Taking the country back: A new holiday for Canada and maybe after, the World

Clearly we cannot expect the elites to act in the interests of the public. The Catholic Church under Francis appears to be undermining all the precepts of that institution. They are doing so with a similar kind of humiliating set of deceptions and controls as are the political leaders. Both the Church and the State appear to be forcing a kind of Biblical apocalypse to take place. Note the order of the Four Horsemen from Revelations 6:7 which describes in this order, Plague, War, Famine and Death. This would appear to be a cycle one could cause. After a plague, one could start a war if one doesn’t naturally start as it would after a plague, which would likely cause a famine, or one could be engineered and then of course, a lot of death.

It occurs that perhaps, we need to retake the intellectual commons back as ours, which they were always meant to be.

Christmas is pretty much removed from Christianity, and often negated using the now all too familiar of the dialectic, ‘offensiveness to non-Christians’. Easter is more intact but mocked like it was in the Soviet Union. We can see what is happening with national holiday celebrations. Especially during the “2 weeks to flatten the curve”.

Why not start an annual Holiday on January 29th, the day the Freedom Convoy officially started.

The orthodox, or really dedicated, could celebrate Freedom day eve on the 28th by gathering at the local legislature and reminding the elite where the real power lies. All that takes is a lot of people who will not accept lies or obey unlawful orders and restrictions on their basic liberties. The video below is from Ottawa on the night before the Freedom Convoy was to begin. Actually we have other clips from the night before this, TWO days before the Convoy officially began, where already people had gathered at Parliament Hill in extreme cold and stood out on the sidewalks to let the Trudeau government know we were on to it.

People could take the day off work. Use a sick or vacation day, or just explain that its an actual religious/national holiday for you, and while you do not expect to be paid for it, you demand to be allowed not to work that day, and will fight back against any punishment levied against you should they try. I’m sure we could crowd fund a class action against government and employers who would not let you take that day off.

Eventually they would have to simply accept that we have created our own national holiday. And given the effects around the world, and even now in real time as I type, in Brazil, MILLIONS are lining the streets and countless trucks are shutting the country down till they allow a free and fair election.

The fix is in in Brazil. But maybe it won’t stick. Maybe, the Truckers and Amer-Indians in Brazil and all who are fighting back might force a fair election. And if that happens, maybe Americans, Canadians, the British can do the same.

Freedom Day. January 29 every year. A people’s holiday till they find a way to slime it away from us and make it a tool of tyrants. Then we start again.


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3 Replies to “Taking the country back: A new holiday for Canada and maybe after, the World”

  1. onthe doss.

    Great idea. The Ist of Jan. is a Great Catholic celebration of Christian history. Ir would be fantastic to have working people , working.

  2. Great idea – Honour the truckers, all the Patriots. Perhaps on that day we could also STOP calling politicians the right honourable. Call them the servants elected by for and of the people.

    Stop glorifying WEF clowns. Freeze their pay – no more automatic raises. Performance demotions or like in the real world – fired.

    Remember Jagmeet Singh and ALL the NDP supported the Emergency Act – – fire all the Liberals and all the NDP.

    Remember the police dragging the minister down the highway, Carol Hughes, NDP member that is supposedly representing the riding I live in said “He should have done what he was told. — NEVER FORGET what these power hungry clown have done to the Canadian people. Throw them all out – no party status for the Liberals or the NDP, the coward bullies. They were all in this together.

  3. Yes, it is a great idea. It helps us to remember those days. We can revive the events that inspired us, that moved us. We have it all recorded. And we can try to have fun–an increasingly difficult endeavor given the parched, humorless collectivist mentality that has captured so many stupid people.

    Here. Just because I thought it good:


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