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  1. Scabies Outbreak!

    “Asylum seekers: Scabies and abuse at Stockport hotel, council claims” BBC – November 11, 2022

    “Elk Grove Village monitoring scabies infections among migrants at local hotel” FOX 32 Chicago – September 19, 2022

    Scabies Outbreak! Oh Wow! I wonder what their “Protocol” is for this scary Scabies Pandemic! Could it be this?

    • The left is turning the First and Second world’s back into Third World nations.

      They are doing this to further their goals of reducing the world’s population and converting the entire world into a communist hell hole.

      • EXACTLY

        Very old plan of World Economic Forum madmen:

        1. Move citizens into urban housing

        2. Create vast wilderness areas for large carnivores to roam

        3. Eliminate cars – walkable cities

        4. Support chosen private businesses with public funds for sustainable development

        5. Make policy decisions that favour the greater good over individuals

        6 Drastically reduce the use of power,, water and anything else that creates carbon population.

        7. Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of the democratic process.

        8. Increase taxes, fee and regulations.


        You will own nothing and be happy.

  2. WHY WE CAN’T LET THEM STEAL… Floyd Brown: I Don’t Care if It’s DeSantis or Trump – Without Arizona There is No Path to Winning the Next Presidency (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 7:30am

    On Saturday Western Journal founder Floyd Brown joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the recent developments in Arizona.

    Floyd Brown reminded The War Room that if Arizona is stolen then Republicans will have an impossible task to win in 2024. If Democrats continue to violate our elections and ballots then there will not be another Republican president in 2024 or ever.

    Floyd Brown: On Election Day… We had a complete disaster. Complete malfeasance in Election Day voting and literally thousands of people left the polls. Here in my neighborhood, there was a three-hour wait… Everyone out here knows Kari Lake won the election fair and square but they’re doing everything they can to be able to stop her from taking over as governor… Kari Lake is one of the most talented politicians or spokesmen for the MAGA movement, period. She is an unbelievably gifted communicator… It’s very vital Steve. The truth is if we don’t control Arizona there is no pathway for any Republican, I don’t care if it’s DeSantis or Trump or any other possible candidate. Without Arizona there is no path to winning the next presidency.

    Democrats are very proud of themselves for finding a way through bloated voter rolls, mail-in ballots, phoney voters, ballot drop boxes, and voter suppression on Election Day to steal any election at will.

    Via The War Room
    Earlier this month Democrats and RINO Republicans were able to suppress enough voters to steal the midterm elections in the state for Kari Lake and Democrats.

    • Lake files lawsuit against Maricopa County, demands information about Election Day printer problems
      Sasha Hupka
      Arizona Republic
      We want some information,” Lake said. “We’re on a timeline, a very strict timeline when it comes to fighting this botched election, and they’re dragging their feet.”

      Seventy of the county’s 223 voting centers experienced problems with on-site printers producing ballots too light to be read by vote-counting machines on Election Day, causing frustration and long lines for voters. Lake’s filing alleges that as many as 118 voting locations may have experienced problems.
      Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County officials on Wednesday, accusing them of breaking election laws and demanding they provide information about voters whose ballots were impacted by Election Day printer issues.

      Her case joins other challenges and criticisms hurled at Maricopa County by conservative politicians and personalities in the past week.

      Lake announced the lawsuit on “War Room,” a right-wing talk show hosted by former President Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon. She called the Nov. 8 election “the shoddiest election ever, in history.”

      Lake has previously suggested that she will not accept defeat and has repeatedly sowed doubt around the election. On Election Day, she said printer problems were “primarily in Republican areas of town.” A Republic analysis found the problems were roughly evenly split between precincts going for Lake and those going for Hobbs.

      Her legal challenge comes within days of an election lawsuit from Abe Hamadeh, the Republican nominee for state attorney general; a letter from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office requesting a formal response from the county about its Election Day printer woes; and a subpoena from state Sen. Kelly Townsend seeking information and records related to the same problems.

      Filing asks county to quickly provide several public records
      Lake’s suit asks for numerous public records, including names and contact information for voters at polling sites that experienced printer malfunctions, the number of ballots spoiled on Election Day, adjudication rates by legislative district and the number of ballots sent to overseas voters and their verification processes.

      “These public records are vital to the integrity of the election process and necessary to show, ahead of canvassing, that every legal ballot was properly counted,” the suit reads.

      On Wednesday, Lake suggested the suit might be followed with further legal action over her loss.

      “This is not our main case. When our main case drops, they will hear it. Trust me, they will hear it,” Lake told Bannon, adding that her team is gathering witnesses and has a “smoking gun.”

    • Maricopa County Republican Committee Chair Mickie Niland Refuses to Sign General Election Logic and Accuracy Test

      Mickie Niland, chairwoman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, stated Tuesday she would not be signing the Post-Election Logic and Accuracy test results of the 2022 general election because she says the test is inadequate.

      “I would like a more comprehensive test. I feel the on demand printers, which are now an integral part of the vote center model, need to be part of any accuracy test,” tweeted Niland.

      The Arizona Sun Times reached out to Niland and Maricopa County for additional comments but did not hear back.

      The Maricopa County post-election test occurred on November 18th and would use the same methods as the pre-test conducted in October. The county compares the results of both tests to determine if the tabulation equipment is correctly counting the ballots.

      Niland explained that she is a Republican observer and partook in the Pre-Election Logic and Accuracy test, which she said took over 10 hours to complete. The time length resulted from problems stemming from Accessible Voting Equipment, which were eventually solved. According to Niland, voting center tabulation machines were also tested and showed no issues counting premade test ballots. However, the on-site printers did not receive the same treatment and were not tested alongside the tabulators.

