Tucker Carlson for November 10th, 2022

Tucker deals head on with two imposed and humiliating pseudo-realities. First, is the ludicrous idea that it takes weeks to count votes in areas where they want a leftist to win and where it’s likely an American will win. It is extremely obvious that it is an imposed pseudo-reality in Maricopa county, where not only did 30% of ballots get rejected from “voting machines”, but the election oversight official literally tells people this is normal and it always takes days or weeks to count a relatively small number of ballots. He also shows a clip of a CNN pundit who claims DeSantis rigged the election by making the rules fair, and doing a good job during the hurricane. Yes. She literally claimed that doing good work for the people of Florida, was gaming the system. This is much like many of the leftist claims in the past years that kids who’s parents read to them at night should be penalized in schools because they have an unfair advantage.

The second imposed and humiliating pseudo-reality is that men and women can “change sexes” or “genders” just by saying so, and then they set out to mangle and mutilate, both by chemistry and surgery, very young people, stealing many of the most important aspects of their entire lives. Tucker interveiws a couple of its victims.

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  1. BREAKING: Arizona election results delayed until after weekend, Maricopa officials say

    Voters experienced issues with Maricopa County’s tabulator machines, with one polling worker revealing that around 25 percent of ballots were being rejected.

    The election results in Arizona will likely be delayed past the weekend as a Maricopa County spokesperson said the counting of ballots will not be done Friday as original expected. The nation anxiously awaits the results of the gubernatorial election and senate races.

    Kari Lake faced off against Democrat Katie Hobbs, who refused to step onto the debate stage and address her opponent, while Blake Masters seeks to unseat incumbent Mark Kelly for an Arizona senate seat.

    Since the early morning hours of Election Day, voters experienced issues with Maricopa County’s tabulator machines, with one polling worker revealing that around 25 percent of ballots were being rejected.

    Since then the counting of votes has been trickling in, especially after 290,000 ballots were dropped off Election day. There has been much speculation as to why there are so many delays, and accusations levied at election officials, who are blamed for delaying and stalling the process.

    On Wednesday evening, Maricopa County officials revealed that 70 out of 223 voting locations, or nearly one out of every three, were impacted by printer issues on Election Day.

    According to a joint statement from Chairman Bill Gates and Vice Chairman Clint Hickman, “The printer settings for the Ballot-On-Demand printers at Vote Centers were the same ones we used in the August Primary. The paper was the same thickness. Prior to the General Election, the Elections Department test-printed and test-tabulated hundreds of ballots without issue.”

    “We are committed to finding out what factors changed that led to issues at 70 Vote Centers on Tuesday. We are grateful to county techs who found a fix to the problem by adjusting printer settings,” the statement said in part.

    The statement said that around 7 percent of ballots, or around 17,000, were impacted by the printer issues.

    According to AZ Mirror, Republicans voting by mail was down during the lead-up to the election, with Democrats leading early turnouts. Republican voters had been expected to turn up in force on Election Day.

    Speaking with Charlie Kirk on Tuesday, Turning Point Action Chief Operating Officer Tyler Bowyer revealed that his ballot, and many others, had been printed so badly that machines couldn’t read the.

    “If you go in and you check in and your ballot isn’t scanning you need to ask them for another print,” Bowyer explained. “I just experienced it myself. I personally just went and requested a ballot.”

    Bowyer explained that his ballot had been misprinted, and that “it was so blotchy from the printer that the scanner could not read it.”

    “I believe that is part of the problem of why people aren’t having their ballots be read, is that you have bad equipment, faulty equipment, you have machines that need to be replaced, printers that need to be replaced, and the poll judge there told me they requested two hours ago for a replacement and they can’t even get people to pick up the phone in Maricopa County,” he said.


  2. the gateway pundit – BREAKING: Maricopa County Gives Another Ballot Drop Favoring Democrats – Remaining “Late Early” Ballot Total Increased From ‘~275k’ to 292k?

    Maricopa County dropped another ballot dump last night favoring the Democrats.

    Bill Gates said in a press conference last night, “we have about 400 to 410,000 more to be counted. I told this group that we anticipated 90 to 99% of the ballots to be counted by Friday. That’s tomorrow, but I’m here to tell you that the goalposts have changed.”

    Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer then said, “we received 292,000 early ballots that were dropped off on election day.”

    However, as The Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday, Maricopa County tweeted that “~275k” ballots were received on election day, not 292,000.

    Where did the 17,000 additional late early ballots come from?

    These stooges did not allow any real reporters into the room to give real questions. The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson and Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice were physically removed from the Maricopa County presser on Thursday afternoon.

    The County will finally begin counting the “292,000” ballots that were dropped off in dropboxes on election day.

    Kari Lake’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon says that this will be “bad for dems,” as they expect these next drops to favor Republican candidates.

    Talonya Adams, a victim of Katie Hobbs’ racial discrimination in the Arizona Senate, tweeted a great question asking why these ballots have not been touched by the County.

    Last night’s ballot drop favored the Dems by roughly 45:55 for each race.

    Additionally, the County finally started processing the 17,000 “box 3” ballots that were unable to be tabulated by in person voters on election day.

    The Gateway Pundit reported on the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs that caused tabulators to be down, printers running out of ink, and long, long lines keeping voters waiting to cast their ballots.

    Voters were waiting several hours in several Republican districts due to Katie Hobbs’ incompetence and malfeasance, or they didn’t get to vote at all because Gates said they could go elsewhere to vote. However, once they checked in at one polling location, they would be unable to check in at another if they left without voting.

    EZAZ.org founder, Merissa Hamilton, noted that not one person from the fake news media has asked if the County compared the number of voters who checked in at the polls to the number of ballots received. We will never know if all legal votes were cast or if this number is accurate.

    Pima County also released another dump yesterday favoring Dems by about 35:65 yesterday.

    Katie Hobbs now supposedly leads Kari Lake in the statewide race by 26,979 votes and over 1%.

    Arizona is now at 82% reporting.

    Kari Lake held a 10-point lead in several recent polls, including an 11-point lead in the recent FOX 10 poll from Arizona.

    The issues on election day and this counting process were criminal!

    Democrats and RINO’s running Arizona’s election must be held account.


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