Muslim violence against British Hindu community post 3

This is not going away anytime soon it seems. We had a very interesting comment at Vlad this morning about this. It is notable, the commenter observed, that the police don’t feel the need to wear full riot gear the way they do whenever there is a protest against leftist policies at all. I guess it is now all optics and not reality. Or as so many brilliant people observe, “with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point”. That plus Peterson’s observation this morning that in an authoritarian state, everyone has to lie about everything all the time. I see that bearing out in my own city more and more often, and more and more by design.

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  1. ‘Let’s clean them from Leicester as we did from Kashmir’: Hindu families leaving amid threat messages from Islamists

    On September 21 (local time), Charlotte Littlewood, a research fellow at Henry Jackson Society who has been following anti-Hindu attacks in Leicester and Birmingham, revealed that there were threatening messages from Islamists suggesting they wanted to ‘clean’ Hindus from Leicester just like they ‘did from Kashmir.’ The shocking revelation was made during an interview with GB News.

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