      “To me anything less than a test of ALL the equipment is incomplete and does not logically or accurately test the process this equipment will be put through on Election Day,” said Niland.

      Aside from the printers not getting proper testing, Niland also mentioned that she wanted to see better training provided to poll workers, better stocking at satellite supply hubs, and more “troubleshooters” available for when technical issues occur.

      (Richard: This blocks the Dems plans )

  3. Biden Regime Bans World’s Largest Sugar Producer from Exporting to the U.S. Amid Forced Labor Claims – But China Gets a Pass
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 7:00am
    On Wednesday, the Biden regime banned the world’s largest sugar producer from exporting its product to the United States due to allegations that it was produced using forced labor.

    “Effective November 23, 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel at all U.S. ports of entry will detain raw sugar and sugar-based products produced in the Dominican Republic by Central Romana Corporation Limited (Central Romana),” US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement.

    Although Central Romana is headquartered in the Dominican Republic, it is owned by the Fanjul family, who are influential sugar barons based in West Palm Beach, Florida, according to UPI.

    Due to information suggesting that forced labor is being used by Central Romana, CBP issued a Withhold Release Order (WRO)

  4. Biden’s Recent Comments On Semi-Automatic Weapons Prove He Doesn’t Understand Guns Or The Constitution
    By Mike LaChance
    Published November 26, 2022 at 12:31am

    While Joe Biden was enjoying Thanksgiving on Nantucket this week, he made some incredibly ignorant comments about guns to a reporter.

    These comments prove that he has no real understanding of guns or the Second Amendment.


    He is hardly a person who should be forming any related policy.

    Red State reports:

    (Richard: If the modern military rifles had existed when the Constitution was written every one 16 or older would have been required to own one.)

    • Rep. Andy Biggs Slams Biden, “How Do You Turn Thanksgiving Holiday into an Attack on the Second Amendment?”
      By Margaret Flavin
      Published November 26, 2022 at 9:35am

      Newsman’s “Wake Up America,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) sounds off on the Biden Administration turning the Thanksgiving holiday into an attack on the Second Amendment.

      The Gateway Pundit reported on Biden’s Thanksgiving remarks, “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. Just sick. It has no socially redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

      Biggs joined Carl Higbie to discuss Biden’s comments. Biggs told Higbie, “How do you turn Thanksgiving holiday into an attack on the Second Amendment? Well this administration can do that at any time. This is one of their big goals.”

    • Biden Targets Anyone Who Has Ever Bought a Semiautomatic Weapon: ‘No Social Redeeming Value’

      President Joseph Biden made some alarming remarks about gun control during a Thanksgiving event in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

      Biden has long targeted Americans’ Second Amendment rights and pushed for a ban on so-called assault weapons.

      His stance got even more extreme Thursday when he met with reporters outside the Nantucket fire station.

  5. Trump’s Taxes, Vote Fraud Fight, Vax Awakening
    By Greg Hunter On November 25, 2022 In Weekly News Wrap-Ups 121 Comments

    Warfare like lawfare is being waged against President Donald Trump. In the latest attack, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Trump should turn over his tax returns to vengeful communist Democrats in the House of Representatives. Trump expressed his outrage on his social media platform Truth Social by saying, in part, “It is unprecedented to be handing over tax returns, and it creates terrible precedent for future presidents. Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter and beyond?” Of course, the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) will never report that Biden is a money launderer, tax cheat and is a traitor taking bribes from China.

    The vote fraud fight is still going on in a few key states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. The LLM want to tell you to move on and there is nothing to see, but court cases are progressing, and more fraud is being exposed every day. Of course, the leaders of both parties work together against “We the People.” The most powerful thing you can tell people is the truth, and the truth is getting out.

    A top virologist for the FDA died suddenly this week and so did a 13-year-old boy. These two are just a few of the people who “died suddenly” all over the world where the vax was injected. The virologist pushed the vax for children and expectant mothers and was, no doubt, vaxed and boosted. But how does a perfectly healthy 13-year-old collapse trying out for the basketball team? Was he vaxed too? Are we supposed to believe that people just drop over dead these days for no reason? People are waking up to the truth in many areas, and that is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

    • This is an open call to burn the dealership and all Teslas.

      This is just the beginning, the Dems version of the SS is going to be punishing the people who oppose the leftist Dictatorship. This needs to be shut down but with the corrupt FBI and other corrupt Police doing the investigating it won’t.

      Pay close attention to the Arizona lawsuits, they are going to tell us what the future is going to be like.

      • ANTIFA Terrorists Are Reportedly Planning Terror Attacks On Tesla Dealerships
        By Anthony Scott
        Published November 26, 2022 at 4:20pm

        CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is concerned about a recent tweet that is encouraging arson at Tesla dealerships all across the United States.

        The report stemmed from journalist Andy Ngo who shared a screenshot on his Twitter account from a now-suspended user who was calling for members of Antifa to “protest” outside of Tesla dealerships.

        The tweet from the now-deleted Antifa-affiliated account read “Tonight in Portland! Every city, every town! Show up at your local Tesla dealerships in protest of Elon Musk!”.

  6. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TGP Caught Corrupt FBI Inserting Docs during Mar-a-Lago Raid to Make Trump Look Bad – But Now They’re Gone!
    By Joe Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 8:00am

    This nation is broken. Those in charge of our justice system are crooks. The Department of Justice is unjust. Its leaders are like foxes in the hen house or criminals running the police station.

