Dr. Mike Yeadon new video with Dr. Paul Alexander

There is a lot of new material here, and a few revelations as well. It is not the same material we are used to. This is some new thinking and perspectives on the entire issue and how it fits into the current paradigm. When listening, let’s remember Dr. Yeadon was VP of Pfizer for research. Specifically vaccines if I recall correctly.

This was sent to me by a friend who got it from Paul Alexander’s Telegram channel. One assumes Dr. Alexander felt this video was too hot for YouTube but as far as I can tell so far, it’s probably OK on the platforms we use. Looking forward to the comments on this one.


Below I have added interviews we did with a Swedish doctor and nurse, Jon Tallinger, who blew the whistle on murdering the elderly with Covid or the Flu or whatever, using end of life drugs, Midazolam and morphine. This substantiates the statements of Dr. Yeadon at 27 minutes. The following two interviews were made in or before April of 2020.

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  1. Karry Mullis the founder of PCR died in October of 2019 from? Event 201 was held on October 18, 2019. November 6, 2019, 2 people from the Wuhan lab were isolated. For months nobody wore a mask, there was no social distancing, nobody got sick, then along came the yearly flu…old people died ……then out came the vaccines.

    I do not know anyone who died of the Covid flu but I do know many vaccinated people who are now sick – – stroke, blood clots, clots in lungs, stomach ailments, myocarditis, heart problems, losing eyesight, and some who have dropped dead.

    When do the Trudeau trials start?

    • Close: I read Mullis died August 2019 – age 74 – cause was “pneumonia”. It was, in any event, a favorable outcome for the planners; Mullis was a natural communicator and I am sure would have been aghast at the use to which his discovery was put in the operation. The archived videos were important but not the same as his presence during the operation would have been.

  2. It is interesting that he as well as Putin mention the Satanic nature of the entire COVID/COVID vaccine issue. It is difficult to imagine that any group of normal human beings could concoct such a horror – but there it is. This is the stuff of the WEF and other NGO ideological entities who believe the world is overpopulated and that climate change is real. Horror is not good enough to describe this level of evil incarnate.

  3. I did learn many more facts … but some I knew. Way back I did hear from friends who worked (before they lost jobs) in hospital re: people who died in renal failure (whole body unbelievably bloated) from Remdesiver; a good friend died cuz no cancer Investigation. Many of my patients/acquaintances had severe side effects, including deaths, from the experimental injection. …myocarditis, mini strokes, unrelenting grimaces, etc.

  4. 5. Jeffrey Sachs – KeyWiki

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    This meeting will convene youth leaders from around the world with the support of SDSN Youth and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Leaders of civil society, faith communities, businesses, and academia, and members of the UN Secretary-General’s SDG Advocates, will join the gathering to offer their guidance and partnership with the youth leaders.

  5. According to Jessica Rose they are now seeing vaccinated children with dementia. MONSTERS, the World Economic Forum clowns, in clouding Justine, Freeland Guilbeault, Carney, Gates, Fauci, big Pharma………they are sick, narcissistic, power hungry bastards.

    DEMAND arrests and trials

  6. For the last 2000 years it was the Christian Church, based in Rome, that protected humanity from these satanist monsters. They are not protecting us now because, as Mary said at La Salette in 1846, “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist”. Pope Frankenstein indeed!

  7. As a master builder, I would be happy to donate my services to teach people how to build guillotines, gallows and stocks.

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