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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Dr Steve Turley on Dystopia’s changing political climate.

    Talking about climate change, it is becoming intolerable in this wreck of a country. Real communist mentality has firmly taken root. Yesterday I had my boiler serviced, and the young man doing the work was enjoying his first day in business for himself. He had quit the construction company he had worked for for 12 years because, as he said, it had gone woke. Yes, a construction company. They tried to force him to get injected and he refused, among other politically-fueled, unpalatable features he described about the outfit. But is he not a perfect example of the productive class trying to produce against all head winds? Like the recent mock public testimonies set up to hear impact statements about last winter’s trucker convoy, the organizers, along with most of the bullshitters permitted to speak, survive on the public teat and not by virtue of real productivity.

    Yes, it will be a long, hard winter for sure, but there truly is good news. The first day of winter is the longest, darkest day. Every day after, however, sees a little more sunshine. Succumbing to the lying, crying, prying, feminized panty-snapping communist wolves in snowflake clothing is approaching high noon. Real men and women increasingly speak out because their “red line” has been crossed. As their critical mass grows, even more will stand to be counted.

    Conspicuously, I note little news here about looming fuel shortages. I find this ominous in that we are hearing talk of it in Europe, of course, but also in the U.S.. It seems inevitable to me that somehow Dear Leader intends to weaponize fuel in our soon-to-be frozen north, so I’m looking for the punchline in the lead-up called autumn. In a land with remarkable natural resources the lies Dear Leader tells to justify our freezing will be high entertainment, except for the freezing part. I hope I’m wrong on this point.

  2. twitter @disclosetv

    Ursula von der Leyen was asked at Princeton University:

    “Are there any concerns regarding the upcoming election in Italy?

    Also, considering a lot of politicians running have relationships with Putin.”
    NEW – EU Commission President on the upcoming elections in Italy, where a right-wing victory is expected:

    “We will see. If things go in a ‘difficult direction’ – I have spoken about Hungary and Poland – we have tools.”

    + 21 sec video


    Europe’s Moment: A conversation with Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

    ( 58 min )

    Introduction by Amaney A. Jamal, Dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Politics, and Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University.

    Moderated by Andrew Moravcsik, Director of the Liechtenstein Institute and Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University.

    Hosted by: Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, and the European Union Program at Princeton.

    • Opposition to Draghi’s government ‘crucial’ to Fratelli d’Italia’s popularity

      Sergio Fabbrini, head of the political science department at LUISS University, says the party is the only one in the Italian Parliament that did not support the Draghi government.

    • EU unveils new emergency powers

      This week, to little fanfare, the European Commission set out an ‘emergency tool’ called the ‘Single Market Emergency Instrument’, by which it could seize control over key parts of the European economy. Effectively, this tool would allow the commission to invoke executive powers to force firms to engage in economic activities that they would not do were they left alone…

      [T]he plan looks very much like the first step to a planned economy. In a system of free enterprise, while government bodies can regulate companies, they cannot tell them how to undertake their business operations. The Single Market Emergency Instrument crosses that line and allows the European Commission to directly insert itself in the business operations of private companies…

      The details of the plan are worrisome. Together with member states, the EU executive will be able to ‘monitor and tackle any potential threat that could trigger disruptions or shortages of key products within the EU’…

      What constitutes a crisis is left deliberately vague…. The system is set up in such a way that if bureaucrats working in the Commission get a sufficient fright from a model projecting some doomsday scenario or other, they will be able to activate their emergency powers over private industry.

  3. the american conservative – Holding Ground, Losing War

    Douglas Macgregor
    Sep 22, 2022

    Zelensky’s strategy of defending territory at all costs has been disastrous for Ukraine.

    At the end of 1942, when the Wehrmacht could advance no further east, Hitler switched German ground forces from an “enemy force-oriented” strategy to a “ground-holding” strategy. Hitler demanded that his armies defend vast, largely empty and irrelevant stretches of Soviet territory.