    In an earlier article posted at The Gateway Pundit on September 1, 2022, only a few weeks after the unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid of the President’s home on August 8, 2022, we noted that the FBI inserted documents into the collection of documents they stole from President Trump’s home during the raid.

    We know that the FBI wanted to make this look like a crime scene.

    know this because the containers were right next door. The documents would have been placed on a table had the FBI wanted to take a picture of the documents. Showing them as scattered across the floor is for show to indicate they were found this way, a lie we explain below. Also, the cabinets are right next to the documents, which is likely where they were stored. They weren’t stored on the floor.

    2. The FBI inserted documents into the photo.
    The cover sheets in the above photo that were red, yellow, and brown were inserted by the FBI. They are the FBI’s cover sheets. We know this for various reasons. The Trump White House did not need these cover sheets in the documents they held because they had their own cover sheets

    The red, yellow, and brown cover sheets were inserted. If you look closely at the yellow cover sheets, they are paper clipped to the documents. The documents would have been stapled. They are paperclipped because they were inserted by the FBI.

    Also, the front cover sheet in brown, showing SCI, with the following wording:

    Handling, storage, reproduction, and distribution of the attached document must be in accordance with the applicable executive orders statutes and agency implementing regulations.

    The red, yellow, and brown cover sheets were inserted. If you look closely at the yellow cover sheets, they are paper clipped to the documents. The documents would have been stapled. They are paperclipped because they were inserted by the FBI.

    Also, the front cover sheet in brown, showing SCI, with the following wording:

    Handling, storage, reproduction, and distribution of the attached document must be in accordance with the applicable executive orders statutes and agency implementing regulations.

    Finally, did the FBI Agents who invaded the President’s home have the proper credentials to review classified information? How about the agents who made the call to photoshop the photo? How about the employees who photoshopped the photos? Were they properly credentialed?

    This is a crime scene but it is the FBI and DOJ that acted like criminals. They created a false crime scene. They inserted docs. They tampered with evidence.

    Earlier this week the FBI confirmed our reporting.

    Conservative Treehouse reported (emphasis added):

    In a recent court filing [Document Here] President Trump through his legal counsel has requested Judge Cannon to unredact and unseal the search warrant affidavit used as the predicate for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Apparently, the DOJ have yet to provide President Trump with the constitutionally required predicate documents to support their search.

    Additionally, the DOJ previously leaked to media about “empty folders with classified banners” as part of the evidence cache they collected. According to the filing the DOJ has since presented three different versions of their evidence collection list, with the most recent list dropping any claims of “two empty folders with classified banners

    The crooks at the FBI deleted the files because they had previously inserted them to make it look like the President had classified documents laying all over the place at Mar-a-Lago.

    Any and all involved in this illegal search and seizure – from Biden to AG Garland to Chris Wray to those overseeing and involved – should be thrown in prison.

    This was the President’s home they illegally raided and manipulated it with their own documents.

  7. San Francisco Plans To Use Robots Capable of Deadly Force
    By Anthony Scott
    Published November 26, 2022 at 8:45am

    San Francisco’s new Law Enforcement Equipment policy is planning to use robots capable of deadly force when officers encounter dangerous situations.

    Currently, the San Francisco police department has a total of 17 robots that are mostly used to defuse bombs.

    However, the city’s new Remotec robots have an optional weapons system.

    The Guardian reported the department wants to use these new robots for “training and simulations, criminal apprehensions, critical incidents, exigent circumstances, executing a warrant or during suspicious device assessments

    San Francisco isn’t the only US city deploying robots, NYC has recently used robotic dogs during training and for high-risk hostage situations

    appears both New York City and San Fransisco are just taking pages from the CCP’s playbook.

    China has been using robots with their police force in sinister ways all throughout the pandemic.

    One of the most infamous examples is the CCP using robot dogs to enforce Covid lockdown rules.

    (Richard: As long as a human has control of the trigger I have no problem with the armed robot. It is when the robot decided when and who to shoot that I have a problem.)

  8. Here We Go: CDC Says It’s Monitoring a New COVID Variant Known as “XBB” – Deemed ‘Most Vaccine Resistant Strain Ever’
    By Jim Hoft

    Published November 26, 2022 at 9:00am

    On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it is monitoring a new COVID-19 variant known as “XBB,” which is responsible for an estimated 3.1% of all new infections in the United States, according to Yahoo News.

    Back in October, health officials in the US said they were tracking a new Covid strain that is being called the “most vaccine-resistant ever” after causing a surge in cases in Singapore.

    The recent outbreak of infections in Singapore has been traced to XBB, a “recombinant” of the Omicron subvariants BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75.

    “Preliminary research suggests the Omicron subvariant XBB might carry a higher infection risk and be more resistant to neutralizing antibodies from booster vaccine doses and antibody drugs, but more studies are needed, according to Verywell Health.

    • Reminds me of Justine saying “Vaccine passports are “all about” rewarding CERTAIN FREEDOMS to people who have “done the right thing”. —- and that hose who “still resist” simply won’t get to ENJOY THE SAME FREEDOMS”.

      How many of the vaccinated were fine with him saying this? Gary Mason of the Global and Mail agreed. USEFUL IDIOTS – – clown world.

  9. You’re Just a F*cking Moron Who Doesn’t Know Sh*t from Clay” – Popular Radio Host Who Consistently Attacks Anti-Vaxxers will Take Hiatus until 2023 After Heart Attack
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 10:15am


    The popular Jack 96.9 morning show host in Vancouver, Canada, will be taking a hiatus until 2023 following a heart attack last week.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    Popular gay radio personality and vaccine advocate “Drex,” says he was watching TV at home when he experienced a strange sensation, according to The Province.

