Dr. Andrew Bostom on the Trans-Scam and marxism

Dr. Bostom does a very good analysis on how Marxists use “transsexualism” to advance communism

(If embedded video does not work here is a direct link)

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    • Hmmm 3Speak is throwing errors these days.

      Recently it seems if you click on the link directly its OK while the embeds may not work. Ill post the actual link shortly in the post.

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • There’s help available for this young woman who feels hopeless. A brave lady, she’s reaching out here.

      I have a shrink friend who specializes in treating victims of this heinous crime. As well as an increasing number of youngsters claiming “gender dysphoria” (often dragged in by desperate parents).

      The suicide rate among “transexuals” is astronomic, though there are no official stats.

      ~ Imagine ~
      We’re legalizing euthanasia for minors with mental disorders, at the same time we’re engendering a whole new set of clients.

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