    “Holding ground” not only robbed the German military of its ability to exercise operational discretion, and, above all, to outmaneuver the slow, methodical Soviet opponent; holding ground also pushed German logistics to the breaking point. When holding ground was combined with endless counterattacks to retake useless territory, the Wehrmacht was sentenced to slow, grinding destruction.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, (presumably with the advice of his U.S. and British military advisors), has also adopted a strategy of holding ground in Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces immobilized themselves inside urban areas, and prepared defenses. As a result, Ukrainian forces turned urban centers into fortifications for what became “last stands.” Sensible withdrawals from cities like Mariupol that might have saved many of Ukraine’s best troops were forbidden. Russian forces responded by methodically isolating and crushing the defenders left with no possibility of either escape or rescue by other Ukrainian forces.

    Moscow’s determination to destroy Ukrainian forces at the least cost to Russian lives prevailed. Ukrainian casualties were always heavier than reported from the moment Russian troops crossed into Eastern Ukraine, but now, thanks to the recent failure of Ukrainian counterattacks in the Kherson region, they’ve reached horrific levels that are impossible to conceal. Casualty rates have reached 20,000 killed or wounded a month.

    Despite the addition of 126 howitzers, 800,000 rounds of artillery rounds, and HIMARS (U.S. rocket artillery), months of hard fighting are eroding the foundations of Ukraine’s ground strength. In the face of this disaster, Zelensky continues to order counterattacks to re-take territory as a means of demonstrating that Ukraine’s strategic position vis-à-vis Russia is not as hopeless as it seems.

    The recent Ukrainian advance to the town of Izium, the link between Donbas and Kharkiv, seemed like a gift to Kiev. U.S. satellite arrays undoubtedly provided Ukrainians with a real-time picture of the area showing that Russian forces west of Izium numbered less than 2,000 light troops (the equivalent of paramilitary police, e.g., SWAT and airborne infantry).

    The Russian command opted to withdraw its small force from the area that is roughly 1 percent of formerly Ukrainian territory currently under Russian control. However, the price for Kiev’s propaganda victory was high—depending on the source, an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 Ukrainian troops were killed or wounded in a flat, open area that Russian artillery, rockets, and air strikes turned into a killing field.

    Given Washington’s inability to end the war in Ukraine with the defeat of Russian arms, it seems certain that the Beltway will try instead to turn the ruins of the Ukrainian state into an open wound in Russia’s side that will never heal. From the beginning, the problem with this approach was that Russia always had the resources to dramatically escalate the fighting and end the fighting in Ukraine on very harsh terms. Escalation is now in progress.

    In a public statement that should not surprise anyone, President Putin announced the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists. Many of these men will replace regular Russian Army forces in other parts of Russia and release them for operations in Ukraine. Other reservists will augment the Russian units already committed in Eastern Ukraine.

    Washington always mistook Putin’s readiness to negotiate and limit the scope and destructiveness of the campaign in Ukraine as evidence of weakness, when it was clear that Putin’s aims were always restricted to the elimination of the NATO threat to Russia in Eastern Ukraine. Washington’s strategy of exploiting the conflict to sell F-35 fighter jets to Germany—along with large numbers of missiles, rockets, and radars to Central and East European allied governments—is now backfiring.

    The defense establishment has a long record of success in tranquilizing American voters with meaningless clichés. As conditions favorable to Moscow develop in Eastern Ukraine and the Russian position in the world grows stronger, Washington confronts a stark choice: Talk about having successfully “degraded Russian power” in Ukraine and scale back its actions. Or risk a regional war with Russia that will engulf Europe.

    In Europe, however, Washington’s war with Moscow is more than just an unpleasant subject. Germany’s economy is on the brink of collapse. German industries and households are starved for energy that grows more expensive with each passing week. American investors are concerned because the historical record indicates that Germany’s economic performance is often the harbinger of hard economic times in the U.S.

