Five items on the state of things, and a few thoughts about hypocrisy and controlled oppo: Links 1, November 25th, 2022

1. Dr. Mercola speaks with Stephanie Seneff PhD

The Mechanism of injury

2. If you substitute the word, “Counter-revolutionary” for “Conservative”, you escape the controlled opposition aspect of this video to a degree.

There is not Democrats and Republicans. There are not “conservatives or liberals”. There are revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries. You cannot make sense of events till that is clear in the mind. The Republicans taking “control” of the House means nothing if enough of them are working for the Revolution to make the relevant votes go the way of the Democrats, which overall are the party of the Revolution. The Mid terms were clearly rigged as was the Brazilian election. The win of the House means little, as the margin is small enough for what they call, “RINOs” to run things entirely. Project Veritas alone exposed several leftists running as Republicans for this purpose.

Understanding this also hopefully makes it clearer that the revolutionaries are not hypocrites, anymore than someone who shoots their enemy but does not shoot themselves are hypocrites. The difference between these two scenarios is only the weapon. So when they apply rules, regulations or laws to the counter-revolution such as ‘hate-speech’ and any number of others, even conventional laws such as murder, theft, embezzlement and so on but clearly do not obey them or apply them to themselves, not hypocrisy in any way. It is just the directed use of these means as weapons against the counter-revolution and is quite brilliant in its methodology and effectiveness. But then, it’s always easier to destroy than it is to create. So the revolution has an advantage.

3. US Covid Tzar restates that God gave man two arms to get two vaccines at the same time.

I guess he gave us both arteries and veins to get massive fibrin clots in

4. This is one of those tabs I just can’t seem to close. The story therefore, is not brand new. The tab sits open on my browser since the day it was published at BBC on November 9th. A man who values freedom, was jailed for serving food and drink at an English pub he owned. During lockdowns, he served people who decided to do their own risk assessment and go to his establishment and eat. The pub owner then tried to have the CCTV footage erased, which the authorities view as destroying evidence. In our opinion, he argued the narrative position, which always means a loss. He tried to use a bureaucratic means to fight his way out of it instead of saying the mandates and lockdowns were illegal and the people imposing them should be jailed up to and including the police who enforced them, just like a soldier obeying an illegal order. He may have been convicted, but at the end of the day he would be right and compensation would come his way. Instead he is jailed for arguing what level lockdown his rubbish bins are in. Please click the link to read the story from the BBC.

5. Canada tells world leaders to clamp down on online “misinformation”

(Please see thoughts posted under item 2.)

Calling for regulation across the globe.

Canadian Prime Minister  and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino are doing the rounds, insisting on the need to fight online harassment and misinformation.

At the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, Trudeau said that  wants to regulate online “harassment and violence.” He added that Canada’s social media platforms have a responsibility to “address online harassment and violence to ensure trust in technology.”

“While always ensuring and defending free speech, we must make it clear that it cannot be OK to bully and attack people online,” Trudeau said. […]

He added that a summit in Canada would help “flip the script, and to get ahead of the curve of disinformation.”

“This is where we think that Canada and the G7 can show leadership,” he continued.

According to Mendicino, the “marketplace for disinformation” is bigger than the “marketplace for reliable information,” and Canadians need to be helped to distinguish between the two.

Thank you all for your attention, thoughts and links in the Reader’s Links post every day. Those comments are a gold mine and often very valuable in trying to understand the strategy against liberty in play, and attempting to derive tactics from that understanding.

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  1. 2/ There is not Democrats and Republicans. There are not “conservatives or liberals”. There are revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries. You cannot make sense of events till that is clear in the mind.

    I know YOU, Eeyore, are not defining camps in the martial sense of “with us or against us”. But I think it’s important to stress that dichotomous thinking is dangerous.

    The Soviets developed the art of the info op, techniques subsequently used by other enemies, like Islamists. Analyzing mass lines of effort with tools derived from communist doctrine and practice is appropriate; calling opponents communists is not.

    Better Dead than Red resonated amongst those of us who had family that fled Cuba. (Or Hungary, or Vietnam, I suppose…)

    I’m seeing people become entirely too comfortable with stark divisions.
    – – The vaxxed vs. the pure-bloods.
    – – #StandWithUkraine vs. Straussian warmongers.

    Those are jumping off points for narratives structured to confirm one and dismiss the other. Or worse, schadenfreude over each sheep who “dies suddenly”. By all means publicize the data, but curb your expressions of glee. (Cliched pity is no disguise.)

    Putin just tossed Western conservatives a bone – propaganda about a law banning propaganda of the homosexual flavor. Such timing! During the previous incursion into Ukraine in 2014, he made a similar don’t-say-gay gesture for the Sochi Olympics.

    Simultaneously he addresses a different fan base (grab your VOMIT bucket):

    Putin invokes Castro’s legacy
    Statue of Fidel Castro, first of its kind anywhere in the world, was unveiled by President Vladimir Putin, Moscow, Nov. 22, 2022

    Reality is messy.

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