    “It was really weird. I felt nauseous like I needed to throw up and do a bowel movement at the same time,” he said.

    The 43-year-old man began to feel tightness in his chest. He contacted his friend to call 911 immediately after he failed to reach his husband, who was at work at the time.

    According to Drex, firefighters were at his house within 10 minutes, and paramedics arrived shortly thereafter. He was sent to the emergency room. A heart attack was diagnosed after an EKG was performed by doctors.

    They put in a stent straight away, within 20 minutes of arriving at emergency,” said Drex. “They said we got to do it now.”

    More from The Province:

    Doctors will later tell him one of his arteries was completely blocked, while another was at 80 per cent. Three other arteries were also clogged, but less severely and didn’t require the small mesh tubes to hold them open.

    On Monday, Drex had a second stent for the artery that was 80 per cent blocked.

    The heart attack was a wake-up call, Drex

  10. Top Australian Cardiologist Calls for Ban on mRNA Shots After Rise in Jab-Related Heart Conditions
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 9:55am

    Top Sydney cardiologist, Dr. Ross Walker, has called for a ban on mRNA vaccines after seeing a rise in jab-related heart conditions, Daily Mail reported.

    Australia is famous for its totalitarian COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. The Deputy Premier of NSW boldly declared that even businesses that accept unvaccinated people would be subject to exceptionally heavy fines back in 2021.

    Australia’s Northern Territory imposed an authoritarian lockdown on citizens who have not been ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid-19 as officials scrambled to deal with the highly-mild Omicron variant back in January. Any individual 16 or older and who was not fully vaccinated will not be able to leave their homes until the middle of next week, even if it’s to go to work or to get exercise outdoors

  11. There are a lot of sick and stupid people around the world.

    Online Love Gone Bad: Peruvian Medical Student Lured Mexican Woman to Visit Him – Then Killed Her and Harvested Her Organs, Posting the Video on TikTok
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 9:15am

    Blanca Arellano, 51, traveled to Peru to meet the love of her life, 37-year-old medical student Juan Pablo Villafuerte. Her remains later washed up on shore.

    Villafuerte harvested her organs, cut off her face, dismembered her body, and threw her in the ocean.
    He dissected her pancreas and brain and posted the video on TikTok.

    Advertisement – story continues below

  12. (Richard: I don’t care how the Dems cook the books this is a depression. We can expect more Companies to do this in the near future)

    Biden Economy Woes: Furniture Manufacturer Fires All 2,700 Employees While They Slept, Days Before Thanksgiving Holiday
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published November 26, 2022 at 11:20am

    Though the mainstream media won’t tell you this, the Biden economy is bad and getting worse.

    Thanksgiving was 20% more expensive in 2022.

    As inflation soars, more Americans are forced to turn to second jobs.

    Mortgage rates have hit the highest rates in two decades while home values across the country drop rapidly.

    But old Joe wants us to believe that everything is just fine. In early November, he delivered remarks on his administration’s efforts to work with unions and employers to train Americans for good paying jobs in various industries.

    Tell that to the 2,700 employees at United Furniture Industries who were fired while they were sleeping just days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

  13. 70-Year-Old Marine Veteran Hero In Critical Condition After Helping House Fire Victims
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published November 26, 2022 at 11:40am

    Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

    Retired Marine Veteran and hero Terry Bagley Sr. is fighting for his life after rushing into a burning building in Baltimore, Maryland, to rescue a mother and daughter trapped in the aftermath of a building explosion Tuesday night.

    The hero is in critical condition in a Maryland hospital. The mother and daughter have been upgraded to stable condition.

  14. COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing, Xinjiang After Deadly Fire
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SATURDAY, NOV 26, 2022 – 11:00 AM
    Protests have erupted in Beijing and the far western Xinjiang region over COVID-19 lockdowns and a deadly fire on Thursday in a high-rise building in Urumqi that killed 10 people (with some reports putting the number as high as 40).

    Crowds took to the street in Urumqi, the capitol of Xinjiang, with protesters chanting “End the lockdown!” while pumping their fists in the air, following the circulation of videos of the fire on Chinese social media on Friday night.

  15. (Richard: Remember Obama was raised by Communist who hated the US. You need to remember that when you analyze his actions in all of his 3 terms as President.)

    US Closer To Issuing Chevron A License To Pump Oil In Venezuela
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SATURDAY, NOV 26, 2022 – 11:30 AM
    Authored by Dave DeCamp via,

    The US might soon grant Chevron a license to pump oil in Venezuela in a move that would ease crippling sanctions that were imposed on the South American country by the Trump administration.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, the easing of sanctions is contingent on the implementation of a $3 billion humanitarian project that is expected to be announced by President Nicolas Maduro and his opposition this weekend. The project would be paid for with Venezuelan funds that have been seized by the US.

  16. US-Backed Kurds Say White House Has “Moral Duty” To Shut Down Erdogan Offensive
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SATURDAY, NOV 26, 2022 – 10:00 AM
    For a week Turkey has been conducting major airstrikes against Kurdish militia positions in Syria and Iraq, as it blames the outlawed PKK and associate Kurdish groups on the November 13 terror bombing in Istanbul.

    President Erdogan has warned a ground operation is imminent, which will begin “at the most convenient time for us” – while Turkish warplanes have pounded some 500 targets, leading to reported deaths of over 250 people.

    A statement from a White House National Security Council spokesperson has said, “The escalation in Syria and along the Turkish-Syrian border in recent days is dangerous and a threat to the safety of civilians and U.S. personnel in Syria.”

