Dr. Ryan Cole on how to test for the fingerprints of the vaxx

Dr. Ryan Cole is someone I always have a lot of time for, along with many others like Peter McCullough, Kat Lindley and so many others who have risked their licences and reputations to save us all from the gene-therapy shots.

This is a very important subject. We NEED to know how to tell if the vaxx killed someone, or if someone’s illness is brought to them courtesy of the vaxx.

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  1. You are looking in the wrong direction again!
    Call me whatever you want but follow my lead for a minute .
    Revelation 7:4 the 144.000 remember this number for a minute.
    Human DNA the double helix concisting of 72.000 genomes.
    Man 72.000 female 72.000′ 72.000+72.000 = 144.000
    Now ad a third DNA strain thru the MRNA injection 72.000+72.000+72.000 you get a triple helix of 216.000
    What if the 144.000 isnt a number of humans but a number in humans God’s signature
    600x60x6 = ????? :216.000 #MarkOfTheBeast 666 injected into your dna freely taken by the victims .
    Supporting videos : I noticed ppl comenting saying their relatives seemed to have changed after the jibbyjabby
    The double Helix : https://mega.nz/file/r5QHASgL#239IFvnC1FqPCDLf2OWPwddKE_5MPCNJBcLqAhrHil0

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