More on the Muslim supremacist in UK, WHY doctors don’t speak out on Covid, LIVE coverage of the Italian election: Links 2, September 25, 2022

1. More on Mohammed, the anti-Hindu, antisemitic muslim leader in the UK

2. VERY important interview with top tier doctor on WHY MORE DOCTORS DO NOT SPEAK OUT on Covid and treatment

3. LIVE COVERAGE of Italian elections (Language warning) and a miraculous win for the non-communists

(Looking for another live stream, that one was AWFUL. The news is good though. It looks like Italy is set to have a real mandate for the most anti-communist government in Europe)

UPDATE: From our Italian translator

the center -right has scored a big victory according to exit polls. Giorgia Meloni is projected as next PM. It looks like Fratelli D’Italia has about 25% of the vote. Salvini’s party is under 10% but the center-right bloc appears to have won big.

Meanwhile expat Iranians and others against the regime protest against Iran in London


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4 Replies to “More on the Muslim supremacist in UK, WHY doctors don’t speak out on Covid, LIVE coverage of the Italian election: Links 2, September 25, 2022”

  1. Muslims flexing Muhammad’s Will, in Leicester. Nothing that has not been foreseen across UK cities with grooming gangs – raping whatever these Bucks right hands possess.

    This hypnosis – born by intimidation from a long line of dhimmi fathers – weak before strong and strong before the weak – should be obvious. Like the Germans under the emasculating Treaty of Versailles, the Treaty of Islam has raised many Hitlers.

    However, the conformist Cucks born from fouth-wave Feminism – passively counting.up to ten with increasing rage – appease her every Law of Offense.

    The rebellious Sucks -women haters – reinvent themselves to replace her. Becoming males drawn to straight men, Trans drawn to straight men, Zeros drawn to straight men. Women therefore see men are the enemy, for drawing away their creation who should need her.. Ban straight men.

    Hindus standing up like Sikhs do. The West legally unable to.

    International Socialism.
    National Socialism
    Herson Socialism.
    Three Spectrum of Privilege, caste systems.

    Brexit. But can they brsexit?


    Quadruple-vaccinated Pfizer boss, 60, tests positive for Covid for the second time in a MONTH

    Pfizer CEO has tested positive for Covid for the second time since mid-August

    He has had four vaccines but is yet to receive Pfizer’s autumn bivalent booster
    It comes after President Joe Biden said last week ‘the pandemic is over’
    But the Pfizer boss warned the opposite on Twitter: ‘the virus is still with us’

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