  17. EXC: Democrat’s ‘War Room’ Countering Congressional Investigations Into Biden Family Is Led By Operatives Tied To Chinese Communist Party Influence Groups And George Soros.

    The Democratic operatives leading the new Congressional Integrity Project – a “war room” launched to combat forthcoming congressional investigations into matters including Hunter and Joe Biden – have links to Chinese foreign influence groups and dark money networks funded by George Soros, War Room can reveal.

    Top Democratic strategists have begun collaborating on the Congressional Integrity Project (CIP), first reported by Politico as a “multi-million-dollar hub to counter an expected investigative onslaught by the likely incoming House GOP majority.”

    The effort will include rapid response teams, investigative researchers, pollsters and eventually a paid media campaign to put congressional Republicans “squarely on the defense,” founder Kyle Herrig said in an interview.

    Members of the CIP, however, appear to have compromising ties to the Chinese Communist Party of their own.

    Leslie Dach, a Senior Advisor to the CIP, participated in a sponsored trip to China by the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) as part of a delegation for the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress (CAP).

    CUSEF, which has been identified by the U.S. federal government as seeking to “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing,” often relies on subsidizing trips to China for American journalists, academics, and politicians in exchange for “favorable” treatment.

    CUSEF functions as part China’s “United Front,” which works “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party.” The U.S. State Department has also compared the effort to the Chinese regime’s “magic weapon” to advance its preferred policies by infiltrating American politics, media, and academia.

    Despite these ties, Dach participated in a 2013 “U.S.-China High Level Dialogue” sponsored by CUSEF in Beijing as part of a CAP delegation led by John Podesta. The collaboration culminated in the publication of a strategy paper – “Toward a New Model of Major Power Relations” – that urged for closer economic ties and military collaboration between the two countries.

    Officials and experts in both countries need a more effective dialogue with their citizens on the importance of the U.S.-China relationship and what new-model relations exercise is designed to prevent and achieve,” the memo encouraged.

    Dach is no stranger to the Chinese Communist Party, as he joined Wal-Mart China in 2006 working in government affairs before ascending to Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at the company notorious for outsourcing to China.

    Dach was also a Senior Aide to Bill Clinton and former senior counselor at the Department of Health and Human Services under the Obama-Biden administration.

    Dach’s son Jonathan appears to have some parallels with Hunter Biden, as he was embroiled in a scandal over allegedly soliciting a prostitute in Colombia while working as a member of President Barack Obama’s advance team in 2012.

    As a Washington Post story revealed, while the White House prematurely cleared Dach’s son of any guilt, a Department of Homeland Security investigation turned up additional evidence that he had hired a prostitute on the night in question. Those allegations, however, were kept out of the White House’s official report because of the effect they could have on the 2012 presidential election.

    David Nieland, who led the investigation, later told Senate aides that his superiors had asked him to keep those details out and delay the release of the report until after the election.

    Another member of CIP leadership, Kyle Herrig, is a board member of the New Venture Fund, the leading “dark money” network for Democrats. The group has received nearly 100 grants from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation totaling millions of dollars.

    Herrig additionally holds roles with a number of New Venture Fund-associated organizations.

    Herrig is a board member of American Oversight, a left-wing judicial activist organization; an advisory board member to Restore Public Trust, a left-wing advocacy organization; and is a strategic adviser to the advocacy group Allied Progress.

    • The US isn’t the only nation with this problem, every Western Nation has Chinese Agents of Influence embedded in both their political and Bureaucratic sides of their Governments.

      This problem will be semi corrected as the World’s economy collapses. Earlier I posted an article about a midsized company firing all of its employees and shutting their doors.

      This is a sign of a Depression, the earlier signs of the depression (smaller businesses shutting down was passed off as a sad byproduct of the COVID scam.

      China is already suffering from massively reduced exports. They are also shitting down factories because of power production problems.

      All of the above say China is in as much economic problems, if not having worse economic problems.

  18. twitter @RussianEmbassyC

    It is all about family. Family is a man and a woman and children.

    + PIC


    Embassy statement

    Embassy of the Russian Federation to CanadaNovember 25, 2022

    The Embassy was surprised to note the Global Affairs Canada’s publication supporting the Statement by the so-called “Equal Rights Coalition” with regard to adoption in Russia of a Federal Law aimed at preservation of traditional values. We would like to make a few comments in this regard.

    The new legislation prohibits propaganda that promotes same-sex sexual relations or preferences, as well as pedophilia and information encouraging gender reassignment surgery.

    Canada and a range of other States-supporters of the neoliberal agenda are deliberately distorting the reality by conflating the concepts of individual sexual preferences and universal human rights. Fortunately, there are no universally acknowledged international documents in place that would establish such a status for any relations that are different from a traditional family structure (a kind reminder that we are considering a natural family of procreation, which refers to a social unit of two male and female parents and their potential children).

    It is important to reiterate that there is no discrimination in Russia with respect to the rights of sexual and other kind of minorities. However, it is well-known fact that a person’s freedom ends where another man’s freedom begins. We believe that non-traditional relations propaganda, let alone their criminally prosecuted perverted forms (such as pedophilia), infringes the rights of traditional majority of the Russian citizens willing to protect themselves and their children from being imposed with precepts that are alien to their spiritual and moral values.

    Finally, the Embassy would like to recall a famous quote by the former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau stating that “there is no place for the State in the bedrooms of the Nation”. It would be very timely now to follow it up with an equally important comment: “there is no place for a bedroom in the Government”. Individual sexual preferences of adults and details of their relations should remain strictly personal. It should not become a political matter, especially international relations’ agenda topic.

