Anti-hate groups support ANTIFA says court, more UK debate on vaxx, inject pregnant women says CDC: Links 1, November 12th, 2022

1. Former editor at The National Post, Jonathan Kay, wins important law suit launched against him by the ironically named, far left wing extremist dialectical attack group, The “Anti-Hate Network”. These guys are basically the Southern Poverty Law Centre North. Their board is a hell of a collection of illiberal anti-freedom people, one of whom is pretty famous for his litigiousness.

The Court Ruling states that the ANTI-HATE Network did indeed support ANTIFA

Read this whole Twitter thread:

2. More debate on vaxx safety in the UK parliament, brought to you by Dr. John Campbell Ph.D. (Short and well worth the time)

3. Salty Cracker on people passing out on TV. Often when demanding we all take the vaxx.

4. Piers Morgan never ever looked as bad as he does here

I think I would respect him more if he stuck with the con. To not know the difference between a claim and a fact, means he has zero credibility as an intellectual. It was never a fact that these shots were safe and effective. Everyone was saying that when no one could possibly know. It had not been in existence long enough to know. It had not even had close to the same level of testing as even an ordinary vaccine has to have to be allowed into people’s arms. And this wasn’t even a vaccine. It was an entirely new never-before used technology altogether.

And EVEN IF IT WAS a fact, Morgan is wrong that denying the most basic rights to people is something which should be done. Even if they turned out to be right about the shots. Because rights are axiomatic. And once you make them subject to circumstance, you will lose them over and over again for each new one they can make up.

Climate emergencies will be the next reasons to remove our basic rights. If not the next, right after the next which might be some other disease.

Morgan should have his platform removed, because turn around is fair play. Not to censor. His side of the argument was the only one allowed for years.

5. TWO Paediatricians (one, a paediatric cardiologist) discuss vaxx risks for pregnant women (Go to YT to read comments)

0:00 – Intro
2:20 – Current Recommendations
4:04 – Infections, Deaths, and Hospitalizations
7:06 – Changing Death Rates and Illness Severity
8:28 – Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
10:24 – The Vaccines
11:40 – Pfizer for Children
16:27 – Moderna for Children
17:43 – Increased Risk of Myocarditis
21:56 – Bivalent Booster, Vaccine After Prior Infection, New Variants
24:57 – Summary
25:44 – In Real Life – what are we doing for our young child and Sarah while pregnant

Related: Rochelle Walensky explains that since you cannot inject babies under 6 months with experimental mRNA tech, you should try and inject it into pregnant women to get it into the babies. Interestingly, she says: “We know that those antibodies will transfer to the babies”. In fact, we know that the vaxx itself is designed to travel everywhere from the injection site, unlike normal vaccines, via the transmission vehicle of lipid nanoparticles. So …. yeah.

Thank you for considering these views on the presented critical issues facing humanity, and mostly Western civilization today.

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  1. Since we’re on the subject of the jab today, I’d like to recommend that everyone take a look and a long listen to — several times if the subject matter is new to you — this interview over at CHD (Children’s Health

    This interview along with the exceptional presentation by Dr. Stillwagon, posted here recently (yesterday?), should be required for all of us VladTepes readers.

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