The truth about the Ont. medical college, ModeRNA on spikes, hospitals teaching coercion for parents: Links 1, September 22, 2022

1. ModeRNA CMO believes that spikes from the mRNA vaccine get to the heart

(I guess ModeRNA is now producing medical misinformation about their own product)

[…] A senior reporter for Yahoo Finance published an article on June 7, 2022. Here is a very notable quote taken directly from the article

Moderna’s chief medical officer Dr. Paul Burton, in a separate interview Tuesday with Yahoo Finance, said the risk of myocarditis could have to do with an interaction with the spike protein — which plays a role in the basis of all Covid vaccines — and heart muscle cells.

We know so much more about myocarditis today than we did a year agoI do believe that it is the spike protein….that either causes a little bit of direct damage to the heart, or antibodies that are produced that react with the heart cells,” Burton said.

2. The truth about the CPSO. Information that is long, long overdue. Anyone who has followed Mary O’Connor’s story should find some catharsis in this, at least to the extent that we can now know that the Ontario College of Surgeons and Physicians are in fact the MAFIA thugs we might have started to suspect they are.

3. I guess due to the escalation in Ukraine from a limited military exorcize to a full blown war, there was a small protest in front of the Russian embassy in Ottawa on the 21st. I don’t exactly get the guy in the clown nose and props though. But it does make going to protests more entertaining than anything on TV.

4. Dr. Jordan Peterson on the war in Ukraine. I post this not because of his opinion or predictions about the war. But because of what he said about the necessity of lying about everything in a totalitarian society. That was dead on target and absolutely true. Which is why they worked so hard to cancel him, and will ultimately. Recently in Ottawa officialdom, and again soon, there have been fake public processes carefully stage-managed to get a pre-determined outcome. This is a collusion between municipal governments, unions, and communist activists. More on that later. But suffice it to say, it’s all stage managed lies. What Jordan says here is a core truth that is far more important than tactical nukes in Ukraine, because it is because of that core truth that the war exists at all.

 Goebbels said it well, but Peterson made it more contextually relevant.

5. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is training staff how to coerce parents to get their children to undergo genital mutilation and sterilizing procedures and life altering chemicals.

I am using a Bitchute Embed here because Twitter age-restricted this post and some may not want to log in and be known to Twitter before watching this video.

Tucker did an excellent segment on this and other subjects last night. I hope to post that shortly as well.

Thank you all for entertaining the possibility that the mainstream narratives may be dangerous untruths.

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  1. Another Dr. Jordan Peterson special:
    Arabs vs Jews? Maybe Not | Ambassador Ron Dermer

    The numerous heated and hotly debated conflicts surrounding Israel are almost always threatening to boil over and cast the Middle East into unceremonious chaos. Ambassador Ron Dermer sits down with Dr Jordan B Peterson to discuss the issues, the misnomers, and the underlying truths surrounding one of the most resilient peoples and countries in history.

    Ron Dermer is an American-born political consultant who served as Israel’s Ambassador to the United States from 2013 to 2021. As Prime Minister Netanyahu’s top advisor, Dermer was a driving force behind many of the era’s most important diplomatic developments, such as the monumental Abraham Accords, which normalized Israel’s relations with several Arab nations.

    Dermer earned a degree in Finance and Management from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University. After moving to Israel, Dermer became a columnist for The Jerusalem Post and served as a close advisor to Natan Sharansky. In 2004, he co-authored with Sharansky the best-selling book, “The Case For Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror,” which has been translated into ten languages.

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