YouTube doctor dances around excess European mortality, 2% of parents inject kids with clot shots, Ukraine: Links 2 for September 22, 2022

1. An excellent example of the state of science and scientific dialectics. This doctor who is pretty famous on YouTube for his Covid analysis for the past few years, examines the giant spike in excess deaths all across Europe. He faithfully gives the statistics, and is properly horrified by all the deaths. It is acknowledged that we don’t know what causes all these excess deaths. “There really is something quite significant going on in the World” he says. But he does hazard a guess.

1. Post Covid infection. So while it is established that the excess deaths are not from Covid, they are still maybe attributable to Covid.

2. Post lockdown effects. Social, psych related. So Covid measures could be responsible. But if it was suicide, they would know what caused the death and not say unknown.

3. Reluctance to access health care during ‘pandemic’. Which would be another way of saying post lock down effects but this would be a more specific one. And frankly, yeah its possible some people did not seek treatment for something because no one trusts the system anymore or they were afraid of getting Covid at the hospital etc. or their doctors only did phone appointments and no one wanted to say anything embarrassing about themselves over the phone so they died of whatever it was later on. That could account for a few.

4. Global Warming. (Heat waves)

So whatever causes all the excess deaths is not anything that would get you kicked off of YouTube. That we can be sure of.

All the actual diagnosis given though, are curiously things that the experimental gene therapy is known to cause. Blood clots, strokes, heart disease, that sort of thing.

After he describes the causes he then discusses his YouTube standing. So whatever we learn or do not learn about the gene-therapy Covid shots from this video, what we do learn for sure is the advanced state of communism in the West where a person like this doctor has to be so unbelievably careful not to say anything true which threatens the narrative on the shots or he. will. be. cancelled.

2. mRNA Covid shots for kids are dead

Only 325,000 of the 19 million children under 5 are fully vaccinated, not even 2 percent. Cue the excuses from vaccine fanatics

Even Elmo couldn’t save the mRNAs.

The verdict is so obvious even the Washington Post noticed: despite a massive media and public relations campaign, American parents have overwhelmingly rejected Covid shots for their youngest children.

Three months after federal regulators okayed mRNA vaccines for kids under 5, more than 98 percent of them have not been fully vaccinated.

Put another way, out of any group of 50 children under 5, not even ONE is likely to have been fully vaccinated for Covid. And parents who started the process of vaccinating their children are having second thoughts. About 7 in 10 of of the 1.2 million children under 5 who received a first shot have notcompleted their vaccinations.

The rejection stretches across red and blue states. Even in Rhode Island and Hawaii, where over 90 percent of adults have received Covid shots, 97 percent of children are not vaccinated. […]

3.  NYT: ‘Crippling’ Energy Bills Force Europe’s Factories to Go Dark

Manufacturers are furloughing workers and shutting down lines because they can’t pay the gas and electric charges.

The furnace, heated to 1,500 degrees Celsius, was glowing red. Workers at the Arc International glass factory loaded it with sand that slowly pooled into a molten mass. Nearby on the factory floor, machines transformed the shapeless liquid with a blast of hot air into thousands of delicate wine glasses, destined for sale to restaurants and homes worldwide.

Nicholas Hodler, the chief executive, surveyed the assembly line, shimmering blue with natural gas flames. For years, Arc had been powered by cheap energy that helped turn the company into the world’s largest producer of glass tableware — and a vital employer in this working-class region of northern France.

The following video is from Euronews, which is a communist propaganda organ of the EU. We have caught them reversing and fabricating truth many times. But it is good to see enemy propaganda, as lies dictate policy in a socialist world more than reality ever does.

(For the love of God, everyone has to watch tonight’s Tucker Carlson. I will endeavour to find and post it as soon as possible.)

Thank you all for wading in waters dangerous enough to find these tidings.

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8 Replies to “YouTube doctor dances around excess European mortality, 2% of parents inject kids with clot shots, Ukraine: Links 2 for September 22, 2022”

  1. I believe John Campbell is technically a retired nurse. And yes, a number of people have noticed his lack of forthrightness in connecting the obvious shots. Possibly likes his income and notoriety a bit more than spelling out the truth. He was canceled for a brief time, so he probably is scared. But come on… Develop a parallel distribution channel on another platform like others!

    Quit being the “useful idiot”.

    Thank you Vlad, for your ongoing reporting!

    • I agree with you that it is awful that he doesn’t have another channel where he can speak truth. But I found this particular video to be quite oddly useful in a way.

      He intentionally or otherwise, told two truths. One, that the vaccines are obviously what is causing the surplus deaths, and two, that there is no way you can talk about it without retribution.

      It was like listening to someone in the USSR in the 70s. And that was valuable. Because he told us where we all are now.

      • He also was one of the first in the world to share the fact about Uttar Pradesh having nearly 0 Covid deaths, despite the millions of people in the province/county, because of the program three handing out ivermectin. (The WHO suppressed that info, and John let it out.)

        I believe he also included the list of items in the packet they handed out, but I may be confusing that disclosure with one from Dr. Robert Malone.

        • Hard to believe YouTube would allow that video to exist. I know they took down Dr. Peter McCullough for posting a video with peer reviewed info that caused “vaccine hesitancy” and I think promoted Ivermectin.

          Yeah the Ziverdo kits I think they were called, from India are great. Ivermectin, Z-pac and Zinc I think they contain. They can be bought from Indian pharmacies online. I won’t name any because the last time I did, they suddenly stopped shipping to Canada.

          We live in a fascist dictatorship.

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