at just the right place for total context and neither man saw the camera, when the entire thing was about leaking info to the Canadian public, was a PR attempt by Trudeau to restore confidence that Trudeau is not just a Chinese Viceroy to Canada? At one point, the translator actually gets out of the way of the camera! After you watch it, you just want to yell, “And scene!”)

3. “You’re Just a F*cking Moron Who Doesn’t Know Sh*t from Clay” – Popular Radio Host Who Consistently Attacks Anti-Vaxxers will Take Hiatus until 2023 After Heart Attack

(Just for clarity. The vaccine injured are victims. The people who pushed it on others are not. That applies even if they were right, because a violation of rights is a violation of rights no matter what the reason. And there does seem to be a disproportionate number of people who insulted, intimidated and coerced those of us skeptical of these experimental mRNA shots who have suffered sudden death or severe health issues which to varying degrees appear to be connected to their own uptake of the shots. And usually, but not always, 3 or more. Those who railed against the skeptical, well it is difficult not to notice the irony.)

The popular Jack 96.9 morning show host in Vancouver, Canada, will be taking a hiatus until 2023 following a heart attack last week. […]

The 43-year-old man began to feel tightness in his chest. He contacted his friend to call 911 immediately after he failed to reach his husband, who was at work at the time.

According to Drex, firefighters were at his house within 10 minutes, and paramedics arrived shortly thereafter. He was sent to the emergency room. A heart attack was diagnosed after an EKG was performed by doctors. […]

It can be recalled, Brex launched an attack against the anti-vaxxers last year, labeling them “morons” and demanding them to shut up.

“To the folks saying getting vaccinated is a “deeply personal decision” it’s time to shut the f*ck up and sit the f*ck down. It’s a matter of public health. The media and governments aren’t lying to you. You’re just a f*cking moron who doesn’t know sh*t from clay. STFU already,” Brex wrote on his Twitter.

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

4. In the spirit of Scientism, the replacement for Socratic thought: New study blames VAXXED deaths on the UNVAXXED…because they cause anxiety. Seriously.

I mean, the headline says it all really. A study published in August in the Journal of BioMedicine actually claims in its abstract:

Fear mongering and misinformation being peddled by people with no scientific training to terrorise people into staying unvaccinated is not just causing people to remain susceptible to viral outbreaks, but could also be causing more side effects seen in the vaccination process. This brief review will offer data that may demonstrate that misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination movement may be causing more deaths and side effects from any vaccine.

Yes, apparently all those people suddenly dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes are being stressed into it by us anti-vaxxers warning them about heart attacks and strokes.

Now, if you’re thinking that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard…well, you’re wrong. He’s done the research:

5. Three Runners Suffer Heart Attacks and 125 Other Requires Medical Attention Following Spanish Half-Marathon

Three participants suffered heart attacks and 125 others required medical assistance following the Behobia-San Sebastián half-marathon last week. According to America’s Frontline News, 33 runners reportedly required hospitalization.

The Behobia to San Sebastian half marathon, a 15-mile historic running race held in the Spanish Basque Country, is held each year in November.

(The rest of the article gives comparisons that are difficult to determine if they have any real relevance.)

Thank you all very much for your continued and kind attention to this site and its presentation of the issues of the day


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15 Replies to “Brazilian Army to invoke Article 142, stands with Bolsonaro, five other items of note: Links 1, November 27, 2022”

  1. “Background: The Brazilian people have flooded the streets in protest at an allegedly rigged and stolen election.”

    Sound like the Trump crowd,the biggest threat to American Institutions and Democracy in modern America that American soldiers fought and sacrificed so hard to defend.
    Just the fact that the new Brazilian President will protect the Rain Forrest is reason enough to celebrate the defeat of the right-wing Bolsonaro.At least he hasn’t refused to step down. Just sayin’.

  2. 2- I saw Trudeau differently. I saw a dullard who has practiced his answer-avoidance tools so many times it’s down to muscle memory. Those moments where he seemed to be thinking on his own were the result of cursory review of the facts, I am sure, because little else was required. Any impression of competence in his answers may come more from his having lowered our bar of expectations so incredibly low, that his answering a lobbed ball from some gelded lawyer passes some sad test. Further, his incredibly smug expressions each time his lawyer interrupted any meaningful line of questioning only meant that his thugs were doing their jobs, and that his sorry, spoiled, pitiful, entitled arse was covered.

  3. Oh I listen to jack often in the morning , I’ve heard Drex being away from the show a couple times this month out of not feeling well. I remember their stance against this man determined not to cave into family pressure to take the vax, even if it means time away from his kids, and it ended with both hosts and the caller parting amicably on their chosen paths.

  4. Regarding your thoughts about Justin’s performance at the commission, I have been saying this for years. We have been trained to think of our elected officials as stupid and ineffective; how many times have you tried to discuss the latest antics in Ottawa and are met with something to the effect of ‘Oh yeah? What’re those idiots up to now?’
    I submit that they are not idiots. They never were. They never have been. They have always known exactly what they were doing, and they have been doing them a long time. Arthur Clarke said that one should never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity… I suggest he had it backward. It is all too easy to decide that someone who is doing something you disagree with is stupid, because to conclude they are malicious would require certain other acknowledgements, and those are unthinkable.
    Justin knows what he is doing. It is deliberate, with malice aforethought, and to say otherwise is to ignore the evidence in front of you.
    We are in serious trouble, and we did not get here overnight.

    • That’s what some observers are saying about the suicide of Europe to #StandWithUkraine. Painting Europe as slaves, a colony of the greedy, ruthless USA lets Eurocrats off the hook. Globalist elites are fully responsible, they have no national loyalty.

      The hijack blather is a tactic: paints Europe as a victim, splits the West, generates anti-Americanism, offers a path back to the [teddy]-Bear.

      Here’s a quote from a Russian blog:

      With respect, the idea that the western elites are somehow not “adults” or are living in a “reality Dysfunction,” while I certainly understand how someone can make that conclusion, is simply not true. The western elites are vicious and amoral but they are very very smart. Sure, their proxies often appear senile, but so what? Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, the heads of the Wall Street and London banks, etc., are very sharp.

      They baited Putin into launching an attack, and so far have gotten him stuck in a quagmire. He can’t disengage, and currently has no plausible path to real victory. It doesn’t matter how much Ukraine is devastated, it doesn’t matter how much the working class of the western world is impoverished (which is the long-term plan anyhow), they aim to bleed Russia to collapse, and then split it up and loot it like they started to do under Yeltsin.

      Putin is a smart man too, and perhaps he will find a way to victory. None of us here can say for certain. But his western opponents are as vicious and intelligent as any statesman that ever walked the earth.

  5. twitter @rodrigomarcial_

    BOMBA: TSE contratou empresa privada para monitorar brasileiros nas redes sociais, 24h por dia, 7 dias por semana.

    Sócio majoritário da empresa, Partners Comunicação Integrada, em 2016, fez doação a candidato do Partido dos Trabalhadores.


    video part 1 – 2 min 03

    part 2 – 1 min 58

    part 3 – 36 sec


    TSE não deveria ter poderes para MONITORAR os brasileiros nas redes sociais. Muito menos de DELEGAR esse poder para uma empresa privada, que não tem qualquer compromisso com a população brasileira.


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