    P.S.: Our country is not interfering in the Canadian domestic affairs. It is up to the Canadian authorities and citizens to make decisions in this field. We do expect from the Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet corresponding respectful attitude towards the legislative process in Russia based on the national State Policy to preserve and strengthen traditional values and the will of the Russian people.


    city news – Homophobic tweet by Russian Embassy in Canada causing outrage


    Laurel Duggan
    on November 25, 2022
    The number of young people identifying as transgender has soared in recent years, and females have come to make up the vast majority of patients seeking gender transitions, reversing a longstanding trend.
    Some view this rapid demographic shift as evidence that peer influence is driving young people, females in particular, to transition.
    “Adolescents are very susceptible to peer influence, so to suggest there can be no influence on young people is preposterous and flies in the face of everything we know about teenagers,” Dr. Erica Anderson, a psychologist who works with transgender children, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
    The recent surge in transgender identification is caused in part by peer influence, a growing body of evidence suggests, and some transgender advocates are acknowledging this issue.

    Many activists argue that transgenderism has become more prevalent because growing social acceptance allows more transgender people, who would otherwise keep their gender identity a secret, to live openly. Critics of youth gender transitions, however, argue that the growing rate of transgender identification in adolescents, along with rapidly changing demographics of transgender people, are evidence that peer influence is driving young people to identify as transgender who otherwise wouldn’t.

    Gender dysphoria, a deep sense of discomfort with one’s biological sex which may drive a person to become transgender, used to be observed primarily in males,
    to Reuters. That trend has been fully reversed over the past 15 years; among adolescents seeking transgender medical interventions, biological females outnumber biological males by a factor of 2.5 to 7.1.

    This drastic change in the transgender population was driven by peer influence, some medical professionals
    . Dr. Erica Anderson, a psychologist who works with

  20. Republicans Lummis, Collins Double Down After Voting To Advance Reckless Same-Sex Marriage Bill
    NOVEMBER 22, 2022

    The bill opens the door further for those who hold and live by traditional views of marriage to be punished by LGBT activists.

    epublicans have a chance to save religious Americans from the avalanche of legal assault that will come with Democrats’ ill-named “Respect For Marriage Act” (RFMA). But so far, at least two of the GOP senators who voted to advance the legislation are doubling down on their support for the reckless bill that would endanger religious Americans’ right to decline to provide services that contradict their consciences

    Sens. Roy Blunt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Rob Portman of Ohio, Mitt Romney of Utah, Dan Sullivan of Alaska, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Todd Young of Indiana all voted last week to advance the RFMA, which would codify the Supreme Court’s approval of same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges (and actually go further).

  21. Three new “war rooms” have been created by the Democrats in the past two weeks to combat Republican investigations, each backed by multimillion-dollar dark money budgets and some of the best-known operatives in the Democratic Party.
    Kyle Herrig is the founder and executive director of one of the new war rooms, the Congressional Integrity Project.
    The Congressional Integrity Project promises to investigate the lawmakers investigating Biden.
    Herrig’s group is working with Courage for America, which just launched. Courage for America is focused on the legislation and personalities of the entire House GOP caucus.

    Zac Petkanas, who was the Clinton campaign’s rapid response director is now running a war room supported by Courage for America.
    The Hub Project is a giant Democratic dark money network that will be focusing on polling, paid advertising and social media campaigns.
    The third group, Facts First, was started by David Brock. Facts First is likely to have a $10 million budget over two years. Co-founders include former Republican Rep. David Jolly and Democratic strategist Maria Cardona.
    Facts First appears to be working most closely with Hunter Biden and his legal team, led by entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris.
    Brock recently traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Hunter Biden.

    Brock walked out of the meeting saying, “the main story here is of an addictive person who has mental health issues…” lol
    • • •

  22. Does Biden Have Anything To Say About The Idaho Student Murders — Or Only Tragedies Involving Guns And Gays?
    NOVEMBER 23, 2022
    4 MIN READ

    The Idaho college students’ deaths won’t help congressional Democrats push gun laws or score points with minorities or LGBT Americans.

    Two deadly tragedies are capturing national attention this week. Last Saturday, a man shot and killed five people and injured at least 25 at Club Q, a Colorado LGBT nightclub. One week before, four University of Idaho students were brutally stabbed to death by a still unknown murderer. Both killings were grotesque, traumatized their respective communities, and have garnered national headlines and mourning. Only one of these mass killings, however, was addressed by President Joe Biden.

    “While no motive in this attack is yet clear, we know that the LGBTQI+ community has been subjected to horrific hate violence in recent years,” Biden said in a statement about last Saturday’s nightclub shooting. “We must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people. We cannot and must not tolerate hate

    (Richard: The reporters are showing an ordinary hunting knife with either a 5 or 7 inch blade {the length of a knife blade is the length that is sharp}. This knives that I saw Rambo use all had blades abt 12 I ches long and abt 3 inches wide.)

  23. Walmart Mass Shooter Left Behind Suicide Note – Includes 4 Words Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

    The way you can tell the media is going to move on from the shooting at a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart that claimed the lives of six people is that there’s absolutely no handle for them.

    Race? Not a factor — accused shooter Andre Bing, who later killed himself, was black. The gun? Not an AR-15 or an associated long rifle — the handgun he used was legally purchased. His victims weren’t chosen for any other reason than that they were his coworkers at the store.

    And there are four words you definitely won’t hear them talk about from the alleged shooter’s suicide note: “led by the Satan.”

