Russia at the UN, Largest food wholesale in France on fire, the leader of the Islamic war on Hindus in UK: Links 1, September 25, 2022

1. Sergey Lavrov: The future of the world order is being decided today

(In a conversation with Stephen Coughlin, or it may have been in one of his video lectures or interviews, he once said something very close to, “in order to understand the situation with an adversary, you must listen to the propaganda they make for us, as well as the propaganda they make for domestic consumption.” No matter how you view Russia, in the current situation it is insane not to listen to what they have to say in a situation which may devolve into a nuclear exchange. Doubly so when the only thing we know about US, Canadian, German and French leadership, just to name a few, is that they are lying to us, all the time, about everything, in order to harm us and our interests, culture, histories and individuality.)

2. Two US mercenaries fighting Russia have arrived in Alabama

3. The likely real source of nearly all Covid cases, and a FAR more accurate test than the PCR one. (This is very good. And like all materials that expose communist influence, they have to hide the main point of the message in a brief graphic)

4. NOW – Rungis, the largest wholesale fresh produce market in the world, is on fire in Paris

5. So at the end of the day, “Multiculturalism” means no cultures, as each will be used against the other till the revolution overtakes all. But in the middle of the day, “multiculturalism” means MOB RULE. But the point of this video, which is not new, is to give evidence that his recent statements about his gang’s fight with the Hindus in the UK, is a total lie.

Remember, this is the same guy who is leading the mob above for Jewish blood. It does raise an interesting hypothetical  question though. If the Golden Rule, adjusted for individualism, reads, “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them”, then wouldn’t giving them death be what they most desire and therefore, the greatest kindness? “We believe that life begins at death. We don’t care about death. We love death!”. So in the name of tolerance and diversity, who’s standards do we apply here?

Another similar hypothetical: If a person who knew the gene-therapy shots were essentially a game of Russian Roulette, advised people to take the shot for their health and that person’s public persona was shown to promote the shot as a health measure, would that person be arrested and tried based on what we may be able to prove he actually thought? Conversely, if a person who knew damn well the shots are bad for people, and suggested to an enemy that they should make sure they get all their boosters, even if, and maybe especially if said sarcastically, would that person be guilty of counselling harm? Advocating Suicide, or in some other way breaking a law over recommending something unsafe? I think we will know the answers to these questions by the end of 2023.

Chances are that all answers will be whatever moves the culture, law and countries to the left.

Thank you all for your kind attention to this site. More to come today.

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