Geopolitics, Vaxx, masks, doxx, the end of 1st amendment rights by trans: Links 2 for November 5, 2022

1. Interesting report on Haiti. To be clear, I don’t fully get it. I don’t understand the fuel issue yet or some of the other things around this report. I think it assumes some knowledge of the issues going in. One thing i do remember for a fact. A recent president of Haiti refused the vaccines. Said they had way bigger problems than Covid, which didn’t seem to be affecting them much. Next thing he was assassinated by “an international team of assassins” who got “caught” and were never heard about again. The first words out of the US after the assassination was, “Don’t Worry, there is a boat load of vaccines off the coast of Haiti right now”. That from Joe Biden.

So it makes ya wonder.

2. Steve Kirsch explains his new paper where the ‘safe and effective’ hypothesis is compared to ‘this is a dangerous product’ hypothesis. He uses many kinds of data, all explained.

3. We missed this one in 2021. A prof at Cornell attempted to DOXX two students for not wearing masks in class so he could fail them. I wonder if you get extra marks in his class for wearing a full Darth vader head. Affirmative action at the next level.

4. Four minute compilation clip of two of the world’s top cardiologists asking people not to take the mRNA shots

5. More evidence of Covid19 vaxx-induced immune disturbances:


A substantial number of patients with newly onset of chronic urticaria was observed rapidly after the booster vaccine against COVID-19. This observation was unprecedented compared to the primary series of vaccination. To address this concern, we initiated an online observational study with the help of local allergists. We found a striking association between the booster dose, the Moderna vaccine, and the new onset of chronic urticaria within the following 10 days. These data were confirmed when reviewing all cases of CSU related to COVID-19 vaccination reported to Swissmedic, the Swiss regulatory agency. These data should not discourage patients from being vaccinated, as this vaccination campaign has been instrumental in reducing COVID-19 burden and preventing millions of deaths. Yet, there is an urgent need to establish appropriate guidelines and monitor this adverse event more closely, considering that a fourth dose is currently being administered.

(Any immune problems after a ‘vaccine’ should be studied carefully before giving it to hundreds of millions of people)

Thank you all for daring to even attempt to discern what is reality instead of adding your biomass to imposing the pseudo-reality of the current oligarchs who rule us.

It is brave to do so.


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  1. ITEM 1 – HAITI – Excerpt from August 13, 2022

    – The guy blocking access to the fuel depot is nicknamed Bar-B-Q. He’s a prominent gang leader who sees his people suffer as the government and its friends live unobstructed by the high price of the fuel and all that derives from it. –

    “Marc-André Dériphonse, President of the National Association of Service Station Owners (ANAPROSS) believes that a worsening of the fuel shortage currently affecting the country is to be expected due to the decrease in the volume of imported fuels.

    “Marc-André Dériphonse, is concerned about the low quantities requested by the companies that manage the importation of these products and believing that this could be linked to the difficulties of quick access to dollars in sufficient quantities… underlining “The American currency is not only expensive, but also increasingly rare” (BRH: 127.2207 average acquisition rate August 13, 2022 for 1 dollar) while on the informal market, the rate has crossed the bar of 150 gourdes for 1 dollar.

    “Since January 2022 the national currency has depreciated by more than 33%, so it currently takes more Gourdes to buy dollars. An exchange rate that penalizes oil companies, which pay their bills in dollars, emphasizes Dériphonse

    “Another worrying sign, Varreux, Haiti’s main oil terminal, has almost halved its fuel delivery volumes, from an average of 1 million gallons of fuel per day in July 2022 to an average of 500,000 gallons per day in August.

    “The President of ANAPROSS points out that two of the oil companies have not placed orders for the next delivery which should arrive in mid-August with 60,000 barrels of diesel and 32,000 of kerosene, which represents a consumption of approximately 6 days…

    “For his part Randolph Rameau, the President of the Association of Petroleum Professionals (APPE) is even more worried and speaks lucidly of possible bankruptcies of oil companies and gas stations in Haiti

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