  24. Attack by Unhinged Climate Extremists – Says Dogs and Cats are Part of the Climate Problem
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 2:20pm

    But what do Barkley and Whiskers have to do with our warming planet? It’s the products we buy for them that need a closer look,” the outlet added.

    The news outlet added that most of the carbon pawprint comes from their diet, which is extremely high in meat and so requires a lot of resources (including energy, land, and water) to create.


    You can’t make this up.

    “Our four-legged friends don’t drive gas-guzzling SUVs or use energy-sucking appliances, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a climate impact. In fact, researchers have showed that pets play a significant role in the climate crisis,” according to a recent CNN column.

    But what do Barkley and Whiskers have to do with our warming planet? It’s the products we buy for them that need a closer look,” the outlet added.

    The news outlet added that most of the carbon pawprint comes from their diet, which is extremely high in meat and so requires a lot of resources (including energy, land, and water) to create.


    The manufacturing of pet food also results in a significant quantity of greenhouse gas emissions.

    “According to a 2017 study, feeding dogs and cats creates the equivalent of around 64 million tons of carbon dioxide in the US each year. That’s roughly the same impact as 13.6 million cars on the road. And, if our furry friends formed a separate country, it would rank 5th in global meat consumption behind China, the US, Brazil and Russia, according to UCLA professor and author of that study Gregory Okin,” CNN stated.

    The far-left outlet is now advocating for pet owners to “do an assessment of your pet’s diet, cut out waste, and adopt responsibly.

    The Gateway Pundit reported last June that the New Zealand government unveiled plans to charge livestock a ‘burping tax to control climate change.’

    From livestock to laughing stock.

    The country, with more cows and sheep than people combined, released a draft plan to put a tax on belching sheep and cattle in an effort to contain ‘greenhouse gas emissions.’

    Yes, you read it right. New Zealand is the first country to have farmers pay for gas emissions from livestock by 2025, the Ministry for Environment announced. The proposed plan also includes “incentives” for farmers who reduce these emissions through feed additives

    The new proposal will likely affect food prices including beef, mutton, and dairy.

  25. Revealed: FTX Was Funding Biological Weapons Shelters While Ru
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 2:40pm

    Specifically, post

    Apparently, Samual Bankman-Fried’s charitable organization was funding shelters for bioweapon attacks.

    TRENDING: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TGP Caught Corrupt FBI Inserting Docs during Mar-a-Lago Raid to Make Trump Look Bad – But Now They’re Gone!

    This was while he was laundering money with help from the National bank of Ukraine.

    SBF launched the Future Fund charitable organization.

    SBF launched a charity called the Future Fund and sat on the board with his former girlfriend Caroline Ellison.

    The Future Fund was funding the construction and design of bioweapons shelters.

    It appears that the links lead to legitimate websites tied to SBF.

    They’re advertising/soliciting activities related to shelters from bioweapons.

    And they were doing this while funneling money to Ukraine meant for their war efforts

    As TGP reported earlier, there were several US-funded biolabs sprinkled across Ukraine for some reason.

    There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release and spread deadly pathogens to US/world.” Gabbard said back in March 2022.

    We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured and pathogens destroyed,” she added.


    Tulsi Gabbard made her statement based on testimony from the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in Eurasia, Victoria Nuland.

    Victoria Nuland admitted during testimony before a US Senate committee the existence of biological research labs in Ukraine.

    Less than 24 hours later, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that reports of biolabs in Ukraine were fake news propagated by Russia.

    The Democrat-fake news-media complex then attacked anyone who brought up the biolabs in Ukraine.


    Then this happened– Russia released alleged captured documents from Ukraine exposing evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine.

    Russia made the accusations in front of the United Nations General Assembly.

    This forced the Pentagon to finally admitted in a public statement that there are 46 US-funded biolabs in Ukraine

  26. Breaking: Hong Kong Court Finds 90-Year-Old Cardinal Zen Guilty for Pro-Democracy Support – May Face Life in Prison
    By Joe Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 3:00pm

    In May TGP reported on the arrest of 90-year-old Cardinal Zen for assisting with pro-democracy protesters in the tiny country. This week the Cardinal was found guilty of related crimes.

    In May TGP reported that courageous Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong was arrested for helping the pro-democracy movement there

    This past week Cardinal Zen was convicted of his crime of helping out pro-democracy protesters.

    This is how communists take over. Before you know it, the freest country in the world is arresting those who protest in support of democracy.

  27. European officials say US profiting from Ukraine war, call Inflation Reduction Act ‘very worrying’
    Senior European officials say US ‘selling more gas and at higher prices,’ and ‘selling more weapons’ amid Ukraine war
    Chris Pandolfo By Chris Pandolfo | Fox News

    Top European officials have attacked President Biden’s actions amid the ongoing war in Ukraine and have even questioned whether the United States remains an ally as gas prices soar and U.S. green energy policies have put Europeans into “full-blown panic mode,” according to a report

  28. (Richard: this article is well worth the time it will take to read. The warning about the Dems “disappearing” Elon Musk is something that a lot of people are worried about. His main protection is his game the alternate press. Although he does need a world class protective detail in case ANTIFA is given the green light to remove him. Before you say that can’t happen remember what happened to Breitbart.)

    Don Surber
    All errors should be reported to

    Friday, November 25, 2022
    Musk beware. Twitter made enemies

    Two of the richest men in the world — celebrities both — met in Shanghai on August 28, 2019, to discuss the future of technology. They were Jack Ma of Red China and Elon Musk of the United States. They had divergent views. They also had divergent futures.

    Business Insider reported at the time, “After Ma said he wasn’t scared of the future of AI, Musk laughed and said those would be the Chinese businessman’s famous last words.”
    Musk was a little off because while Ma would have famous last words, those were not them.

