From the Vaxx to the pipeline, 5 items of note for September 28th, 2022

1. More top tier doctors coming out against the vaxx. (Now that everyone who is going to take it already has.)

(Question: If I started a campaign to stop pregnant women from taking Thalidomide, would I be a hero? Remember all the doctors who faced incredible hardships and loss and the hands of government, drug cartels like Pfizer and left wing activists who tried to warn us about the shots as soon as they knew. Doctors like Charles Hoff, or Mary O’Connor, who is in her 80s and facing jail for writing exemptions for people who knew the danger of the shots and didn’t want to lose their life’s savings, homes and jobs. Or anyone that Senator Ron Johnson has had on one of his panels, all of which have been posted here in all detail possible since the start of Covid. They need and deserve our support. But the ones who are coming out from the establishment who risk nothing and won’t make any difference as less than 2% of the public are still taking these awful gene-therapy shots, watch them carefully. They may be sincere and deserve some thanks and attention. But they may be part of trying to turn the blame around for what is happening away from the guilty. I just don’t know yet.)

2. Chinese spies and Democrat politicians

3. While more and more prominent doctors and establishment figures are coming out with real vaxx damage stats, and their own personal stories of damage, Biden says this:

Biden urges Americans in hurricane-prone states to get COVID-19 shots

WASHINGTON, Aug 10 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden on Tuesday urged Americans in hurricane-prone states to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect themselves in case they have to evacuate from their homes, warning that serious hurricanes could strike this month.

The spread of the coronavirus has been particularly severe in Florida and other parts of the Southeastern United States, which is bracing for major storms as the country heads into the height of the Atlantic hurricane season.

(He must have worked this out with Trudeau, Ardern and Brown in Oz. Meanwhile, DeSantis responds with reality to counteract Biden’s imposed pseudo-reality)

4. MEIN GOTT IM HIMMEL! WHAT a coincidence! Just as the Russian Nordstream II is rendered unusable, a new pipeline from Norway appears, bringing natural gas to roughly the same places!

5. Let’s have a look at the people who the FBI are tasked to investigate and prosecute as terrorists. And yes, they really are. The FBI have become a kind of KGB, acting as thugs to enforce political narratives, even and perhaps especially when those narratives are against the constitution, the interests of the American people and the children themselves.

As always, thank you all for paying attention to these issues, this site and its community, and to those of you who are posting, reading and boosting materials at the Mastodon Pod. It is being federated with more and more pods, and is becoming more interesting. Remember to follow lots of people and boost what you like. Brazil has made Mastodon a worthy freedom oriented social media. We can too.

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5 Replies to “From the Vaxx to the pipeline, 5 items of note for September 28th, 2022”

  1. Tucker Carlson last night re Russia’s pipeline disaster. For certain, Russia didn’t do it, it’s common sense. My only question would be did Poland or the Baltic nations greenlight the American operation?

    I hope the link copies well.

    • Large numbers of Polish citizens are fighting on the ground in Ukraine. Western Ukraine and parts of Belarus are essentially Poland. The map will be redrawn, and Ukrainian Kiev will lose no matter what happens in this war.

      As late as last week Scholtz was talking quietly with the Russians about starting up NS-2. Others – like Mr. Orban, the Czechs, many Italians – were open to a diplomatic resolution.

      This act of sabotage terminates all hopes. Now Poland has all the leverage Russia’s lost. Will Poles use it responsibly? Or turn it into a weapon of revenge against the Germans and Russians?

      Current U.S. foreign policy is captive of the Nuland-mafia. Rabid extremists who condone environmental terrorism belong on the frontlines of the Donbass, nowhere near decision-making positions in NATO.

    • M. K. Bhadrakumar:
      Attack on Nord Stream kills prospects for dialogue in Ukraine

      From the US perspective, as Blinken put it, while there are “clear challenges in the months ahead” in terms of Europe’s energy supply, “there is also a very significant opportunity to do two things.”

      The first is to “finally end the dependence of Europe on Russian energy” and the second is to “accelerate the transition to renewables” so the West can address the “climate challenge.”

      Clearly, for Washington, going ahead, the priority is to impose a price cap on Russian oil exports and “surge” supplies of LNG to Europe at a juncture when the US became the world’s largest LNG exporter this year, partly due to the embargo against Russia imposed by the West. And the price cap decision needs EU endorsement…

      Principally, Russia loses whatever leverage it has over German policies at a juncture when a grave economic crisis looms ahead and there is growing demand to review Berlin’s decision against the commissioning of Nord Stream 2. Last week, large demonstrations took place in Germany calling for the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 to resolve energy shortage.

      As for the German leadership, it too no longer has an option to bite the bullet and seek resumption of Russian gas supplies (except by begging Poland and Ukraine to cooperate in the reopening of the Yamal and Druzhba pipelines.)

      The bottom line is, in any architecture for dialogue between Europe and Russia, the resumption of Russian energy supplies to ease the economic crisis in Europe would be a leitmotif. Therefore, whoever struck Nord Stream struck had a perfect sense of timing.

      This dastardly act is state-sponsored and it only highlights that there are powerful forces in the West who want the conflict to prolong and will go the whole hog, no matter what it takes, to smother any incipient stirrings that aspire for ceasefire and dialogue.

      Such a “deliberate act of sabotage” needed much advance planning. Unsurprisingly, the Kremlin says it is “is extremely concerned about the incident.” What has happened is of a piece with the Anglo-American sabotage of the Istanbul agreement between Kiev and Moscow in late March, which extended the war by five months.

      In the present case, the war lobby has removed the pontoon bridge and made sure that European countries have no means to retrace now to source Russian gas and salvage their economies.

      As the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban remarked sarcastically, the American oil companies have become “war profiteers.” The US not only replaced the Russian energy supplier but is forcing the Europeans to pay 8-10 times the contracted price with Gazprom.

  2. “Biden urges Americans in hurricane-prone states to get COVID-19 shots”
    That statement is from 2021 and is a “fake news own goal” at best

    • Thanks. But it was just as stupid in 2021 as it would have been now.

      Even so, yes that is an important distinction in many ways.

      LOTs of people are reporting it, so I will look again and see if I can verify it as new or not.

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