Vaxx causes Type ONE diabetes, Trudeau reduces Canadians to serfs, more vaxx dangers: Links 2, October 21, 2022

1. URGENT update on yesterday’s article; Moderna has very quietly admitted that its mRNA Covid vaccine caused a case of Type 1 diabetes in a 1-year-old girl in its clinical trial

In my Substack article yesterday, I wrote Moderna had not published the full results of its mRNA vaccine study in young children, which concluded in February. As I was researching the article, that statement was correct.

But on Wednesday, four months after vaccinations began in young children, the Moderna investigators published the paper in the New England Journal of Medicine. I should have double-checked before running my article.

I apologize for the mistake.

More importantly, deep in the paper’s appendix, Moderna disclosed a case of new-onset Type 1 diabetes in a one-year-old girl that its investigators found was vaccine-related. This is a very serious vaccine-caused side effect that occurred in the trial and as far as I can tell has NEVER been mentioned anywhere else.

(OK then. Causes TYPE ONE Diabetes. Wow. What can’t that mRNA “vaccine” do! Well, except prevent you from getting or dying of Covid. But besides that, WOW! What can’t they do!)

2. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough and others on the new vaxx added to the childhood school schedule

3. Trudeau announces yet more measures to prevent serfs in Canada from obtaining firearms.

(To be perfectly clear, this is in no way a gun ban of any kind. Its a measure to make sure that people who formerly could be called “Citizens” cannot have access to force multipliers. Trudeau of course, his police, his various forms of special security whatever they may be called, will all be able to have not just the latest and greatest firearms, but we have watched the militarization of the police across Canada, with small versions of armoured weaponized vehicles. We saw them at the attack on the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. We see them in France and other Western nations which have disarmed the public. These forms of gun laws, do not protect people from crime. Conversely, they make people vulnerable to those who ignore gun laws. They make it impossible to defend oneself from crime. But Trudeau has already made a statement explaining that there is no excuse for self defence as a Canadian subject.

In practical terms, this means the government can and will be heavily armed, and will act in whatever way they want for political or their own purposes. Criminals will be armed and Canadians have no way to protect themselves, and the law increasingly is working against the victims of crime. This isn’t a gun ban. It’s the application of communism. There has never been a government that takes away force multipliers from its formerly free citizens, that has not then followed with full on authoritarianism. Next thing you know, the government will be forcing the entire population to take experimental sci-fi gene therapy with no explanation as to why its needed for all. Yes yes i know, that really is a stretch. But slippery slope and all that.)

4. Dr. John Cambell: Pfizer redacted over 100 pages of data demanded by the European Union

5. As it is in most communist countries, a well known personality is taking a great deal of flack for speaking truth, not to power per se, but to the public at large.

Ill place a screen grab of this below as chances are Twitter will delete her account over this.


Thank you all who read this site, and cursed be they who force us to fight.

RIP: Only 36 years old, got the 4th shot on Sept 2, 2022, and died suddenly October 10, 2022.

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4 Replies to “Vaxx causes Type ONE diabetes, Trudeau reduces Canadians to serfs, more vaxx dangers: Links 2, October 21, 2022”

  1. I have no sympathy for those who are advertising their pride in taking the jab. Their children are another story.

    I spoke with a woman this morning on the phone. She wears the mask everywhere, even when taking a taxi. She orders them by the box load. I told her I did the opposite. I did everything to avoid wearing it over my nose and mouth.

    That is terror. So, when we see them, they are in terror. Terribly tragic.

    Please notice that when you go into a major retail store, for those who are sensitive, our eyes start watering and our nose starts running. I spoke with some employees today in various places and they also have the same problem. What is in the air?

  2. So, that guy has finally received his Darwin Award after the fourth attempt.
    BRAVO, well done.
    One more sheople that successfully followed the Judas Goat.

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