    After their debate, Musk went on to become the richest man in the world as his electric car company reached a market cap of $1 trillion. Its market cap has since fallen to $571 billion in large part due to its inflated price and the bear market in stocks. Don’t worry. He still has plenty of money.

    Ma disappeared.

    George Calhoun of Forbes wrote in June 2021, “Last fall, Jack Ma was rich, and famous, and we knew all about him, followed his every move. He was in fact the richest man in China, and the most famous living Chinese person (according to polls). He was poised to crown his career with a triumphant public offering for his company, The Ant Group, the largest Fintech company in the world. The markets loved him.”

    Then Ma gave The Speech in October 2020.

    He criticized the Communist Party, in the foolish belief that being the richest man in Red China protected him. It did not. Chairman Xi had him seized and sent off some place to be re-educated. He had money, not freedom. Now he is gone. Criticized by the pope, Stalin asked how many divisions does the pope have? Xi knew Ma also had no divisions. As George R.R. Martin wrote, power is power.

    Musk’s takeover of Twitter threatens the regime, which used social media in the 2020 election to gain power. Billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg cowered to the DNC, Twitter shut down reports of Hunter Biden’s laptop of incriminating evidence of Biden being an agent of Red China through bribes laundered in Ukraine

    The Daily Mail reported, “Elon Musk has promised to fully disclose what led to Twitter’s decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, 20 months after authenticated its contents with top experts.

    “Billionaire Musk responded to a user who demanded the social media giant get to the bottom of why the laptop was blacklisted from the site — which occurred before he bought Twitter.

    “In an act of ‘politically motivated censorship’, Twitter deliberately prevented users from sharing a link to a front-page newspaper article about Hunter Biden’s private life and his controversial business ties to Ukraine in the run-up to the 2020 Election between Biden’s father and Trump.

    “One person wrote: ‘Raise your hand if you think [Musk] should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency.’

    “Musk responded: ‘This is necessary to restore public trust.’

    “When stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop started emerging, several outlets, social media sites and left-leaning disinformation experts claimed that it was just misinformation coming

    • (Richard: Russia, Russia, they need to find a boogy man)

      Former CIA Analyst on Elon Musk Restoring Banned Twitter Accounts: “Putin is Going to be All Over Twitter if There’s No Regulations” (VIDEO)
      By Cristina Laila
      Published November 26, 2022 at 4:00pm

      Former CIA analyst Robert Baer appeared on CNN to discuss Elon Musk’s decision to restore banned Twitter accounts.

      Elon Musk this week announced he will be offering a “general amnesty” to banned accounts provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in spam.

      Musk’s ‘free speech’ approach to running Twitter is a major threat to the Deep State-media complex because they can no longer control the narrative.

      Former CIA analyst Bob Baer on Saturday said Musk restoring banned Twitter accounts will give a voice to Vladimir Putin.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      Putin is going to be all over Twitter if there’s no regulations on this, fake accounts, spoofed accounts … And so when he’s talking about the popular voice, Musk, he’s really talking about Russian intelligence,“ Baer said.

      No serious person believes this.


      Bob Baer called freedom of speech “nonsense” and repeated the misconception that shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is ‘unprotected speech.’

      The former CIA analyst said Putin will use Twitter to save himself in Ukraine.

      “It’s not right. And you know, this freedom of speech is just nonsense because you can’t go into a movie theater and yell ‘fire.’ It’s against the law. What Putin is going to do and the Russians is they’re going to use this as a vehicle to save himself in Ukraine,” Robert Baer said.

      Bob Baer actually said this with a straight face and the CNN host nodded in agreement.

  29. Texas Gov. Abbott Sends Two More Buses of Illegal Migrants to Liberal ‘Sanctuary City’ Philadelphia
    By Cassandra Fairbanks
    Published November 26, 2022 at 3:40pm

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent two more buses filled with illegal migrants to the liberal “sanctuary city” Philadelphia.
    The buses carried 72 migrants and arrived in Philadelphia on Friday between 6 am and 8 am.

    There have now been four buses filled with migrants dropped off in the state since mid-November as part of Gov. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star


    Atacan con una navaja una carpa de Vox en Valencia
    El atacante, una persona de nacionalidad extranjera, ha ido a sabotear la mesa del partido ubicada en el barrio de Zaidía mientras varias personas han insultado a los presentes


  31. Heil Hitler” – Man Arrested at Seattle Airport for Doing Nazi Salute While Hurling Anti-Semitic Slurs (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 26, 2022 at 3:20pm

    31-year-old man at Seattle airport started throwing anti-Semitic slurs while also doing the Nazi salute at passengers who were preparing to board a plane last week.

    The event took place when passengers were boarding a flight from Seattle, Washington to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas on November 20.


    According to the American-based nonprofit organization “Stop Antisemitism,” the man was later identified as Nicholas Edward Letney.

    The organization claimed Letney attempted to start his own political party, the Christian Workers, a home for Christian socialists

  32. Video: “‘SMART Cities’ worldwide being converted into ‘open concentration camps,’ says ex-Silicon Valley engineer turned whistleblower”
    by Leo Hohmann – November 23, 2022

    “Aman Jabbi – The Final Lockdown – Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID” mariazeee – Published November 20, 2022

  33. My father reminds me that today is the 90th anniversary of the holomodor
    “Forget about bs griddzareubb,-;

    I asked him how it was that so many starved right next to Hungary–what was it like? Where were the refugees like today? He said only that back then the Europeans guarded their borders much better than today,

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