    More important, social cohesion in European States, especially in France, and Germany, is fragile. Berlin’s police force is reportedly drawing up contingency plans to cope with rioting and looting during the winter months if the “multi-cultural” city’s energy grid collapses. Discontent is growing making it quite plausible that governments in Germany, France, and Great Britain will likely follow the path of their colleagues in Stockholm and Rome, who lost or will lose power to right-of-center coalitions.

    As of this date, Kiev continues to oblige Moscow by impaling Ukraine’s last reserves of manpower on Russian defenses. Washington, insists President Biden, will support Ukraine “as long as it takes.” But if Washington continues to drain America’s strategic oil reserve, and ship American war stocks to Ukraine, the ability to protect and provision the United States will compete with supporting Ukraine.

    Russia already controls the territory that produces 95 percent of Ukrainian GDP. It has no need to press further west. At this writing, it seems certain that Moscow will finish its work in Donbas, then, turn its attention to the capture of Odessa, a Russian city that saw terrible atrocities committed by Ukrainian forces against Russian citizens in 2014.

    Moscow is in no hurry. The Russians are nothing if not methodical and deliberate. Ukrainian forces are bleeding to death in counterattack after counterattack. Why rush? Moscow can be patient. China, Saudi Arabia, and India are buying Russian oil in rubles. Sanctions are hurting America’s European allies, not Russia. The coming winter will likely do more to alter Europe’s political landscape than any action Moscow might undertake. In Zakopane, a town of 27,000 souls in the extreme South of Poland, the snow is already falling.

    • Cognitive Warfare – The Fight for your Heart and Mind

      In his new video, Colonel Markus Reisner explains how both Russia and Ukraine are trying to use propaganda to influence the minds of western populations.

      He shows that in addition to the traditional domains of war, the cyber domain and the information domain are playing an increasingly important role today.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Many flee to avoid getting drafted, but where can they go?

      Putin’s escalation of the war is running into increasing opposition within Russia.

      And Flights to foreign destinations are also selling out, as many fear it could be their last chance to leave.

    • zero hedge – Ex-CIA Ray McGovern: Conditioned For War With Russia

      Thanks to Establishment media, the sorcerer apprentices advising President Joe Biden — I refer to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Advisor Jacob Sullivan and China specialist Kurt Campbell – will have no trouble rallying Americans for the widest war in 77 years, starting in Ukraine, and maybe spreading to China. And, shockingly, under false pretenses.

      Most Americans are oblivious to the reality that Western media are owned and operated by the same corporations that make massive profits by helping to stoke small wars and then peddling the necessary weapons.

      […]Thanks to U.S. media, a very small percentage of Americans know that:

      -Fourteen years ago, then U.S. Ambassador to Russia (current C.I.A. Director) William Burns was warned by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia might have to intervene in Ukraine, if it were made a member of NATO. The subject line of Burns’ Feb. 1, 2008, Embassy Moscow cable (#182) to Washington makes it clear that Burns did not mince Lavrov’s words. It stated: “Nyet means nyet: Russia’s NATO enlargement redlines.” Thus, Washington policymakers were given forewarning, in very specific terms, of Russia’s redline regarding membership for Ukraine in NATO. Nevertheless, on April 3, 2008, a NATO summit in Bucharest asserted: “NATO welcomes Ukraine’s and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations for membership in NATO. We agreed today that these countries will become members of NATO.”

      -Eight years ago, on Feb. 22, 2014, the U.S. orchestrated a coup in Kiev — rightly labeled “the most blatant coup in history,” insofar as it had already been blown on YouTube 18 days prior. Kiev’s spanking new leaders, handpicked and identified by name by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in the YouTube-publicized conversation with the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, immediately called for Ukraine to join NATO.

      -Six years ago, in June 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Western reporters of his concern that so-called antiballistic missiles sites in Romania and Poland could be converted overnight to accommodate offensive strike missiles posing a threat to Russia’s own nuclear forces. (See this unique video, with English subtitles, from minute 37 to 49.) There is a direct analogy with the 1962 Cuban missile crisis when Moscow put offensive strike missiles in Cuba and President John Kennedy reacted strongly to the existential threat that posed to the U.S.

