Geopolitics and corruption: Links 2, September 27, 2022

1. Venezuelan Illegal Migrants Reportedly Organizing Paramilitary Cells In The U.S.

(This makes sense. Vz is a communist country and one of the worst, and in league with Iran against the US. How would all those Venezuelans get to the border when the country is so desperately poor they have to eat their pets?)

By: Clare Lopez | CCNS

New reporting about those Venezuelan ex-convicts being released by the Nicolas Maduro regime indicates that the situation may be even worse than initially thought.

After leading open opposition to then-Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in 2002, former Venezuelan lieutenant in the National Guard Jose Antonio Colina Pulido fled to the U.S. in 2003 to seek political asylum. He has been living in exile in the U.S. ever since. He has provided information to a number of U.S. agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

According to Colina, current Venezuelan ruler Nicolas Maduro not only has been releasing convicted criminals from his prisons who’ve joined migrant caravans north to the U.S. but doing so specifically on the condition that they migrate north to cross into the U.S. Colina, who’s been posting on social media and in online videos, says that among this flow out of Venezuela are Venezuelan paramilitary groups who are not only penetrating the southwest U.S. border but coming in organized units, led by a unit commander.

Colina continues to obtain information from Venezuelan exiles, some among the migrant flows and some already in the U.S.  According to their information, once in the U.S., some of these Venezuelan paramilitary groups have been organizing into cell structures. Colina fears that Maduro may intend to sow chaos and conflict among the Venezuelan exile communities in the U.S. as well as destabilize the U.S. itself, as long as the southern border remains open.

2. LA Times: FBI misled judge who signed warrant for Beverly Hills seizure of $86 million in cash

The privacy invasion was vast when FBI agents drilled and pried their way into 1,400 safe-deposit boxes at the U.S. Private Vaults store in Beverly Hills.

They rummaged through personal belongings of a jazz saxophone player, an interior designer, a retired doctor, a flooring contractor, two Century City lawyers and hundreds of others.

Agents took photos and videos of pay stubs, password lists, credit cards, a prenuptial agreement, immigration and vaccination records, bank statements, heirlooms and a will, court records show. In one box, agents found cremated human remains.

Eighteen months later, newly unsealed court documents show that the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles got their warrant for that raid by misleading the judge who approved it.

(Go back to using cash. Get a land line, and the FBI are not law enforcement. They are narrative enforcement. Still waiting to find out what the RCMP are, but we should know soon)

3. Dr. Mark Trozzi on the “rampant criminality in Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians in Canada

4. FOUR Russian warships and three Chinese naval ships including a guided missile cruiser are spotted off the coast of Alaska

A US Coast Guard ship on routine patrol in the Bering Sea came across a guided missile cruiser from China, officials said Monday.

But it turned out the cruiser wasn’t alone as it sailed about 86 miles north of Alaska’s Kiska Island, on September 19.

Two other Chinese naval ships and four Russian naval vessels, including a destroyer, were spotted in single formation, the patrol boat, known as a cutter called Kimball, discovered.

The Honolulu-based Kimball, a 418-foot vessel, observed as the ships broke formation and dispersed.

A C-130 Hercules provided air support for the Kimball from the Coast Guard station in Kodiak.

The US Coast Guard disclosed the sighting on Monday in a press release. 

5. HUGE VICTORY: NYC’s Largest Police Union Wins Vaccine Mandate Case – Judge Rules Vaccine Mandates “INVALID”

On Friday, a judge ruled that police officers who were fired for refusing to get vaccinated against the coronavirus must be reinstated.

In 2021, New York City’s largest police union filed a suit in state court in Staten Island against former Mayor Bill de Blasio to halt his administration’s vaccination mandate for city employees.

Police Benevolent Association (PBA) of the City of New York Police Department argued that the mandate was “far broader and more coercive” than similar measures taken by the federal government and other states and municipalities at a time when Covid infection rates are declining, Bloomberg reported.

“The city has provided no explanation, much less a rational one, for the need to violate autonomy and privacy of NYPD officers in such a severe manner, on the threat of termination,” the union said.

6. Really had to add this one.

83-Year-Old Woman Shot In The Back While Passing Out Pro-Life Pamphlets, Group Says

An 83-year-old woman was shot in the back while going door-to-door in Ionia, Michigan, as a volunteer for Michigan Right to Life on Sept. 20, according to the organization.

The victim, who is remaining anonymous pending the investigation, had a heated conversation with a woman at her home and, as she walked away, a man emerged from inside the house shot her in the back, according to Michigan Right to Life. She had allegedly been speaking with community members about Proposal 3, a proposed amendment to the Michigan constitution that would expand legal abortion throughout pregnancy and loosen medical requirements and regulations of the procedure.

Thank you all for being engaged, and trying to keep at least one foot in reality as we are otherwise immersed in an imposed pseudo-reality of a Marxist and destructive nature.


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