The new “dignity”, another high school athlete passes away during flag football, Trudeau may drop Arivecan app: Links 1, September 23, 2022

1. David Menzies of the Rebel offers a tape measure to the total moral inversion in Ontario by way of the, yes I have to say it, dialectic application of law. Not selective, because it is selective to a purpose. Moving the culture and the country to the left.

(So in Kafkaland Ontario, wearing a giant comedy set of fake teats is now the meaning of preserving one’s dignity. Yes, giant fake breasts, probably made as a gag, is the actual actionable definition of “dignity” according to the school official.)

2. High School student dies during flag football game. Will the school cancel and ban flag football instead of mandatory experimental gene-therapy? Probably.

(I believe it is unusual for Jewish people to have an autopsy. So the fact that they are gives some hope that we may actually get a truth byte about the death.)

3. I do not believe there is graphene oxide or graphene in the shot. I have reasons for saying that which will be discussed later. But the lipid nanoparticles are real and are a problem.


4. 14 minutes with Dr. Peter McCullough

5. Leader of the federal Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre on Trudeau dropping vaxx mandates and border controls

Thank you all who contributed to this site and its community in any way.

To all of those who may have had one or more injections of the gene-therapy shots, it may be worth looking into taking Bromelain, a digestive enzyme that may play a role in breaking down certain key things which could represent a health issue. Sorry for being so vague, but as we see, here in the United Socialist People’s Republic of Canadastan, speaking truth is increasingly a punishable offence, whether there is a direct law concerning said speech or not. Also maybe look into something called “Fibrin” and see what you might be able to do to lessen the formation of that.

Lastly, in Ottawa on September 17th, there was a march here and there around Ottawa by a group of Shiia muslims. Hard to say what the deal is exactly. The women were all in black and hijabs, but the signage seemed to indicate they were opposed to the Iranian state version of their religion. No war chants or anything. Just “Hussein” and related calls. Thanks to our friend who found this and sent it in. This group, or a similar one was spotted in the West end of Ottawa in the morning. This footage was taken on and near Elgin St. downtown, and then on Parliament Hill where they had speeches.

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    Alex Jones Show December 4th 2013 Broadcast.
    Dr. Blaylock discusses the controlled engineered failure of Obamacare. The truth is that it was designed to fail, it was engineered by collectivists who have openly written about the agenda in various socialist publications and tax free foundations controlled by multinational interests. The ultimate goal is socialism and centralized control by the multinational corporations. Obamacare is designed to favor the multinational insurance companies and shut down competition, it is also designed to incrementally bring in socialized healthcare which will ultimately destroy the individual.
    Russell Blaylock M.D. – December 7, 2013

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