      -On Dec. 21, 2021, Putin told his most senior military leaders: “It is extremely alarming that elements of the U.S. global defense system are being deployed near Russia. The Mk 41 launchers, which are located in Romania and are to be deployed in Poland, are adapted for launching the Tomahawk strike missiles. If this infrastructure continues to move forward, and if U.S. and NATO missile systems are deployed in Ukraine, their flight time to Moscow will be only seven to 10 minutes, or even five minutes for hypersonic systems. This is a huge challenge for us, for our security.”

      -On Dec. 30, 2021, Biden and Putin talked by phone at Putin’s urgent request. The Kremlin readout stated: “Joseph Biden emphasized that Russia and the U.S. shared a special responsibility for ensuring stability in Europe and the whole world and that Washington had no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in Ukraine.” Yuri Ushakov, a top foreign policy adviser to Putin, pointed out that this was also one of the goals Moscow hoped to achieve with its proposals for security guarantees to the U.S. and NATO.

      – On Feb. 12, Ushakov briefed the media on the telephone conversation between Putin and Biden earlier that day. “The call was as a follow-up of sorts to the … December 30 telephone conversation. … The Russian President made clear that President Biden’s proposals did not really address the central, key elements of Russia’s initiatives either with regards to non-expansion of NATO, or non-deployment of strike weapons systems on Ukrainian territory … To these items, we have received no meaningful response.”

      […]It’s worse now. Russia is not Iraq. And Putin has been so demonized over the past six years that people are inclined to believe the likes of James Clapper to the effect there’s something genetic that makes Russians evil. “Russia-gate” was a big con (and, now, demonstrably so), but Americans don’t know that either. The consequences of prolonged demonization are extremely dangerous – and will become even more so in the next several weeks as politicians vie to be the strongest in opposing and countering Russia’s “unprovoked” attack on Ukraine.
      On Feb. 24, Russia invaded Ukraine.

      more :

  4. Germany: An unexpectedly large protest against government energy policy could foreshadow growing discontent this winter

    The protest against German energy policy was only supposed to involve 400 citizens, but that number ballooned to 4,000 out of a city of only 59,000

    The number of participants in a public demonstration in Stralsund against the German federal government’s energy policy exceeded all expectations on Wednesday evening, mainly due to a call from the city’s mayor, Alexander Badrow, for participation.

    Authorities estimated the number of participants at around 4,000 — only 300 people were initially registered. Even during the Monday demonstrations, the police last counted just 400 people in the city of 59,000 on the Baltic Sea — now 10 times as many came.

    The unexpectedly large protest against German energy policy may foreshadow growing discontent in the east of Germany, with security officials already warning that mass protests and even civil unrest could hit the country this winter over rising inflation and industiral chaos.

    The Old Market, the square in front of the Hanseatic city’s town hall, was well filled during the demonstration. The participants showed posters against the Economy Minister Robert Habeck saying: “Gas surcharge – you won’t get that, old man.” The demonstrators also called for an end to sanctions against Russia and the opening of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, according to the Junge Freiheit news outlet.

    Stralsund Mayor Alexander Badrow promoted participation by sharing the appeal of the Citizens for Stralsund initiative on his Facebook page, and the CDU politician was one of the demonstrators himself.

    The Ministry of the Interior of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, led by Christian Pegel, is now checking whether the mayor violated his duty of neutrality with the Facebook post. However, a spokesman for the local CDU pointed out that Badrow’s Facebook presence is private.

    At the demonstration, the mayor wore a T-shirt that read “Alexander” on the front and “Private” on the back. In their appeal, the initiators called for taxpayers to be relieved and immediate government resignations. So far, the Ministry of the Interior has not published the result of its examination. It remains unclear whether and with which sanctions the mayor has to reckon.

    Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has remained opposed to Russia sanctions, and is calling for the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, is holding a protest in Berlin on Oct. 8 against government policy and sanctions. The party has recently seen a substantial bump in polling as of late as at least some Germans grow increasingly wary about sanctions on Russia.

  5. Protests coming this weekend regarding the “disturbed” person shop teacher at Trafalger High School. What will happen when a woman transitioning to a man wears some outlandish outfit to school? Halloween is a month away?

  6. europravda – Global climate strikers demand more help for the Global South

    Protesters took to the streets in Jakarta, Tokyo and Berlin to highlight their fears about the effects of global warming.

  7. oh, man…
    Zelensky ‘shocked by lack of support from Israel’

    “I didn’t understand what happened. I don’t understand why they can’t supply us with anti-aircraft missiles, Israel has provided us with nothing. Nothing. Zero…

    “I do not blame the leaders, I state the facts: there were discussions. You can see Russia’s influence on Israel. I understand that they need to protect their country, but according to my intelligence they continue to export weapons to other countries…”

    In March, Zelensky said in an online speech to Knesset members that “in Israel, we know very well that Iron Dome, your missile interception system, is the best. We know that you know how to stand up and protect your interests and also help Ukraine protect the Jews of Ukraine.”

    “One can often ask why we cannot receive weapons from you, why Israel did not impose serious sanctions on Russia? Why not apply pressure? YOU have to give answers to these questions and then live with your response. The Ukrainians made a choice 80 years ago, WE saved Jews…”
    Intel Slava says:
    “Zelensky, here’s a simple explanation

    “If 1 Israeli weapon hits Russian troops, Syrian Arab Army gets permission to activate S300 and most likely receives Iskanders. Russian military would also likely start sharing targeting data from its S400’s in Hmeimim AB at that point, which makes S300 all that more lethal.

    IDF is gonna cry and their little Air Force terror in Syria is over.”

    • Prez Z talks solidarity?
      A pathological narcissist incapable of empathy. His focus is so narrow, he’s ready to blow up the world if he doesn’t get his way.

      Outrageous Holocaust comparisons were blasted by Israelis:

      “[…] ‘I don’t understand Ukrainian, but if the translation I heard is accurate, Zelensky asked us to treat the Ukrainians like they treated us 80 years ago. I’m sorry, but I think we will have to reject that request. We are, after all, a moral nation.’

      “Israelis know the history of the Holocaust very well. The Ukrainian Auxiliary Police rounded up Jews to be massacred in Babyn Yar, Lviv and Zhytomyr. About 80,000 Ukrainians volunteered for the SS, compared with 2,600 Ukrainians documented as having saved Jews. And before that, some of the worst pogroms in Jewish history were perpetrated in what is now Ukraine.”

      • Z plays the Jewish card. The only surprise to me is how far he’s willing to go for his masters. I thought he was a lightweight poser, but like Trudeau and like you say, the depth of his narcissism puts him in a very dangerous class.

    Historically reporting at 1%
    Vaccine Adverse Reaction Events 1,418,220

    Deaths 31,074

    Serious Injuries 258,480

    6 month old babies to 5

    5 to 11

    11 to 17 39,472

    Carol Pearce texted her daughter at 12:31 and said she just got her Bivalent Covid-19 shot at a drug store in Saskatchewan, Canada. She told her daughter, she was waiting her recommended 15 minutes. At 12:38 she collapsed on the floor and was unconscious. A witness said people were screaming and crying. They were saying she got her booster 7 minutes ago.

    A spokespeoplekind from Saskatchewan Health told SaskToday, Pearce died of natural causes.

    Carol Pearce’s daughter said “ I do not believe this was caused from natural causes. My Mom had no health issues. I believe if she had not gotten the Covid shot that she would be with us here today.”

    All the adverse reactions, deaths, serious injuries and the monsters keep on telling people to get the boosters. What happened to people, I cannot believe that many mothers dropped their children on their heads, but………

    Has EVERYONE gone totally mad?

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